WoSPEG Quiz 2014

Report by Mr Law

Our Lady’s High School Physics quiz team thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the final of the WoSPEG competition.  S5 students Emily and Sophie Tougher-Mitchell along with Owen Leach, stayed in touch throughout before falling away during the last round.  St. Thomas Aquinas practically demolished their buzzers and the bench below as they deservedly rocketed away to finish as winners of the stunning WoSPEG trophy.

The august Kelvin Lecture Theatre of Glasgow University was the setting for the thrilling climax to the competition.  Individual and team rounds assessed the students’ physics knowledge and problem solving skills.  How to rescue personnel from a crashed spacecraft on the Moon and a projectile motion question tested their analytical and co-operation skills.  Shorter answer questions indicated their ability to recall fundamental physics information.  Mix these all up with anagram, science, current affairs and picture rounds within a cauldron of parents, fellow students and supportive staff and your recipe for success is complete.  Top the evening off with free pizza and cans of soft drinks and few, if any, of the participants left without a feeling that all was well with the world … before the crushing disappointment of defeat regained a foothold … and determination to succeed … the next time … re-asserted itself.  An excellent evening to round off an excellent competition.

Thanks to Lewis, Christopher and Konner for their participation as well as to the family and fellow staff that lent support.  Congratulations to the team and all that represented our school.  A credit to themselves as well as Our Lady’s High.  Thanks are also due to the WoSPEG team, The University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University and The Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland.

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