Hospice Ambassadors

Report by EMcC

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Partership Officer Mrs King was recently contacted by St Andrews Hospice regarding an opportunity for 6th year pupils to become ambassadors for the hospice.

St Andrew’s Hospice is the only specialised hospice in Lanarkshire, it requires £65,000 a week to allow it to provide patients with life limiting illnesses a place to receive palliative care. It is also home to a day hospice which cares for around 80 patients per week. St Andrew’s Hospice also works with schools encouraging young people to support the hospice and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

As an Ambassador for St Andrews Hospice we are required to fulfil a list of ten things,  including:

  1. Wear an ambassador badge
  2. Visit the Hospice
  3. Volunteer at a Hospice event
  4. Hold at least one fundraising event in school in support of the Hospice
  5. Do something to actively promote “Hospice Care Week” in school
  6. Help with fundraising at St Andrews
  7. Like St Andrew’s on Facebook and encourage those in school to do the same
  8. Tweet about St Andrew’s and recruit as many new followers as possible
  9. Help to recruit next year’s ambassadors, whether Junior or Senior, by sharing your experiences from the year.
  10. Write a short article illustrating the things you have done throughout the year as an ambassador.

Throughout the year we will work towards completing these things and encouraging other pupils in the school to get involved too. We have already received our Ambassador badges from DHT, Mrs Mulholland, and are planning our first fundraising activities.

The Ambassadors: Emily McCafferty, Gemma Greir, Shavaun Goodman, Chantelle Laughlin, Casey Reid, Ashley Macintyre, Jacob Mitas, Rachael Ballentyne, Cerys Law and Jill McMurray.


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