Go4SET 2016

Report by Mr Law

After ten weeks of effort, the Our Lady’s High School S2 Go4SET team presented their findings to a panel of judges at the Banqueting Hall, Almada Street in Hamilton. Researching, report writing and model building completed, the 5 members of the team displayed and explained their findings in an enthusiastic and professional manner.

Thanks to John McIntyre of the competition organisers (EDT) we were able to have a “Launch Day” at the school. He presented them with a choice of options. They decided to progress an investigation into an environmentally friendly railway station. Roles assigned, they each took on responsibility to enable a full report to be completed, detailing any visits and research conducted in order to arrive at recommendations. A trip to Glasgow Central Station proved extremely difficult to organise. Although staff appeared enthusiastic, no arrangements could be provided to enable information or a tour and in the end we decided to visit on our own. One afternoon the students collected footfall data in order to determine potential energy gains from power mats at entrances, exits and escalators/stairs. A visit to the New Lanark World Heritage site was arranged by our industrial sponsor, Mr. Stephen McCann of Morrison Construction. This proved to be an excellent introduction to the generation of electricity via water power. His advice also proved very beneficial with regard to life skills such as meeting deadlines, organisation and delegation of tasks.

These students gave up a great deal of their own time in order to fully engage in the tasks. Breaktimes and after school, especially with the final deadline looming, resulted in a very rewarding mix of effort, enthusiasm and co-operation in order to complete the challenge. They finished 4th out of 11 teams, losing by only 3 points. Well done to all the students participating, including the 3 members of the team that couldn’t make the finals day. Thanks go to Morrison Construction and the competition organisers, EDT (Engineering Development Trust) for their much appreciated contributions.


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