Autism Awareness Week, 27th March-2nd April

As part of Autism Awareness Week for schools, we are holding a joint karaoke with pupils from Bothwellpark HS.  If you would be interested in taking part in this, please speak to Mrs Maguire in the ASN base before the end of the week.

You will be paired with a pupil from Bothwellpark and given the opportunity to work together on your song.

The karaoke will take place during Autism Awareness Week which runs from 27th March – 2nd April.


Bothwellpark HS Art Project with OLHS

Report from Ms Steinert

The Art Department of OLHS and Bothwellpark High School have been working on a joint project to decorate the games hall for their end of term assembly in June. The assembly is centred on the theme of friendship, so we decided to use the movie Toy Story and to create large scale murals of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie.

The pupils from Bothwellpark come to the Art Department and have so far helped to paint the images very successfully alongside a group of four S2 pupils from OLHS. The final session will involve adding some 3D collage elements onto the murals which will make them very colourful and a fun resource to hang at the assembly.


Our Lenten Charities fund-raising campaign continued last week. Soak the 6th Year proved especially popular, as did our Non-uniform Day on 2nd April. Pupils are continuing to post money into the SCIAF boxes on a daily basis.

Bothwellpark High School also invited OLHS staff and pupils to participate in their fund-raising for World Autism Day, with Cake and Candy and the opportunity to name a fish!

Learning out of this world: part 2

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Report by Mr Hawthorne

Last week, second years took part in a space themed week.

On Friday, the pupils had two periods to build the perfect water rocket in their groups. Every group were given $1,000,000 to make their rocket ( it was pretend money by the way!) And different items cost different prices, which simulated the costs that NASA would have to use in order to make one of their rockets. The prices were very steep though, and they sure were strict! Just to ask a question cost $200,000! From that you could take a rough guess at how much a bottle was worth!

In Period 4, we were shown a DVD containing all the information that we would need. The DVD was very professional and contained our very own Tom Cruise, Mr Law! Other stars included Mr Moir and Mr Johnstone, two of the Science Technicians. (The DVD would have been nothing without the guinea pigs known as Mr Law’s S3’s Physics class!)

Anyway, we were given tips on how to build a water rocket, and also found out that our rockets had to be ready to launch by the end of 5th Period, less than two periods away!

All the groups did extremely well and the moment of truth came when the sixth period bell rang. Was our hard work worth it? Were our rockets good enough to go whizzing through the air? Was Mr Law going to stay dry? We were about to find out.

We all took our rockets, as well as our teachers, and headed down to the Large Football Field behind Bothwellpark High School. Now would also be a good time to tell you that Bothwellpark had also created a fantastic rocket. Just a shame Mr McKendrick’s pump was broken!

Anyway, Mr Law’s pump was working fine and rockets were flying all over the place! Just a shame for Mr Law who got drenched with water! Some rockets lifted about a centimetre off of the ground, whereas some flew right in to the neigbouring gardens!

Sadly, not everyone got to launch their rockets but they have been promised that another date will be made so that everyone has a chance to launch.

Please note, no Physics teachers were hurt during the duration of Space Week, except for Mr Law who suffered bravely from being hit with scrunched up paper. He may never trust pupils with paper again. Other than this, no-one was hurt and Space Week was a huge success.

Mr Law is a highly trained water rocket launcher. Please do not attempt to soak yourself in water via the method of water rocket.

Bothwellpark Visits

Our Lady’s and Bothwellpark High School share the campus on Dalzell Drive, with Bothwellpark catering for pupils with Additional Support Needs.

Several OLHS pupils from Upper School already help out there and now Bothwellpark has generously offered all OLHS pupils the chance to come along and visit their part of the building, to have a look around and see what goes on.

A massive thank you to the staff and pupils of Bothwellpark, especially Depute Head Teacher, Mr Brian Gilmour for all of his work on this liaison programme.


Race Night

Report by Mrs Sinclair

The PTA, along with Bothwellpark High, organised a very successful race night on Friday 29th October in St Bernadette’s Church hall. About 120 parents and friends of both schools enjoyed a great event and raised almost £3000 which will be shared between the schools.

Mr Brian Gilmour, Bothwellpark’s Depute Head, did a great deal of the planning along with OLHS PTA. Each race was sponsored and horses and jockeys sold in advance of the night and there were a large number of donations from parents and friends for the raffle.

Both schools would like to thank all those who donated or came along to raise such a marvellous sum of money.

Russian surprise

One 1st year Social Subjects class had a surprise visit from some Russian musicians last week. Bothwellpark High School had arranged for the troupe to come along and invited 1N4 to join them when they discovered 1st year were studying the link between the Vikings and Russia.