County Sports 2015

Huge congratulations to the OLHS county sports team who were competing on Wednesday 10th June at Wishaw sports centre. Their behaviour, enthusiasm and team spirit was excellent and we managed to win plenty of medals too!!

Medal winners:

Heather Baird – gold medal winner for 200m
Stephen Murphy – gold medal winner for 200m
Adam Fallon – gold medal winner for discus
Adam Boyle – gold medal winner for javelin
Christopher Kelly – gold medal winner for 100m
Shannon Waldron – gold medal winner for shot putt
Rachel Donnelly – gold medal winner for 1500m
Owen Carroll – silver medal winner for long jump
Eirinn Molloy – silver medal winner for 200m
Megan Grew – silver medal winner for 1500m
Ciara Scullion – silver medal winner for long jump
Adam Lynch – bronze medal winner for 100m
Patryk Szymanski – bronze medal winner for 400m
Caitlin Thomson – bronze medal winner for triple jump
Luke Dickson – bronze medal winner for 1500m
Mateusz Cymerman – bronze medal winner for high jump

S2 boys relay team (Eammon Higgins, Adam Lynch, Ronan Winton & Mateusz Cymerman) – bronze medal winner

County Sports Squad
Adam Boyle, Morgan Brown, Aidan Burke, Owen Carroll, Lewis Cavanagh, Lia Chambers, Rhys Clarke, Daniel Collins, Mateusz Cymerman, Luke Dickson, Rachel Donnelly, Erin Doyle, Terri Elkin, Adam Falon, Dylan Garmory, Paul Giwa, Hayley Graham, Megan Grew, Eammon Higgins, Christopher Kelly, Benjamin Lafferty, Robyn Leach, Adam Lynch, Kian Marshall, Luisa McDonald, Greg McLuskey, Lucy McQuaid, Eve Millar, Tymon Mitas, Eirinn Molloy, Adrian Monka, Max Ofori, Stephanie Parker, Robbie Payne, Ciara Scullion, Patryk Szymanski, Caitlin Thomson, Shannon Waldron, Scott Wilson, Ronan Winton.

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