Giant Heptathlon

Report by Lucy and Megan (S3 Sports Council reps)2016_0127_6095

On the 27th of January some of our 1st and 2nd years competed at North Lanarkshire’s Giant Heptathlon. This took place in Ravenscraig Sports Centre and various schools across North Lanarkshire took part. They participated in 7 different events including 1 minute steps ups, a mixture of throwing and jumping events and also various races.

Both teams performed very well and our 1st years were awarded 3rd place. Everyone had a great day and did Our Lady’s HS proud!

S1 team
Holly Irving, Alicija Balanda, Elle Leel, Joey Leach, Kayleigh Kane, Casey Paterson, Ania Gorzkowska, Ryan Bourke, Ethan Law, Henry Kyanda, Mark Fitzpatrick, Paul Murphy2016_0127_6200

S2 Team
Max Ofori, Evan Murphy, Robbie Payne, Nicholas McNally, Dylan Garmory, Michael Verrechia, Daniel MacLeod, Owen Carroll, Rachel Donnelly, Caitlin Thomson, Hannah Townsley, Erin Doyle, Katie Torrance, Niah Welsh, Maja Fereniec2016_0127_6202

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