Our Fabulous School Library.

By: Kasia K.

Our School library has lots of books, for all age groups. It has a junior section,  teen section and senior section. Anyone is welcome during lunchtime but not on Fridays. Ever since I came to High School, the only place I’ve been sitting in is the library. The books are amazing and I find myself reading them quickly. I thought to myself that I’d share my passion in books by telling people about the book, but not spoil it at the same time. I tried making some of my friends come to the library, yet some of them think it’s boring, but I think it’s amazing! Books tell so much, information, real story or even a made up story. I love reading books about adventures, horror books or really anything that catches my eye. When I was a bit younger I LOVED Jacqueline Wilson and I have all her books. Growing up, her books had gone a little bit to the side for me and I found my new taste in Zombie, Horror or adventure books. (Mixed in with some romance)

Our school library, and the librarian have inspired me to start my own book, and do adventures. Sometimes my imagination takes me away, and I find myself making up my own story and scenarios in my head, I even sometimes go home and write it down & draw some pictures. My dream is to become an author at a young age, not because I’m going to get paid, but because I want to share my imagination with young children and people older than me.

Books are amazing and we should all notice how much they tell, either it is by pictures, or by words.

I hope I have encouraged you to read more books, books are healthy!

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