The JFK Reports

2N3 and 2N4 have been studying the presidency and assassination of John F Kennedy in Social Subjects. They finished up this week in the Library with role-plays of news broadcasts following the shooting.

This is not an easy task: there is a massive amount of material available to sieve through, and a great deal of lateral thinking is required. In addition, pupils have to be sure their final work doesn’t include any information that wouldn’t be known at the time of their ‘broadcast’. And of course there are the usual nerves about performing in front of their peers and being assessed. Class teachers and the Librarian are on hand to guide pupils through the process, and provide advice when things aren’t going well.

Each pupil chose a group or person accused of the assassination and searched for evidence for or against that accusation before finally deciding what to say in their broadcast and above all else, who they would blame!

The groups also had to decide when their broadcast would be set: during the assassination itself, after Kennedy’s death, after Lee Harvey Oswald’s arrest, or after Oswald was hot by Jack Ruby. They also created their own characters – eye-witnesses, and experts – or played real people like Jacky Kennedy or the FBI bodyguards.

All of the role-plays were different and provided a fascinating range of ideas and speculation about Kennedy’s death, and also demonstrated some excellent acting!


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