Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

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Our Lady’s have been selected as one of the judging panels for the Young People’s  Book Prize.

Our Lady’s has been awarded a free set of the shortlisted books which have now been pored over by pupils from different departments, checking them from the perspectives of design, marketing and information books. Groups reviewed every book and calculated an average score for each title. This involved a great deal of discussion and analysis as pupils discovered the value of not judging a book by its cover.

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As our analysis continued, we also discovered the value of this process for explaining careers connected tot he publishing and creative industries, demonstrating the large numbers involved in getting a book from idea to bookshelf.

Our volunteer judging panel will now check over the books in much more detail, preparing questions for authors and illustrators and creating our final submissions. If you would like further information or to volunteer for the judging panel please see Mrs Macfadyen in the Library.



Science: Fiction: Make: Believe

Recently the school entered a Scotland-wide creative writing competition for S2 pupils, organised by St Andrew’s University, called Science: Fiction: Make: Believe. Pupils were to write a 750 word creative piece about any Scottish scientist, alive or dead, or the impact of their discoveries or inventions. Through the collaboration of the English Department, Science Department and Library Resource Centre, all of our S2 pupils participatedwith staff selecting the work of Morgan Mackie (Alexander Fleming) and Andrew Ross (Dr Knox) as the two entries from Our Lady’s High School.

The judges have awarded Certificates of Commendation to both Morgan and Andrew, and they are invited to attend the award ceremony on the 4th March, at St. Andrews University School of Physics & Astronomy. A representative from the Royal Society of Edinburgh will present the prizes before an audience of pupils and their families who are warmly invited to the all-day event.

Well done, Andrew and Morgan! You can read their essays on our school website shortly.

El Dia de los Muertos

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Our Lady’s celebrated 1st November in two very different ways this year. In the morning, the school celebrated mass for All Saints Day. In the afternoon, all S2 pupils marked the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead, arranged jointly by staff from Art, the Library, Modern Languages and Religious Education.

Day of the Dead is a happy occasion when people remember those they have lost, almost like a big family party, so pupils brought in pictures and mementos of people that they had lost and would like to honour, whether family members, friends, or someone special to them. These were placed on the special ofrenda, or altar, which was decorated with bright, cheerfully decorated crosses and colourful clay skulls created by the pupils themselves.

The afternoon started with prayers in Spanish, then pupils got started decorating cakes with sweets and more skulls, using fondant icing this time. As the symbol of death in Mexico is a skeleton wearing fancy clothes (named Catrina), the next task was to decorate a hat for her, using scraps of material and found objects. The last activity of the afternoon was a quiz focusing on Day of the Dead ceremonies and our own Hallowe’en customs. The festivities ended with prizes being awarded to teams who created the best hats and the best collection of cakes.

Many thanks to all of the departments involved, to the pupils for their enthusiasm, to the 6th year Caritas pupils for supporting the 2nd years, to Mrs Sinclair, Mr Krawczyk and Mrs Zambonini for judging, to the Home Economics staff for the emergency icing and to all the staff who came along to help out.

Special thanks to the lunatics who planned it all out: Mr Pegard, Ms Steinert, Mr Shields, Miss McGinness and Mrs Macfadyen.

This way for food!

Report by Mr Pegard

Over the last couple of weeks, S2 pupils experienced a little bit of the continental lifestyle in OLHS.

On the first week, half of the students cooked a French brunch consisting of ‘croque-monsieurs’ and a hot chocolate whilst the rest were learning how to follow directions in French. These pupils were then given directions in French to follow in order to find their way to the ‘restaurant’ where the treat was waiting for them.

Two  weeks later, it was the Spanish pupils’ turn to enjoy their treat. They got to learn directions in Spanish whilst the rest of the S2 pupils prepared a non-alcoholic ‘Tinto de Verano’ and some Spanish cakes. The Spanish pupils then had to orientate themselves in the school following instructions in Spanish in order to find the ‘cantina’ where they got to enjoy their treat!

All pupils enjoyed the activity very much, and they all commented that they wished they got to do more activities like this!

Thanks to the Lifestyle Development and Modern Languages staff for all their hard work.