Special Report by Saoirse Higham and Emma Torrance S5

On Thursday 8th September, a group of S5/6 pupils was given the opportunity to visit the University of Glasgow in order to take part in a project that introduces female students to STEM subjects- Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. During the course of the day, we took part in many enjoyable activities, such as speed mentoring, CV writing, help with presentational skills as well as listening to inspirational speeches from women who have had great success in the exciting world of STEM.


We were astonished to discover that only 14% of those working in STEM industries are female- a figure which, up to recent years, was even lower. Clearly, STEM industries are very much male dominated- but we feel that this must change. We learned that although women applying to these industries are just as well qualified as men, they tended to be much less confident, and therefore were often overlooked for positions. Women also tend to lose out to men when it comes to equal pay- and equality in the work place in general.

Throughout our day we learned many important and useful skills to take with us on our journey through life: how to present ourselves in the workplace, prepare an effective CV and how to have a successful interview. We also learned that by following your heart and doing what you love you will find success in your own way.

Thursday was made possible through the amazing work of the STEMettes and their sponsor, “Monster Confidence” who work with STEM industries to encourage more women to join their workforces. Thanks for their most important lesson for us: Never let anyone stand in your way- Girl Power!


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