Keith Cook and Sky Academy

Commonwealth medal winner, Keith Cook, has been working with pupils in our S1 Nurture Group to provide some fencing training and team-building activities.

The Sky Sports ‘Living for Sport’ programme aimed at developing ‘Mental Toughness, Hunger to achieve, People skills, Breaking barriers, Sport and life knowledge, and Planning for success.

This morning, the group moved rapidly from basic movements through balance, parrying and scoring.

Thank you to Mr McGurk for organising Keith’s visit.

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Giant Heptathlon 2017

The North Lanarkshire’s Schools Giant Heptathlon held on the 7th January 2017 was a great success for both our 1st and 2nd year teams.  The competition was held at Ravenscraig Sports Centre and was fiercely fought between ten North Lanarkshire schools.

Events included

  • the 1 minute step up challenge
  • standing long jump
  • triple jump
  • shot put
  • endurance run
  • 60m sprint
  • 60m hurdles
  • team relay to end the day.

Both teams showed great teamwork and should be very proud of themselves.  Special mention to Keir McGarry who jumped the furthest out of all competitors in the standing long jump with a jump of over 6 metres and the S2 boys relay team who came first in their group.

A big thank you to Rachel Donnelly and Lucy McQuaid who helped with the organisation of the day.

Our S2 team came second overall – very well done indeed to everyone!

1st Year team: Aidan Hastie, Amanda Quin, Kamil Balinski, Diana Feenan, Justin Kizube, Keir Harrison, Sarah McDonald, Amy Elkin, Megan Kelvin, Maria McGhee, Divine Ofosuhene, Jude McCarthy, Liam McQuaid, Cavan Ryan, Laura Findlay and Anton Scott.

2nd Year team: Josh Barr, Niall Burke, Heather McMahon, Eva Winton, Ania Gorkowska, Joey Leach, Keir McGarry, Mark Fitzpatrick, Lucy Thompson, Alicja Balanda, Joe Chambers, Henry Kyanda, Ethan Law and Casey Paterson

NL County Sports 2016 Results

Congratulations to our whole County Sports team who participated in the event on Wednesday 8th June.

Adam Boyle – Open Javelin – Gold
Rachel Donnelly – S2 1500m – Silver
Adam Fallon – Open Discus – Gold
Megan Grew – S3 1500m – Silver
Adam Lynch – S3 100m – Bronze
Keir McGarry – S1 High Jump – Silver
Lucy McQuaid – S3 800m – Bronze
Ciara Scullion – S2 High Jump – Silver
Miriam Szwiec – S3 Javelin – Bronze
Caitlin Thomson – S2 200m – Silver
Liam Thomson – S1 Long Jump – Bronze
Shannon Waldron – S3 Shot Putt – Gold, S3 80m Hurdles – Silver

County Sports Team
Aleksandra Bednarek, Adam Boyle, Connor Butters, Joe Chambers, Lia Chambers, Kieran Cubis, Paul Devlin, Rachel Donnelly, Erin Doyle, Adam Fallon, Grace Fallon, Maja Fereniec, Ania Gorzkowska, Megan Grew, Eammon Higgins, Alicia Jackson, Kayleigh Kane, Henry Kyanda, Joey Leach, James Low, Adam Lynch, Igor Maciag, Keir McGarry, Lucy McQuaid, Josh Miller, Daniel Monka, Gunther Ofori, Paul Murphy, Casey Paterson, Ciara Scullion, Miriam Szwiec, Patryk Szymanski, Caitlin Thomson, Liam Thomson, Shannon Waldron, Niah Welsh, Scott Wilson, Ronan Winton, Wiktor Witkowski.

School Sports 2016: 3rd year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Amy Dunne
Bronze – Lia Chambers

100m boys
Gold – Adam Lynch
Silver – Eammon Higgins
Bronze – Scott Wilson

400m girls
Gold – Lucy McQuaid
Silver – Hayley Graham
Bronze – Alexandra Healey

400m boys
Gold – Adam Lynch
Silver – Michael Costello
Bronze – Eric Katat

800m girls
Gold – Megan Grew
Silver – Alicia Jackson
Bronze – Jacklyn Gray

800m boys
Gold – Ronan Winton
Silver – Greg McCluskey
Bronze – Mateusz Czymerman

Javelin girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Robyn Leach
Bronze – Michaela Bennett

Javelin boys
Gold – Nathan Todd
Silver – Adrian Monka
Bronze – Greg McCluskey

Shot Putt girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Jacklyn Gray
Bronze –  Erin Queen

Shot Putt boys
Gold – Gunther Ofori
Silver – Connor Lynch
Bronze – Rabbi Safro

Long Jump girls
Gold – Lucy McQuaid
Silver – Amy Dunne
Bronze – Louise Dynes

Long Jump Boys
Gold – Ronan Winton
Silver – Elisee Kizube
Bronze – Sean O’ Neil

High Jump girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Viviana Karpova
Bronze – Lauren McCann

High Jump boys
Gold – Gunther Ofori
Silver – Mark McSorley
Bronze –  Kieran Jenkins

S3 mixed relay
Gold – Sinclair
Silver – Columba
Bronze –  Andrew

Tug of war winner : Columba

School Sports 2016 : 2nd year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Caitlin Thomson
Silver – Maja Fereneic
Bronze – Katie Torrance

100m boys
Gold – Robbie Payne
Silver – Michael Verrechia
Bronze – Max Ofori

400m girls
Gold – Niah Welsh
Silver – Hannah Townsley
Bronze – Kerryn Foy

400m boys
Gold – Paul Devlin
Silver – Nicholas McNally
Bronze – James Low

800m girls
Gold – Rachel Donnelly
Silver – Ciara Scullion
Bronze – N/A

800m boys
Gold – Kieran Etherson
Silver – Ben Lafferty
Bronze –  Dylan Kelvin

Javelin girls
Gold – Hannah Townsley
Silver – Miriam Szwiec
Bronze – Julia Brola

Javelin boys
Gold – James Low
Silver – Mark Kelman
Bronze – Jay Fulton

Shot Putt girls
Gold – Niah Welsh
Silver – Abigail McNally
Bronze – Julia Brola


Shot Putt boys
Gold – Igor Maciag
Silver – Owen Carroll
Bronze – Andrew O’Rourke


Long Jump girls
Gold – Caitlin Thomson
Silver – Erin Doyle
Bronze – Anna Quinn


Long Jump Boys
Gold – David Nugent
Silver – Wiktor Witkowski
Bronze – Przemyslaw Zychski


High Jump girls
Gold – Aleksandra Bednarek
Silver – Julia Brola
Bronze – Eve Millar


High Jump boys
Gold – Connor Mullen
Silver – Ugonna Eriugo
Bronze – Jon Jo O’Hanlon


S2 mixed relay      
Gold – Columba
Silver – Margaret
Bronze – Andrew

Tug of war winner: Margaret

School Sports 2016 : 1st year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Elle Leel
Silver – Kayleigh Kane
Bronze – Caris Hunter

100m boys
Gold – Keir McGarry
Silver – Callum O’Hara
Bronze – Joe Chambers

400m girls
Gold – Eva Winton
Silver – Emily McFarlane
Bronze – Maria McClenaghan

400m boys
Gold – Favour Azeez
Silver – Mark Fitzpatrick
Bronze – Adam Stevenson

800m girls
Gold – Casey Paterson
Silver – Sophie Galloway
Bronze – Eva Winton


800m boys
Gold – Josh Miller
Silver – Niall Burke
Bronze – Henry Kyanda


Javelin girls
Gold – Caris Hunter
Silver – Joey Leach
Bronze – Alicja Balanda


Javelin boys
Gold – Olek Kyc
Silver – Benny Safro
Bronze – Brendan Tierney


Shot Putt girls
Gold – Megan Owens
Silver – Steissy Lanneorg
Bronze – Eilis McNally


Shot Putt boys
Gold – Liam Thomson
Silver – NikodemSzlagor
Bronze – Ethan Law


Long Jump girls
Gold – Joey Leach
Silver – Eva Winton
Bronze – Wiktoria Gorska

Long Jump Boys
Gold – Liam Thomson
Silver – Nathan Walker
Bronze – Sean Smith

High Jump girls
Gold – Alicjia Balanda
Silver – Erin McCann
Bronze – Alisha Kearney


High Jump boys
Gold – Keir McGarry
Silver – Niall Burke
Bronze – Dominic Leary


S1 mixed relay – TBC

Tug of war winner – Margaret

School Sports 2016 Results

The Lifestyle Development Faculty held the School Sports Day on 26th May. Congratulations to winners, Columba!

The results were as follows.


S1 : 96 points
S2 : 137 points
S3 : 86 points
TOTAL:  319 points


S1 : 51 points
S2 :  87 points
S3 : 135 points
TOTAL : 273 points


S1 : 68 points
S2 : 69 points
S3 : 57 points
TOTAL: 194 points


S1 : 53 points
S2 : 99 points
S3 : 9 points
TOTAL: 161 points

Detailed individual results for 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year follow.

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North Lanarkshire County Sports 2016

Good luck to our team competing at the North Lanarkshire County Sports on Thursday 2nd June.

Ania Gorzkowska, Joey Leach, Casey Paterson, Kayleigh Kane, Erin Doyle, Caitlin Thomson, Niah Welsh, Rachel Donnelly, Maja Fereniec, Aleksandra Bednarek, Grace Fallon, Shannon Waldron, Henry Kyanda, Keir McGarry, Josh Miller, Flyn Mimnaugh
Joe Chambers, Daniel Monka, Igor Maciag, Wiktor Witkowski, Adam Lynch, Ronan Winton, Lucy McQuaid, Alicia Jackson, Lia Chambers, Paul Murphy, Eammon Higgins, Scott Wilson, Ciara Scullion, Megan Grew

Titanic Project Week 1

Our Titanic Project pupils spent a week investigating facts about the ship and ship-building. They worked with storyteller, Allison Galbraith, to learn what makes a decent story, and visited the Titan Crane at Clydebank and the Denny Tank at Dumbarton, part of the Scottish Maritime Museum. The Science Department demonstrated buoyancy and helped pupils investigate floating (see below) and then pupils built a copy of the Titanic with Social Subjects.

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From Mr Law

The Science Department asked pupils to design a ship so that it wouldn’t sink.

The Groups did very well.  There were some excellent designs and some nervous and excited participants during the second phase of the challenge when designers add mass to the boats to see when they sink.

Results :

  • Johann & Harry: 1,200g
  • Nicole & Natalie: 2,000g
  • Gary & Dean: 2,000g
  • Zac, Shannon & Sammi:  2,800g

Forfeit for the others is that they have to refer to the winners as Captain for the rest of the day.

Cake craft 2016

Report from Mrs Stemplis

The Practical Cake Craft class covers all about cake baking and the more creative side of cake finishing.  Pupils learn the skills of crimping, embossing, modelling, piping, stenciling, texturing and using commercial cutters.  For their final exam they put together all their new skills to produce a cake fit for a special occasion of their choice.

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Fashion at Kelvingrove

Report from Ms Steinert


The S3 Fashion and Textile class in Home Economics and the S5/6 Higher Art and Design pupils went to see the Century of Style Exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery on Thursday December 3rd.

The girls got the chance to have a museum guided tour around the exhibition which features 19th century garments made in Glasgow. The exhibit is organised into themes based on coloured fabric and type of garment like military or mourning outfits and is well worth a visit.

After the tour the class went to Mandor’s fabrics and bought some materials for their Higher fashion garments. Each pupil received a canvas tote bag from Mandor’s and loved seeing all the types of fabric and patterns available.

Giant Heptathlon 2015

Report by Miss Simpson

A group of S1/2 pupils from OLHS competed in the annual North Lanarkshire Schools Giant Heptathlon at Ravenscraig Sports Centre on Friday 20th of February.

This was a team event and pupils competed against eight other schools in North Lanarkshire in the following events:

  • 60m sprint
  • 60m hurdles
  • beanbag endurance run
  • standing long jump
  • standing triple jump
  • over head throw
  • one minute step-up endurance.

After these seven events the competition was finished with S1/2 boys and girls relay races in which OLHS achieved three first places and a second place in.

All the scores were added together and both the S1 and S2 teams were placed third and received medals and a trophy.

All pupils who participated were absolutely fantastic!  Not only did they demonstrate a high skill level but they showed a tremendous team spirit and did OLHS proud!  Well done!!

The first year team were placed first overall with 126 points.  They won the 60m hurdles and the triple jump and came second in the 60m sprint, shot putt and step up challenge.

The second year team was not placed but competed very well and achieved 62 points.


The following pupils particiapted in this event:

S1 Team:  Daniel Collins, Paul Devlin, Rachel Donnelly, Erin Doyle, Amy Dunne, Ugonna Eruigo, Maja Fereniec, James Low, Daniel MacLeod, Evan Murphy, Jon Joseph O’Hanlon, Robbie Payne, Ciara Scullion, Caitlin Thomson, Katie Torrance , Hannah Townsley, Niah Welsh

S2 Team: Tommy Brierton, Mateusz Cymerman, Morgan Deakin, Megan Grew, Eammon Higgins, Alicia Jackson, Eric Katati, Robyn Leach, Adam Lynch, Lauren McCann, Lucy McQuaid, Adrian Monka, Shannon Waldron, Ronan Winton

Giant Heptathlon 2015

Report from Miss Simpson

The North Lanarkshire Giant Heptathlon will be held on Friday 20th of February at Ravenscraig sports centre. It is a team indoor athletics event where schools from across North Lanarkshire compete against each other.

Both teams from OLHS were very successful last year and the S1 team are the reigning champions!!

If any pupil from S1/2 would like to be considered for a place in this year’s team give your name to Miss Simpson (PE).

2014 Senior Citizens’ Party

Report by Rachel Clinton

On Tuesday the 16th of December we held our annual Senior Citizens’ Party. We have been hosting the event for the past six years and as usual yesterday was a great success. The event was held in the school theatre and we had a very large turnout as expected.

Various departments throughout the school participated in organising and providing entertainment for the party:

Mrs Zambonini’s Personal Development and Enterprise and Employability classes have been working hard for weeks in preparation for the event, from sending out invitations to making origami water lily napkins. (My new party trick, impressive I know) The Home Economics department were cooking up a storm as usual preparing delicious treats such as cupcakes, shortbread, mini quiche and sausage rolls.

The entertainment itself was hosted by our very own dynamic duo Aaron Hawthorne and Scott Price who added some holiday humour to the event, even with their terrible Christmas puns, not pointing the finger at anyone in particular. *COUGH Scott COUGH*

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The afternoon began with one of our first year pupils, Anna Quinn, who done a very enthusiastic reading of “The Night Before Christmas”, which really set the mood for the rest of the party. Next up we had three more talented first year girls Erin Doyle, Morgan Brown and Katie Cadenhead dancing to Olly Murs’ latest hit “Wrapped Up”, oh how I wish I had their coordination and balance. *sighs*

Their routine was then followed by a slightly different style of dancing- of the Irish variety. Keryn Shearer (S5) and Katie Ann Hunter (S6) wowed us with their spectacular moves. Scott was right again, I was exhausted (and dizzy) just watching!

During our intermission we had a raffle, with a variety of different prizes to be won such as (a lot of) wine, chocolates, pampering gifts, homeware and even some shiny new cufflinks.

There was also a hilarious mini-pantomime performed by some of our sixth year drama students- the “true” story of Snow White, with a Scottish twist. It starred Lisa O’Rourke, Darcy Hendry, Aaron Hawthorne, Louise Bradshaw and Monica Kane.

We then had a rendition of “Santa Baby” by Jill McMurray with Jordan Mooney and Callum Wilson on bass and acoustic guitar.

Last but not least, we had a performance of “Christmas Lullaby” by our CARITAS choir, “Nuns and Moses”, joined by a few eager fifth years.

After that, it was time to party. We were midway through some conventional Christmas carolling when a special guest arrived- the bearded man himself, aka Dominic Cherrie, bearing gift bags for all. Needless to say the ladies were charmed, however we can confirm there was no mistletoe involved. To wrap up our fabulous afternoon we all joined in for a very long rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” which, ironically seemed to go on for twelve days.

All in all the afternoon was a roaring success and all the hard work and preparation certainly paid off, everyone seemed to have a festively fabulous time and we can’t wait to invite everyone back next year. As our favourite elf once said: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Football results

Report from Mrs McNeish

The first football results of the year areas follows:

  • Under 18 drew with Taylor High 3:3
  • Under 13 beat Taylor 4-2

We a re also delighted to announce that Luke Dickson and Aidan Burke have successfully made it into the Lanarkshire squad for under 15….fantastic achievement when you think of the amount of boys who tried out for this!

Commonwealth Challenge Netball Finals

Report from Miss Simpson

The S1/2 girls’ netball team competed in the North Lanarkshire Commonwealth Challenge finals on Monday 19th May at Broadwood Sports Centre.  To get to the finals the team were the champions of the Motherwell and Wishaw region.

The teams competing in the finals were Our Lady’s High, Bellshill Academy, St. Maurice’s, St. Margaret’s and Greenfaulds with St. Margaret’s being crowned the overall champions.  The standard was very high and the team had some closely fought matches thanks to some great team passing and goals from Rebecca Mcquaid, Emma Torrance and Emma Dolan.

All players were fantastic, showed amazing team spirit and did Our Lady’s High proud.  Well done girls!!

2015_0519_netballTeam:  Rebecca McQuaid, Emma Torrance, Emma Dolan, Lucy McQuaid, Shannon Waldron, Megan Grew, Morgan Deakin. Amy Dunne

Primary activity evening

lifestyleAll Primary 7 pupils are invited to bring along parents and carers to an activity evening on Monday 28th April from 7pm – 8.30pm.

The focus of the evening is fun, with lots of team activities run by Lifestyle Development Faculty staff. Trainers are essential and changing facilities will be available if required.

Full details are available in the letter sent home with pupils. Alternatively, click on the image to see full size.