Summer Cafe Concert 2015

By Three Musical Geniuses

What a night the sun chose to shine for Our Lady’s High’s ‘2015 Summer Cafe Concert’. From young performers playing in bands, to three fantastic choirs including our very own ‘Caritas Choir’ who represented the school at the Caritas award ceremony held in Glasgow’s SECC, to many more.

The night opened up with the Junior Band smashing Pharrell’s hit of Happy and The Proclaimers’ famous 500 miles, conducted by Mrs Maureen Mitchell. This was followed up by four of our pupils’ own band, ‘Kardais’. They played covers of the songs Little Black Submarine by The Black Keys and then Everlong by Foo Fighters when another pupil, Jill McMurray then accompanied on vocals. The School Band then performed wind band classics such as Freya’s Call and With Each Sunset, conducted by Mr James Woods.

To finish off the first half of our concert, we then saw our well known Caritas Choir which is made up of sixth year pupils who chose to participate in Pope Benedict’s holy award of Caritas, not forgetting Mrs Mary Mulholland who is also a loyal member of the group. They proceeded by singing the moving You Raise Me Up by Westlife followed by Irish Blessing to finish off their performance.

After a short break for refreshments, the School Band made a return playing Adele’s famous Skyfall, which then moved on to our annual classic of Big Fun in The Sun. The staff choir made an appearance yet again, singing Forever Doowop. Our school choir covered Pitch Perfect’s Bellas Final before they paired up with the staff choir, singing Happy by Pharrell Williams to finish off our show on a high.

Overall, it was a fantastic night, with many talented young performers and a perfect way for the former sixth year pupils to say goodbye to their school career here at Our Lady’s High School.

Junior Band                                     500 Miles, Happy
Kardais                                             Little Black Submarine
School Band                                    Freyas Call, With Each Sunset
Caritas Choir                                   You Raise Me Up, Irish Blessing
School Band                                    Skyfall, Big Fun in The Sun
Brass Ensemble                             Game of Thrones, Superstition
Staff Choir                                       Forever Doowop
School Choir                                   Bella’s Final
Vote of Thanks
Staff Choir & School Choir            Happy


Thank you to the following people who have helped to put this together:

Admin Team, Janitorial Staff, Deborah King, Mary Mulholland, Kat Smith, Keiran Gillespie, James Woods, Robert Fairley, Martin Couper, Michael Bryans, Lorna Patton, Stephen Nelson, Alison Murray, Roddy Moir, Eliguisz Sanza, Ian King, Cameron King, Stephen Dowling, Anna Glover, Maureen Mitchell, Judith Clements and Lyn Zambonini.


Flute/Oboe: Monica Allan, Olivia McMahon, Beth Knight Townsley, Klaudia Wegrzyn
Clarinet/Bassoon: Maria Cocozza, Beth Cunningham, Alexandra Healey, Piroska Horvath, Emily McCafferty, Marta P, Keren Shearer
Saxophone: Rebecca Cairney, Lisa Mackie, Carla Tyrell, Colette Whitson
Horn:  Monica Kane, Heather Nugent, Orla McDevitt, Brendan O’Dowd
Trumpet: Hannah Duddy, Emma Graham, Olivia McGarry, Jill McMurray, Tymon Mitas, Claire Ross, Emma Torrance
Lower Brass:  Nicholas Allen, Ethan Hendry, Jordan Mooney, Craig Thomas
Percussion:  Lewis Donnelly, Aaron Hawthorne, Morgan Jessimer, Chris McCarron, Rebecca McGill

S1-3 Choir
Shane Divers, Caitlin Donnelly, Saoirse Higham, Aga Poslednik, Samantha Reid, Emma Torrance, Dearbhla McVey, Wiktoria Debowska, Hannah Duddy, Marisa Madden, Merrin McDonald, Julia Stachurska, Marta Pradzynska, Suzanne Nwambe, Damian Bonnar, Jonathan Rolwich, Michael Costello, Shannon Waldron, Michaela Bennett, Mia Campbell, Robyn Leach, Alicia Jackson, Maria Cocozza, Madeleine Robertson, Alexandra Healy, Keara Hodge, Abigail McNally, Stephen Brady


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