HET event at Holyrood

Report from Mrs Letham

Former pupil, Gemma Grier, was part of a commemoration held by the Holocaust Educational Trust on Tuesday 3rd November at the Scottish Parliament

During her sixth year at Our Lady’s HS, Gemma was one of the pupils selected by Mrs Letham (PT Social Subjects), to represent the school on a one day trip to Poland to visit Auschwitz Birkenau. As part of her reflection, Gemma wrote a essay called “Hannah” in which she focused on the story of one small child whose name she noticed on a suitcase.  Subsequently she worked with Mrs Millar (PT English) and Mrs Macfadyen (LRC Manager) to hone her work for the Scottish Schools Young Writer of the Year 2015 competition, which she went on to win. As a result, Gemma was invited to read her essay at the event on Tuesday night in front of an audience who included MSPs, representatives from the Holocaust Trust including Holocaust survivors, the Press and representatives from Our Lady’s including Headteacher, Mrs Sinclair, and most importantly her proud parents.

The evening closed with a speech from First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who was highly impressed with the quality of Gemma’s written work and her presentation.


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