Rowing Machine Challenge

2016_1031_rowingchallengeadamsReport from Mr Law

Congratulations are due to the Our Lady’s High School rowing machine team for reaching the one million metres mark between the 15th September and the 15th October.

Concept 2, the manufacturers of the most commonly used rowing machine among rowers, organise a competition each year called “The Fall Challenge”.  This international competition is for competitors to record how far they row during the four weeks.  Certificates are awarded for reaching targets of 100,000m and 200,000m with a 50,000m target for those that are 16 years old and under.  A further incentive is that all teams with a physical location would be entered into a draw for a top of the range rowing machine as long as 10 of the team members attained the 100,000m mark.

From an initial staff team of eighteen, it soon became apparent that the physical or time effort required could not be maintained.  There is a tedium associated with the repetitive nature of rowing even 5000m, thus requiring mental stamina.  This would need to be kept up for five days a week for each of the weeks in order to reach the 100,000m mark.  A much harder task than many might initially believe.  A new influx of three, including two students, replaced our eight valiant drop outs and with 13 team members, our eyes were on the prize and the challenge progressed.

With three of our team members adding to our total without attempting the target, it was always going to be difficult to achieve.  Four members of staff simply struggled to find the time to complete enough rowing sessions but were still in the hunt to the very end.  So extra special congratulations to the six that became members of the 100,000m in a month club.

Our team consisted of Mr Law, Miss Lees, Mr Shields, Mr McHugh, Mr Martin, Adam Boyle, Mr Hart, Adam Fallon, Fr Delaney, Mr McGurk, Mrs Jeffrey, Mr Donnachie and Miss Mark.  We finished 96th out of 395 teams, (nearly 5,000 competitors in total).  We were 3rd out of 22 teams from the education sector.  Although we didn’t manage to make it into the draw for the rowing machine it has certainly been a tremendous effort all round.

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