Dyslexia Awareness Week by Ellie

In dyslexia awareness week all staff and pupils have been asked to wear blue ribbons. We wear the ribbons to show people that visit the school that we care and to raise awareness.

The school had a staff coffee morning on Monday.

The school twitter account has a twibbon on it.

The teachers done a wear it blue day.

The library at the school are doing a colouring in and whats in the box competition the most imaginative idea wins.

I think this is a good idea because it lets people know that they need help.


Dyslexia Awareness Week by Rachel.

The week began for dyslexia awareness week with all the staff and pupils having to were blue ribbons witch as a symbol of dyslexia.Throughout the week every class in school would have a presentation on what dyslexia was and how that worked.On Tuesday the staff had a wear blue to school day. It also had a coffee morning with lots of cakes and sweets. After the coffee morning the leftover cakes were sold around the classes for a donation. In the library there are also competitions to win prizes all week.

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that makes it hard for the person to read, write and spelling.It’s estimated that up to 1 in every 10 to 20 people in the UK has even a small case of dyslexia.


Dyslexia Awareness Week by Lewis

Staff and pupils are asked to wear blue ribbons all week for Dyslexia Awareness Week. if you dont know what Dyslexia is, its something that can really hold your lerning back for e.g spelling reading. so this is very hard to learn in a large class of people. The PHSE teachers are doing power pointes to let people know what it is and so people can help each other.

I am Dyslexic so I am really happy that Dyslexia Awarness Week happens.

Thank you.

Dyslexia Awareness Week by Hannah

Staff and pupils are wearing blue ribbons for Dyslexia Awareness Week.

On Monday the staff had a coffee morning to enjoiy coffee and cakes for Dyslexia week

We had a competition in the library. The competition was to colour in the dyslexia logo . also there is a competition to guess wat is in a box.

Dyslexia is for people how have learning disability like spelling , reading and short term memory.


2015 Annual Italian Exchange Trip

Report by Rachel C

Our adventure started in an unfamiliar, foreign land. And no, I’m not talking about Pistoia- I’m talking about the grounds of Dalziel High School. On the 4th of February S6 pupils and one S5 pupil left behind the concrete jungle of Motherwell in search for more sprawling landscapes accompanied by Mrs Fitzpatrick. The trip was part of the annual exhange student trip which has been going on for 13 years. In the September of 2014 Scottish students at Our Lady’s High School welcomed visitors from Pistoia, and finally got to meet their Italian “twins”. Now it was our turn to see how the other half live.

After a 3 hour plane journey and a 4 hour bus journey, we arrived at our destination- not that we could see anything, it was pitch black outside. However the Hotel Ville Delle Rose where we would be staying for the next 7 days made up for the lack of visible scenery.

The next day we were (kind of) recharged and ready to reunite with our Italian twins. We visited their school like they visited ours and we finally had a chance to ogle at the landscape on the way there. Our Italian twins greeted us and brought us inside. We spent the morning dancing and singing and of course, eating. Later the Italians took us to a shopping centre for a few hours and then to one of the Italian’s houses to hang out.

After having the day to mingle with our Italians and settle in, it was time to do some sightseeing. Our first stop? Pisa! When we arrived we had the obviously had the chance to go up the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa (if you have a phobia of long, windy stairs I don’t recommend) and visit the Cathedral Piazza dei Miracoli and roam around the surrounding area and see what it had to offer. (Yes, I’m talking about food again.) That night we all went to a party hosted by one of our very hospitable Italian’s.

On the fourth day of our trip we went to the beautiful city of Florence. Florence is now easily one of my favourite cities. Fair enough most of the shops were out of my budget but the architecture was simply stunning! We visited the famous Ponte Vecchio which is built across the River Arno, and is the first bridge built in Florence. We also visited Piazza della Signoria, which contained many sculptures and statues including a copy of Michaelangelo’s “David”. But for me perhaps the most captivating sight was “Il Duomo”, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore- it was easily one of the most beautiful buildings I had ever seen in my life. At night we went to a karaoke bar called “Mago Bago” with the Italians.(You can bet that was a laugh considering half of us had sore throats and could barely talk.)

On day numero five we made a journey to Viareggio to attend the Carnavale di Viareggio. This was easily one of my favourite days, I have never witnessed anything like it. The point of the Carnavale is to poke fun at politicians and people in power, it is a satirical event. They do this by parading floats throughout the town. There are not only floats, but performers, music, food and a LOT of confetti. (I’m still finding it in my pockets) Whilst in Viareggio most of us also took up the opportunity to buy one of the famous Carnavale masks, as it is tradition. That night we ate dinner in the hotel.

We had an early rise the following morning, as that day we were heading to Venice. After the long bus journey and a short boat trip we were free to stretch our legs and roam the peculiar city. We spent the day exploring all the little nooks and crannies and browsing in the rather eccentric shops. Perhaps the highlight of my day in Venice was dinner. Not only was my first carbonara amazing, but it was accompanied by the live music of an accordion player- now that is a true Italian experience!

The end was looming near on day 7, and we used our last full day in Pescia to hang out with our Italian friends. We spent our last day like our first – in the school. In the morning we  experienced what Italian drama classes are like with a drama workshop. The workshop included a lot of fun – if not rather strange activities, I definitely deserved an Oscar after that class. We spent the next few hours being serenaded by our own Konner, Callum, Jack and two other very talented Italian students. After that we visited the quaint little town of Montecatini before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the farewell disco, where we ate pizza (of course) and the Italians showed us up with their dancing skills. (turns out the macerena doesn’t count…)

Day eight marked the final leg of our journey. We all knew this day was going to come, but we were just having too much fun to think about it. We met our Italian twins in the lobby after breakfast and not soon after the tears were flowing – and I MEAN flowing (knew I should have brought my water wings). We exchanged gifts and had the chance to take a few photos before heading outside with our luggage. We said our final goodbyes to our Italian friends, but for most of us, we knew it only meant, “Goodbye, for now.”  Now it was time to start on our long journey back to reality, but we left Italy on good terms, knowing that we would return.

The Italian exchange truly was a life changing experience, a once and a lifetime opportunity that I am so glad I took part in. We got to visit so many beautiful and exciting places, and we made true friends with some amazing people. It was a truly eye opening experience, and I would recommend that any upcoming fifth and six year students sign up, as it is a journey you will never forget.

2014 Clydeview Christmas Party

Report by Rachel Clinton

On Friday the 12th of December we hosted our annual Christmas Party for the children attending Clydeview Primary School, who have additional support needs. Our Clydeview Committee had been organising the event weeks prior and it was great to see it all come together.

We invited the children to come along in their best party clothes for a morning of Christmas fun. Everyone was rushing around on the Friday morning trying to make sure that everything was running smoothly before the children arrived. We started setting up the snack table and desperately tried to make the staff room look as festive and tinsel-y as possible. Most of us donned our cosiest Christmas jumpers to get us in the mood whilst some of us had to be a bit more creative – by creative I mean itchy tinsel necklaces and Santa hats whilst a lucky few grabbed a pair of Reindeer ears. Hmph.

When the children arrived of course they pretended to be shy, but when they met their sixth year buddies that soon changed. Once the Christmas music started playing it was hard to catch up with them! We played a variety of party games such as “Pass the Parcel” and “Musical Bumps” which everyone seemed to love, especially sixth years. Ahh the nostalgia.

We must have been playing music pretty loud as it turns out Santa heard us from the North Pole and popped down to see what all the racket was about! However, when he saw the faces of everyone he just couldn’t resist staying for a while. The children were more than excited to meet Santa, and were even happier to be photographed with the bearded man holding their presents.

After it was time for Santa to depart we had time for one more singalong. We all gathered together in a choir-ly order and sang our hearts out to Jingle Bells, and then we all posed for some photographs.

It was a wonderful morning and judging by the smiles on the children’s faces, everyone had a great time. I think we were all a little sad to see the children leave, we felt attached as they certainly brightened up the dull winter weather. We can’t wait to invite the pupils of Clydeview Primary and their teachers to return next year, we hope it will be just as much fun!

2014 Senior Citizens’ Party

Report by Rachel Clinton

On Tuesday the 16th of December we held our annual Senior Citizens’ Party. We have been hosting the event for the past six years and as usual yesterday was a great success. The event was held in the school theatre and we had a very large turnout as expected.

Various departments throughout the school participated in organising and providing entertainment for the party:

Mrs Zambonini’s Personal Development and Enterprise and Employability classes have been working hard for weeks in preparation for the event, from sending out invitations to making origami water lily napkins. (My new party trick, impressive I know) The Home Economics department were cooking up a storm as usual preparing delicious treats such as cupcakes, shortbread, mini quiche and sausage rolls.

The entertainment itself was hosted by our very own dynamic duo Aaron Hawthorne and Scott Price who added some holiday humour to the event, even with their terrible Christmas puns, not pointing the finger at anyone in particular. *COUGH Scott COUGH*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The afternoon began with one of our first year pupils, Anna Quinn, who done a very enthusiastic reading of “The Night Before Christmas”, which really set the mood for the rest of the party. Next up we had three more talented first year girls Erin Doyle, Morgan Brown and Katie Cadenhead dancing to Olly Murs’ latest hit “Wrapped Up”, oh how I wish I had their coordination and balance. *sighs*

Their routine was then followed by a slightly different style of dancing- of the Irish variety. Keryn Shearer (S5) and Katie Ann Hunter (S6) wowed us with their spectacular moves. Scott was right again, I was exhausted (and dizzy) just watching!

During our intermission we had a raffle, with a variety of different prizes to be won such as (a lot of) wine, chocolates, pampering gifts, homeware and even some shiny new cufflinks.

There was also a hilarious mini-pantomime performed by some of our sixth year drama students- the “true” story of Snow White, with a Scottish twist. It starred Lisa O’Rourke, Darcy Hendry, Aaron Hawthorne, Louise Bradshaw and Monica Kane.

We then had a rendition of “Santa Baby” by Jill McMurray with Jordan Mooney and Callum Wilson on bass and acoustic guitar.

Last but not least, we had a performance of “Christmas Lullaby” by our CARITAS choir, “Nuns and Moses”, joined by a few eager fifth years.

After that, it was time to party. We were midway through some conventional Christmas carolling when a special guest arrived- the bearded man himself, aka Dominic Cherrie, bearing gift bags for all. Needless to say the ladies were charmed, however we can confirm there was no mistletoe involved. To wrap up our fabulous afternoon we all joined in for a very long rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” which, ironically seemed to go on for twelve days.

All in all the afternoon was a roaring success and all the hard work and preparation certainly paid off, everyone seemed to have a festively fabulous time and we can’t wait to invite everyone back next year. As our favourite elf once said: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

S6 Retreat 2014

Sixth year pupils spent a reflective, prayerful day with school chaplain, Fr. King, and both Mrs Mulholland and Miss McGuiness, on Monday the 24th of November, in St. Thomas’ Parish in Pather.

After waiting for the final few stragglers to arrive- not mentioning names, but those boys who can’t differentiate between Carluke and Pather, and got off at the wrong bus stop (not much difference, only 5 miles) we got started. Father King’s first activity, although seemingly inconsequential and harmless, turned out to bring out sixth year’s competitive streak: a Christmas quiz, completed in hushed whispers and pointed glares. When the answers were revealed, the protestations were dangerously close to riots. Who would have thought we were sixth years, squabbling over a Christmas quiz?

Following that, we engaged in some contemplative time. We flowed into the chapel and took our seats, before taking part in mass with a few local parishioners. A beautiful mass was said, and the whole year seemed restful as we returned to the church hall to continue our activities. We then, explored the roles of those involved in Advent, besides Jesus: Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds and the Wise men. Each group was expected to do a character study of each of the roles, and report back to the year on what they had written. In the character study, we:

  • analysed their motives during events
  • developed a deeper understanding of their actions
  • reflected on whether or not we would act in the same way as they had if we were in the same situation

Undoubtedly, after the period of time we spent looking at each influential role within our groups, and then hearing others report back on what they had learned, we had gained a greater overall understanding of the reason we celebrate Advent in the first place.

After a short break for lunch, we returned to the hall, and held a Q&A session with Father King. By the end we had learned that he doesn’t regret not being married, most of the time- as he would only get nagged, his opinions on some of the Church’s more controversial issues, his reasons for becoming a priest, and that he would rather have dinner with Judas than Pontius Pilate. Although reluctant to finish up, our final activity merited a return to the Chapel, where we had a healing service; each pupil was blessed and anointed with ashes. Walking away, smelling slightly of mint and lemon from the ashes, there was a feeling of rejuvenation from Father King’s motivational, inspirational speeches.

Maybe it was because of the knowledge that it would be our last retreat as part of Our Lady’s, but I’m certain all of us left changed.

St Andrew’s non- uniform day


Our Lady’s High School are holding a tartan day for all pupils and staff on the 28th of November. Pupils only have to pay £1 and all the money raised on the day will go to St Andrew’s Hospice. The money will be be raised by face painting, selling tartan bows and a bake sale. I hope it will be a great success! I also hope that the whole school will have a great time.

Our Fabulous School Library.

By: Kasia K.

Our School library has lots of books, for all age groups. It has a junior section,  teen section and senior section. Anyone is welcome during lunchtime but not on Fridays. Ever since I came to High School, the only place I’ve been sitting in is the library. The books are amazing and I find myself reading them quickly. I thought to myself that I’d share my passion in books by telling people about the book, but not spoil it at the same time. I tried making some of my friends come to the library, yet some of them think it’s boring, but I think it’s amazing! Books tell so much, information, real story or even a made up story. I love reading books about adventures, horror books or really anything that catches my eye. When I was a bit younger I LOVED Jacqueline Wilson and I have all her books. Growing up, her books had gone a little bit to the side for me and I found my new taste in Zombie, Horror or adventure books. (Mixed in with some romance)

Our school library, and the librarian have inspired me to start my own book, and do adventures. Sometimes my imagination takes me away, and I find myself making up my own story and scenarios in my head, I even sometimes go home and write it down & draw some pictures. My dream is to become an author at a young age, not because I’m going to get paid, but because I want to share my imagination with young children and people older than me.

Books are amazing and we should all notice how much they tell, either it is by pictures, or by words.

I hope I have encouraged you to read more books, books are healthy!

Christmas Parcel

By: Amy M

Our Lady’s High is doing a competition for the house who brings in the most bags of food, get a free afternoon of their timetable, on the 22nd of December. The whole point of this, is to give the food and gifts to the homeless. This includes tined food, such as soup, noodles, pasta, rice, carton deserts, selection boxs, chirstmas gifts and any other non perishable items. All of the items/bags have to be in for the 19th of December. You will also need to check the expiry date. I hope that this will be a great success.

Saint Andrew’s Tartan Day!

By: Laura M.

Our Lady’s High School is having a Saint Andrew’s theme day. This year, there will be cakes, tartan bows, face painting, tattoos and a gift shop where you are able to buy tartan themed items. This event will take place on the 29th of November. As a result of the theme, pupils will be encouraged to wear their casual clothes (No Football Colours!) and at least one tartan or Scottish themed item, preferably clothing. The items in the gift shop will be five pounds or under, we hope you enjoy this event!

St Andrew’s Hospice Business Partnership

Report by Aaron Hawthorne

A new agreement was signed by Mrs Sinclair and pupils from Our Lady’s High School on Monday 10th November between Lucy Mitchell (Schools Liaison Officer for St Andrew’s Hospice) and the school for a new business partnership. Caramel shortcake and tea was enjoyed by all.

This is a great step forward in the school’s active relationship with St Andrew’s Hospice and will further develop fundraising and commitment to the hospice, kicking things off with a special musical concert for the residents of St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie by the school’s Caritas Choir.


Steve Cole visits Our Lady’s!

Report By: Kasia K

Last Friday, on the 14th of November, Steve Cole came to our school to talk about his new book, “Shoot to Kill“, which is a book based on the adventures of James Bond.

The wait was long because his taxi was a bit late and I sat there thinking to myself who this person was and what he was going to do. Finally he arrived, he was a fairly tall man, he wore jeans and a black top, he had a backpack too. When he jumped on the stage, he introduced himself as Steve Cole. He said that his book was based on the adventures of James Bond, as he wanted to continue the books, as the actual author who made up James Bond passed away.

I must admit, I was a bit bored at the beginning, but once he took out the Nerf guns, my eyes got wide and I had this weird, yet interesting smile on my face. He asked who wanted to play a game, my hand shot right up. I made these ”me, me!” noises that a Primary 1 would do when they want someone to choose them for something. Sadly, he did not choose me. But watching people fail, and hit different objects was funny. The end was coming and I was still wanting more.

I was super excited that the actual author of a book was here, in my school..standing on the stage that I was soon to stand on. Our librarian also said “Whoever asks the best question, gets a poster signed!” I thought of many questions but me being me, I asked the question “What inspires you?” and I didn’t get the signed poster.

During Tutor I looked him up and his blog. He has a blog where he posts everything he does, for example for Halloween he wished his blog-readers a Happy Halloween. I commented on some posts asking some questions that I really was looking for an answer to. Finally I shut of the computer, and went for break.