Drama Production Skills Workshop

Report by Mr Gillespie Our Lady’s High School’s National 5 Drama classes enjoyed a superb opportunity to gain experience in a professional theatre venue earlier this month. They attended Cumbernauld Theatre for one full day on Thursday  15 January, Our … Continue reading

News round-up 20th March

Report by Mrs Sinclair Lenten Charities All RE classes are involved in fund raising for a numbers of very important charities.  The projects vary from raffles, ‘soak the teacher’, non uniform day,  coffee mornings, football tournaments.  Pupils are encouraged to … Continue reading

S1: conducting a survey

Surveys are an important tool for Social Subjects. A survey can help show how people feel about particular issues. However, a survey does not show how much people know about an issue. If you are using a survey as evidence, … Continue reading

S1: Vikings at Jarlshof

The Vikings first came to Scotland as raiders and thieves, but later many groups came to trade, explore and settle. One Viking community was at Jarlshof in Shetland. Useful links Vikings (Danishnet) – excellent place to start your research What was … Continue reading

S2: assassination of JFK

Every official investigation into President Kennedy’s assassination, for example, the Warren Commission, has said that Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible, and that he was the only person responsible However, other researchers have suggested there are flaws in the official investigation, … Continue reading

Welcome from Mr Cardle

A message from Headteacher, Mr Daniel Cardle Welcome to the website of Our Lady’s High School in Motherwell. Our Lady’s High School is a Six Year Catholic Comprehensive School serving Motherwell and part of Wishaw. It is dedicated to the … Continue reading

S1: Scotland and science

This series of lessons is an investigation into the history of science and technology connected with Scotland. We will learn how scientists from Scotland and beyond have contributed to innovative research and development. Scientists, engineers and inventors connected with Scotland … Continue reading

S2: Elements of the Periodic Table

Useful links OLHS Library catalogue Chemkids PTable Chemicool Photographic Periodic Table RSC Periodic Videos Investigation You can going to create a mind-map about an element on the periodic table. Your mind-map should include: the element’s place in the periodic table: … Continue reading

Excellence and Equity Awards 2017

School awards highlight positive initiatives Excellence and Equity Awards 2017 Productive Partnerships – Purposeful Learning Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell Titanic Project  As a result of changes to SQA exams, staff at Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell, spotted an opportunity … Continue reading

Dementia Friends

During sixth year, we have been given the opportunity to take part in various clubs and projects. The “Dementia Friends” project allowed us to get involved with the Motherwell FC Community Trust and was set up to help break the … Continue reading