Edinburgh International Book Festival

S3 visiting the Edinburgh International Book Festival

S3 visiting the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Mrs Macfadyen, Mrs Millar, Mrs Howieson, Mr Kerr and Mr Allan, accompanied by a host of 3rd year pupils, all attended the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Tuesday 19th August.

The first talk with author, Lari Don, focused on where ideas come from and encouraged suggestions of the downside to superpowers. Pupils commented that they enjoyed the interaction between the author and the audience.

The second talk featured a discussion between Tony Bradman, Linda Newbery and Paul Dowswell, who have all contributed to an anthology on World War I. Many pupils particularly enjoyed hearing the authors’ own stories and research about the war.

Others enjoyed the book shops and the chance to sit out on the grass relaxing at lunchtime, but everyone had a great day. Pupils’ thoughts will appear in the comments section.

45 thoughts on “Edinburgh International Book Festival

  1. We saw two authors. I liked when the author asked us questions, so we could hear other people’s opinions. The ice cream was good. I liked when Ben spoke.

  2. We went into the tents and the authors told us about their books. We got to go around the enclosure by ourselves in our free time. There were shops where we could buy books.

  3. I quite enjoyed listening to Lari Don when she was talking about her new book, ‘Mind Blind’. It was about a teenage boy who could read minds.

    I was also interested in the three authors who had written several books to do with WWI.

    I recommend anyone anyone interested in reading to go to next year’s festival!

  4. At the Edinburgh Book Festival I enjoyed the interviews. I enjoyed ‘Mind Blind’ more than the World War I talk because she got the crowd more involved. It was a good day.

  5. I enjoyed listening to the authors and I liked how they encouraged you to write a book and they shared their information on how they wrote their books.

    I really enjoyed the first author, Lari Don, because her book was fiction and she talked about fiction things.

  6. I enjoyed listening to part of the WWI stories. I would like it better if there was a bit more to do after the interviews with the authors. I also enjoyed listening to some of ‘Mind Blind’.

  7. I thought that the Edinburgh Book Festival, which my English class and I attended, was good. I liked the venue of the event and I liked that there was lots of bookshops where you could buy books. I preferred the ‘Mind Blind’ talk better than the ‘World War I’ talk, but overall they were both good, and it was a good day out. It was also a good experience.

  8. I enjoyed the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I enjoyed the first talk with Lari Don as she invited the crowd and was very interesting. The second talk was good as well; I learned a lot about WWI. I thought the venue was very good and I enjoyed looking through the books i the bookstore as well.

  9. Yesterday at Edinburgh International Book Festival I enjoyed myself a lot because I thought the talk that Lari Don performed was really interesting. I also liked the setting of the festival and the way it was timed. There was also a cafe and library to visit and I loved that.

  10. Yesterday we went to the book festival. I learned a lot of interesting facts. I learned valuable techniques off Lari Don. Later in the day I learned very interesting facts about World War I.

  11. I expected to enjoy the bookfair more than I did. I was looking forward to the “Mind Blind” talk but in the end I much more enjoyed the WWI talk. I didn’t enjoy the “Mind Blind” talk because it was supposed to be about teenagers amd I couldn’t relate. Lari Don, who’s the author of “Mind Blind” talked more about magic and powers and I don’t usually read or enjoy books like that. I’m very interested in history so I really found the WWI talk much more interesting and would quite like to read that book.

  12. The Edinburgh book festival was a highly educational trip. It contained lots of interesting tips from published authors. The talk from author Lari Don explained the mentality of a writer and how they got ideas. The WWI talk had a lot of information which was interesting. The venue was lovely especially on a warm day like it was. There wasn’t much to do aside from the talks.

  13. I thought the book festival was quite good because you got to find out how authors thought and how they got their ideas for their books, and I liked how they took our ideas and tried to make it good and bad but it gave you more ideas as well. I thought the grounds were quite good because you got ice-cream.

  14. I thought Edinburgh Book Festival was a great experience. The venue was great, perfect for the occasion. The authors we listened to were great, it was very interesting. During the break we could get ice-cream and cakes 🙂

  15. I enjoyed yesterday’s trip. I enjoyed the second talk about the stories of WW1 book more than the first one but they were both quite good. Overall it was a great trip and the book selection was fantastic. I managed to pick up a book, “More Than This” by Patrick Ness. I would definitely go again.

  16. I enjoyed the Edinburgh Book Festival yesterday. I enjoyed both talks but he second one was very interesting and it was great to learn about WWI and the men, women and children who lost their lives during this period of time.

  17. It was good to hear the authors discuss their books and fun to hear people ask questions.

  18. Yesterday was really enjoyable as we learned so many things from just two talks. The first talk was about a book called Mind Blind by Lari Don. She explained to us everything about how the mind works and she really got the audience involved. The second was about a book made up of 12 stories about World War 1. This was especially interesting as this is the 100th Anniversary of the start of the War.

  19. Amazing venue and authors. The people who came to talk to us were interesting and descriptive of their ideas and writing process.

  20. I thought Edinburgh Book Festival was alright. We listened to 2 talks; one was from Lari Don who wrote ‘Mind Blind’. The other talk was from 3 authors who combined to write a book called ‘Stories of WWi’. The book sounded really good.

  21. I found the Edinburgh Book Festival very interesting and enjoyed my day. Although I enjoyed the book talk on World War I, I enjoyed Lari’s talk on her book, ‘Mind Blind’ a lot more, and found she really captivated the audience. I would go back to the Book Festival again as I thought it was great.

  22. I quite enjoyed the book festival and had a great day overall. I thought Lari Don: The Mind was quite unique but World War I was quite common, but overall very interesting.

  23. Yesterday, I really enjoyed the Edinburgh Book Festival. I liked listening to all the authors, especially Lari Don. I think her book, ‘Mind Blind’ sounded really good and I thought it was interesting to hear how she came up with the idea.

  24. The book festival was good. I thought the venue was very good. We seen people talking about their books. I wish the food was better

  25. I found learning about World War 1 interesting and I enjoyed hearing their thoughts and stories about WW1. I also enjoyed listening to Lari Don telling us all about how she gets her ideas to write stories and how she came up with the idea to write her teen novel ‘Mind Blind’.

  26. I thought going to the Edinburgh Book Festival was good. I liked the sound of Lari Don’s book. It sounded very adventurous. The WWI talk was also great because I got lots of facts from it.

  27. Yesterday, at the Edinburgh Book Festival, I enjoyed listening to both talks because they were very different and both interesting. I think the books sounded good too, and I had a nice time.

  28. I thought the book festival was good. I thought Lari Don was entertaining when she was asking questions. The WWI people were very factual and interesting. Lari Don’s character seems very interesting. It was a good day.

  29. Going to the Edinburgh book festival was a very great and interesting experience. We went to see two different shows and both were very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different authors.

  30. The Edinburgh Book Festival was a very interesting experience. I liked listening to all the authors and learning where and how they got their inspiration from. Learning about World War One was great and I would go back again.

  31. I think the Edinburgh Book Festival was a good experience because we got talks from some authors and we got to learn about ww1 and how an author gets an idea.

  32. I thought the Edinburgh Book Festival was really good. I enjoyed both talks and found them both interesting. In all it was a good day out.

  33. The trip to the Edinburgh Book Festival was a very interesting trip. We learnt a lot about WW1 from the book and make people more interested in World War. Another author spoke about a book called ‘Mind Blind’ about people with certain powers and they’re a curse as well as an advantage.

  34. I enjoyed listening to the authors, and I enjoyed learning about WWI. The talks were very interesting and they were both really good. I had a good day.

  35. On the 19th August we went to the Edinburgh Reading Festival to watch and participate in two different lectures on books released this year. The first I thought was interesting enough but not something I would read. It was a ‘teen novel’ about a fourteen year old with superpowers. The author obviously cared about what she was writing and putting across to us. I admired her enthusiasm greatly as she captivated her audience. The book was ‘Mind Blind’ a book I would advise for pre-teen readers.

  36. I enjoyed it yesterday at the Book Festival. The author Lari Don who spoke about the book Mind Blind was very interesting and got really involved.

  37. Edinburgh Book Festival

    I liked when the authors were speaking about their books. I liked how they interacted with us. I also liked having time to look at everything.

  38. Yesterday we were at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I enjoyed it and it was a good experience. The thing that I enjoyed most was the show The Stories of WWI. I liked the authors telling their own stories about WWI and telling us interesting facts, I learned that 60,000 British soldiers died on the Somme on the 1st of July. It was a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

  39. Edinburgh Book Festival

    I liked the fact that you could get your book signed.
    Maybe in the Festival they could have made it a bit more wide open.
    I enjoyed listening to the authors speaking about their books and reading a part of it.
    The wide variety of books you could buy was satisfactory.
    I enjoyed the Festival overall.

  40. At the Edinburgh Book Festival we first went into an auditorium where we listened to an author talk about her new teen novel Mind Blind about a young teen who is cursed with a power others use as an advantage.

    I liked this interview the most as we got to interact.

  41. At the Edinburgh Book Festival we went and saw Lari Don talk about her book. I found it entertaining and her tips about writing stories were very helpful.

    After the talk I got my book signed by Lari Don and I started reading the book last night and I am enjoying it so far.

    We also went to see three authors talk about the book they were featured in called Tales of World War 1. I actually learned a lot about World War 1 in the talk than I had before.

    I had a great time and would go again.

  42. What did I enjoy at the book festival?

    I enjoyed the £2.50 hot chocolate, was worth it.

    The first author was quite funny.

  43. Book Festival

    I liked when we heard a part of Mind Blind.
    I liked when people from the crowd were asked what superpower they want and what’s good and bad about it.
    I liked hearing stories about World War I.
    I like dit when Ben got asked a question.

  44. Thanks so much for all this brilliant feedback! The Mind Blind event at the Edinburgh Book Festival was the first time I’ve spoken to that many secondary school pupils all at once, so I’m really glad so many of you enjoyed it! (And what was Ben’s question?) thanks again, Lari

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