“Your country needs you”

The Quantum Theatre Company visited OLHS on Monday 1 September to perform their production of “Your Country Needs You“.  All pupils in S3 thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it will contribute to their understanding of the First World War in History and provide background for their studies of First World War poetry in English lessons.

Here are some of their thoughts:

Quantum Theatre came out to our school yesterday to perform an informative play for us about the beginnings of WW1. The production was a total of two men using hats, props and accents to portray the two sides of the great war. The men played an array of characters from posh English nobles and generals to German soldiers in the trench.

One word to describe the entirety of the show is enthusiastic. A lot of thought and planning must have gone into the story of the play and the actors were very good at switching from lower class private to a commander general to the Kaiser. I thought the play could have been more solemn though as WW1 was not an event to be made a mockery of, even if the play was to educate children.

I did enjoy the production to an extent. The acting and singing was good quality and some of the accents were superb. I wouldn’t recommend that particular theatre group unless it was for younger children. I feel we would have benefited from a more mature and informative play.

Yesterday we attended a WW1 play performed by Quantum Theatre Company.

The play was based on the events that happened leading up to the war and what happened during the war. The play was very beneficial to my English class especially because we are learning about poetry from the First World War. There were only two actors but between them they shared out all the parts. The play was very funny, however, they still managed to get across the main points.
They sang lots of songs and I actually learned some things from the songs! By the end of the play I felt more knowledgeable about World War 1.

Hannah D
Today we were lucky enough to see a theatre company perform a play about WW1. In the play they discussed different stories in the war about things like, the soldiers in the trenches, the German soldiers, the government and families still at home. The play had 2 actors playing a range of different characters. I learned lots of things like how the war started, when it started and when it finished.

Emma T
I thought that the play, which my year and I viewed on the 1st September was enjoyable and very informative. The hard work which must have been put in showed throughout the performance.

I thought that the play would have been a little bit better, if there were more actors playing the characters, in saying that, the 2 men who played the characters made the play enjoyable. The message of the play was very strong and I liked the fact that there were lots of different scenes with soldiers and commanders. I noticed that the main message of the play, was that there were no differences between the German soldiers and the British soldiers. I thought that the costumes were okay, but they could have been better and more realistic. Overall in conclusion, I think that the play was good and the message of the play was very meaningful. I would happily watch the play again because I learned lots of things I didn’t know about WW1.

Christopher W
Yesterday a company came to our school to present a play about World War 1. They told us everything about the War from how it began to the tactics right up to Christmas 1914.
I thought the play fell way below my expectations as I thought they would have told us about the whole thing instead of part of it. The actors did their jobs well but one or two of the accents were poor. The costumes looked fairly realistic and the props were good. The bulk of the audience were entertained and I learned a few things about WW1 and also the actors interacted with the audience well and conveyed the message of the play well. One thing that disappointed me was the distinct lack of mention of poppies or armistice day, two of the biggest symbols of the war.

Yesterday’s performance was very enjoyable. I thought it was very funny and had a good storyline. Although I thought that there should have been more actors to play the characters. I also think that there was a lot of facts and it was a bit too long. The actors played the parts very well and made it funny but also very thought provoking. It went through the story of WW1 very well and provided a lot of information. They made very quick changes between each part and used quite a lot of props. Overall the performance was very good but there should have been more actors and was just a bit too long.

Yesterday we watched a play about World War 1 by two men from Quantum Theatre. The play covered how many people died during the war and how people were affected by it. It also showed the points of view from Britain and Germany. The play was only made up of two men but changing characters throughout.

The two men sang lots of war songs during the play and added humour so it wasn’t always sad and serious. This play was very useful because we are learning about WW1 in English. The name of the play is Your Country Needs You.

Today we were lucky enough to watch a play based on World War 1 named “Your Country Needs You.” It was interesting to see parts of the war and build up being acted out. The actors were great at portraying different characters and using different accents as if they were from the other countries involved in the war, however I think it would be better id there was more than two actors because of the amount of characters being played and the prop changes could have gone a lot smoother. I learned facts that I didn’t know about the war like how the war started and the big need for British men in the army. I got an idea of what trenches were like for both sides of the army. Overall I thought it was a great performance and very worthwhile watching.


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