OLHS Has Got Talent 2015

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  • Mia: singing Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
  • Jordan and Callum: Everlong (Bass and Guitar)
  • Julia and Emilia: singing All I Wanted (Kodaline)
  • Abigail: singing and playing piano Say Something
  • Sam Kidd: Guitar medley
  • Emily: singing Born to Die (Lana del Ray)
  • Max: dance routine to Beyonce


1st : Max

2nd: Sam

3rd: Mia

50p entry to theatre. Audience packed. All in aid of Lenten Charities.

10 thoughts on “OLHS Has Got Talent 2015

  1. jordan and callum bass and guitar were brilliant at doing the guitars and they did amazing

  2. max you were a great dancer and doing the cartwheel and it was so amazing well done

  3. Very good, I enjoyed watching all the performances and congratz to the winners.

  4. This talent show was really good. I really liked all the performances. Well done!

  5. The school had a very good talent show and well done to max for getting first place !

  6. *max i really enjoyed watching your dance moves you clearly rocked the stage with your performance i loved watching you and i think you could make it far in the dance industry * .

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