OLHS Champions League 2016

Congratulations to the Bayern Munich Team who defeated some of the strongest teams in Europe (that’s the Motherwell bit of Europe to be specific) to lift the OLHS Champions League Cup 2016.

Report from Mrs McNeish

The annual madness and skillsfest that is the OLHS Champions League took place at Firpark last week. 8 teams, consisting of S1-3 boys and a member of staff, contested the trophy. Each teacher had to start the game, but thankfully for some, they did not have to finish!

Despite the threats all week of the suffering to be inflicted on the staff during the competition, all went smoothly. Fair play was guaranteed by the Burkes, Kieran and Aidan, who returned to referee with help from Connor Nisbet, Sean Cassidy and Chrissy Reid.

The games were highly competitive with some fantastic skill on show- Mr Kerr was renamed Neur after his heroics in goals. Mr Smith, Mr Weir, Mr McHugh, Mr McGurk, Mr McRoberts, Mr Macmaster and Mr McQuillan loved the attention and tried like bears…even though some of their best football days are behind them!

The pupils were, as usual, a real credit to the school and all had a great day. Spectators added to the spice. The trophy was presented by Mrs Sinclair to the winning team of Bayern Munich, consisting of Mr McHugh (and we will always be reminded of his triumph!!) Michael Docherty, Henry Kyanda, David Nugent, James Low, Connor Lynch (C), Liam Knox, Nicky McNally, Stephen Black, Ben Lafferty and Aedan Dunne. Well done to all.

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