Off to CERN!

Report from Mr Law

Congratulations and good wishes to Aidan Coates from Our Lady’s High as he begins final preparations for his trip to CERN. As a winner of the Ogden Trust/Glasgow University,“Elementary”, competition earlier this year he will be fortunate enough to gain experience of areas less accessible to the general public. Trip leader and particle Physics expert, Dr Aidan Robson from Glasgow University will lead the successful students and 2 accompanying teachers (including this extremely happy and grinning educator) on a journey of discovery in the scientific wonder lab that smashes subatomic particles together at speeds approaching the speed of light. Discovering why the universe works the way it does is of course not the only benefit of such scientific endeavours. CERN was also the birthplace of the world wide web … and so our use of the Internet.

A very early start from Glasgow University leads to Edinburgh Airport and a flight to Geneva in Switzerland. A possible bus and tram journey later will help students experience public transport in another country before arrival at the world renowned home of the Large Hadron Collider and its 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets. Accommodation at CERN and eating at the same cafeteria as the cream of the scientific particle physics community should certainly offer opportunities for plenty of questions. An itinerary that also includes visiting some experiments, particle accelerators and exhibitions as well as meeting up with postgraduate students from Glasgow and other British Universities should provide plenty of scope for career related inquiries as well as helping develop an understanding of quantum physics. A possible trip into Geneva will perhaps be the icing on the cake.

So thanks again for the sponsorship and an experience that may very well influence the career choices of our current crop of science students. There appears to be an increasing number of opportunities nowadays for those interested in STEM subjects to gain an understanding of how these subjects are used in the world outside school.

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