About the Library

Library Resource Centre Manager – Mrs J Macfadyen

The Library is also known as the LRC or Library Resource Centre.

Opening hours

Open during class hours
Open lunchtimes Monday-Thursday from 12.45 pm
Open most days after school – see Mrs Macfadyen for details.

Closed intervals and Friday lunchtimes.

Speak to Mrs Macfadyen if you need extra access to the LRC.


Allow other people peace to study.
Allow other people peace to read.

Please leave all food and juice outside the LRC. You may drink water, but please keep it away from the computers.


Access to Library resources

If you want to use a computer at lunchtime, please sign in.

All books and resources leaving the Library must be issued on the Library computer.

Each person may borrow up to two books at a time. You are responsible for everything you borrow from the Library.

Books are issued for 2 weeks but may be borrowed for longer.



The Library relies on people sharing the resources fairly and honestly.

Please return your books on time.

If you have an overdue book you may not borrow any more until it has been returned or renewed.

If you have lost or damaged a book, please speak to Mrs Macfadyen immediately and DON’T PANIC!

You will be asked to replace the lost or damaged items in one of these ways, depending on the book:

1. Replace it with a book of your own in good condition to the same value.
2. Buy another copy yourself and give it to the Library
3. Ask for the replacement cost and give the Library the money to purchase a new copy.

You will be given a receipt for any payments or books received in exchange.

If you are worried about any of this, please speak to Mrs Macfadyen. There is a simple solution for everything.