Edinburgh International Science Festival Sci-Kus

From Miss McGinty’s S2 Science class.

Spaceships are flying
Lots of humans are dying
People are crying


Is it really true?
Alone in the Universe?
Is there really life?


The Planets spin round
A yellow ball of fire
Burning bright and high


Planets and Comets
In the Dark Solar System
Surrounded by stars


From Earth, Space seems far
Beautiful planets like Mars
Don’t forget the Stars!


Stars are nice and bright
Stars are really cool at night
Shooting stars are alright


Shooting stars are bright
They move very very fast
then they burn away


Stars are shining bright
Planets are moving around
The moon is quite bright


Stars shine the brightest
Lifting high with gravity
shine in the darkness


White, Quiet is the moon
Red, yellow, orange is the bright sun
I’ll go see them one day!


I like space stations
I think aliens are real
Stars are up in space


The spaceships are cool
I will be an astronaut
I will go to space


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