Steve Cole visits Our Lady’s!

Report By: Kasia K

Last Friday, on the 14th of November, Steve Cole came to our school to talk about his new book, “Shoot to Kill“, which is a book based on the adventures of James Bond.

The wait was long because his taxi was a bit late and I sat there thinking to myself who this person was and what he was going to do. Finally he arrived, he was a fairly tall man, he wore jeans and a black top, he had a backpack too. When he jumped on the stage, he introduced himself as Steve Cole. He said that his book was based on the adventures of James Bond, as he wanted to continue the books, as the actual author who made up James Bond passed away.

I must admit, I was a bit bored at the beginning, but once he took out the Nerf guns, my eyes got wide and I had this weird, yet interesting smile on my face. He asked who wanted to play a game, my hand shot right up. I made these ”me, me!” noises that a Primary 1 would do when they want someone to choose them for something. Sadly, he did not choose me. But watching people fail, and hit different objects was funny. The end was coming and I was still wanting more.

I was super excited that the actual author of a book was here, in my school..standing on the stage that I was soon to stand on. Our librarian also said “Whoever asks the best question, gets a poster signed!” I thought of many questions but me being me, I asked the question “What inspires you?” and I didn’t get the signed poster.

During Tutor I looked him up and his blog. He has a blog where he posts everything he does, for example for Halloween he wished his blog-readers a Happy Halloween. I commented on some posts asking some questions that I really was looking for an answer to. Finally I shut of the computer, and went for break.

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