Referendum Debate

Senior pupils travelled to the Hydro in Glasgow to watch a referendum debate. 8,000 young people were invited from across Scotland, with 500 on the floor of the arena to ask questions and represent their colleagues.

Five of our pupils had questions prepared:

  • DC (No): How would Scotland defend itself if it went independent?
  • HS (Undecided): This question is for both Better Together and Yes Scotland. In the event of a victory for your campaign, how do you envisage the future of Scotland’s relationship with the European Union?
  • RM (No): In an independent Scotland can the “Yes” campaign guarantee that students will continue to have access to free tuition?
  • RH (Yes): If Scotland becomes independent, can Scottish citizens who work in the British forces keep their jobs, or would they have to relocate?
  • KR (Yes): With the UK government pursuing increasingly individualist policies, can the better together campaign guarantee that Scotland – as part of the union – would not suffer as a result of further public sector cuts?

Pupil opinions about the day:

“I enjoyed the debate as it was riveting and sparked debate amongst my peers”.

“It was a good experience to see a live debate in action”.

“The people attending the debate were very passionate and everyone was eager to contribute”.

“I found it unhelpful because I felt each side was simply trying to prove the other wrong, rather than promoting the arguments of their own campaign”.


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