Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

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Our Lady’s have been selected as one of the judging panels for the Young People’s  Book Prize.

Our Lady’s has been awarded a free set of the shortlisted books which have now been pored over by pupils from different departments, checking them from the perspectives of design, marketing and information books. Groups reviewed every book and calculated an average score for each title. This involved a great deal of discussion and analysis as pupils discovered the value of not judging a book by its cover.

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As our analysis continued, we also discovered the value of this process for explaining careers connected tot he publishing and creative industries, demonstrating the large numbers involved in getting a book from idea to bookshelf.

Our volunteer judging panel will now check over the books in much more detail, preparing questions for authors and illustrators and creating our final submissions. If you would like further information or to volunteer for the judging panel please see Mrs Macfadyen in the Library.


SQA exams

The following SQA exams are being held this week. The complete list is available from the SQA website.

Monday 9th – Standard Grade Biology & Standard Grade Music.

Tuesday 10th – Standard Grade Modern Studies.

Wednesday 11th May – Standard Grade French.

Thursday 12th May – Standard Grade Administration & Standard Grade Technological Studies

Friday 13th May  – Higher, Int I, Int II, Advanced Higher English.

Scottish Youth Parliament Election

Every pupil in Our Lady’s had the opportunity to take part in the Scottish Youth Parliament Elections over the last couple of  weeks. While neither of our candidates was successful, they agreed that it was an extremely enjoyable experience that taught them a lot.

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Over 12,000 votes were cast in North Lanarkshire with almost 1,000 just from pupils at Our Lady’s, which gives us one of the highest turnouts in the authority. Each pupil could vote for two candidates.

Many thanks to all of the staff across the school who helped make the election successful, including the Partnership Officers and all the staff who provided the opportunity for pupils to come along and vote in the LRC and the ICT Department. And a very grateful thanks to all of the 6th year pupils who guideded classes and helped with the voting process.


Pupils are working hard to complete their folios which will be sent off to the Scottish Qualifications Authority as part of the external assessment process for Standard Grades.

Folios reflect the work pupils have completed over the two years of the Standard Grade course, and so contain different materials according to department. In ICT, for example, folios include at least two programming tasks, two non-programming tasks (such as database and spreadsheet work) and a project, whereas English folios contain discursive essays, imaginative essays and at least three literary analyses of drama, prose, poetry or media studies.

Parental support during this stressful period is very helpful in ensuring the work is completed in good time. All folios should be complete by the beginning of March to allow staff to complete the necessary administration before posting away to the SQA.

And more staff news – Mrs Osei-Oppong

Interview by Andrew Harding, Neil Gaittens, Caitlin Campbell and Frank Mukendi

How long have you been at the school for?Farewell to MRs Osei-Oppong
4 years

What are you going to do after you leave?
I am still going to teach

What has been your best experience at Our Lady’s High School?
Working in a different subject with different pupils.

When was your most embarrassing moment and what happened?
At “It’s A Knock Out” I fell in a puddle of soapy water and got soap all over my face then I got my picture taken.

Who was your favourite person to work with?
Mr Love

Who or what will you miss?
The staff.

What did you think of the pupils?
I thought they were fantastic.

Would you come back if you had the chance?
Absolutely yes.

Thanks to Mrs Osei-Oppong.