Go4SET results

Report by Mr Law

Our Go4SET team successfully completed and presented their water project and we have the certificate to prove it! Although the group didn’t win one of the major prizes at the Almada Street Banqueting Hall, the feedback was extremely favourable, commenting that their research, their report and their presentation reflected the high quality of teamwork and communication they exhibited throughout the process.

Patrick, Erin, John Joe, Saoirse, Dearbhla, Damian and Heather were exemplary throughout and great representatives for Our Lady’s High School. Unfortunately the model of their water recycling idea for the school was the weak area of their submission, not being the most stable structure. To make matters worse, adverse weather conditions during transport severely compromised the already limited structural integrity of the model. A flurry of duct tape, bubble wrap and conflicting opinions later and the model was at least presentable although one of the team was nearly thrown in the bin due to the difficulty in distinguishing him from the sticky tape and plastic.

It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved and they gained a great deal from it. We choose to believe that we were pipped for the bronze medal position by a fraction of a judging point.

A big thank you to all staff that helped out with this challenge. Mr Johnstone’s advice regarding tubing and toilet flushing, Mrs Henderson’s support, and Mr Moir’s negotiation skills as a supplier, were all a particularly beneficial experience for the group. Particular thanks to Mrs Macfadyen and Mr McKendrick for logistical support.

Thanks also for the paint, office help and to all staff that released them from class to complete tasks … English department most recently. It was much appreciated.


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