Go4SET 2015

Report from Mr Law

After ten weeks of effort, the S2 Our Lady’s High School Go4SET team successfully delivered their presentation to the judges. Although the feedback was extremely positive, they missed out on the winners’ podium by the proverbial whisker.

From the initial project choice of an eco-hotel, they extensively researched the concept, including a visit to their sponsor from industry, (TATA Steel). Visits to two Edinburgh eco friendly hotels, the “Radisson Blu”, and the “Apex International”, provided more specific information about the challenges associated with balancing environmentally friendly policies with making a profit.

They produced a 35 pages long report, built a model of their hotel and, presented their project to the judges. Along the way they have learned to work as a team, each with specific responsibility for an area of the task, learned about the importance of deadlines and learned about the satisfaction of a job well done. If we consider that most of the time spent on this project was their own, they merit a well deserved pat on the back.

Consistently a credit to the school their behaviour has been exemplary and their learning journey well worthwhile. Congratulations to Alexandra, Michael, Holly, Amy, Gemma, Robbie, Elle and TATA Steel mentor, Craig. Thanks are also due to, “The Howard”, for its information and the various staff of OLHS for advice.

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