WoSPEG Quiz 2015-16

Report from Mr Law

After a valiant and very close contest, the OLHS Physics quiz team narrowly missed progressing further in the competition.  Two of the four teams were to advance into the next round and OLHS tied for second place with Rosshall Academy once the normal set of questions had been answered.  Heather Nugent, Damian Bonnar and Ryan Kane were just a fraction of a second too slow on the buzzer for the tie-break question.

In second place for most of the time, they answered individual and team questions on Physics as well as buzzer round questions on general knowledge, current affairs and Science.  The last round of 20, “on the buzzer” questions was an exciting conclusion to the contest.  With only three questions remaining, Oban were four points ahead of OLHS.  A further three points adrift were Rosshall Academy with Gleniffer HS close behind them.  As the tension mounted, not only were Rosshall quickest to buzz, but they answered all three questions correctly.  A similar result in the tie-break saw them deservedly through.

Congratulations are also due to the OLHS team however as they were S4 students competing against S5/6 competitors.  Being asked questions about parts of the course that they hadn’t yet studied was testament to their dedication and reading ahead skills.  Despite the disappointment of not getting through, they thoroughly enjoyed the pre-quiz interactive experiments made available for them.  Rarely can a secondary school afford the equipment and liquid Nitrogen required for some of the more exciting displays, so thanks are also due to the University of the West of Scotland.  Supercooled magnetic interactions, infrared video and pulse detection were all avidly experienced.

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