Champions League 2017

Report from Mrs McNeish

OLHS annual Champions league competition took place at Firpark Astro on Friday 19th May. 8 teams, comprising of pupils from S1-S3 plus a staff member contested the trophy.

As usual, the standard of play was fantastic and all games were played in good spirit. Before the final, our staff took on a group of S3 boys for a game, a brilliant watch with the pupils winning 1 nil.

The overall winners, Juventus, were presented with the trophy by Mrs Sinclair. The squad consisted of Gabriel Markula, Jay Fulton, Ryan Bourke, Liam McQuaid, Patrick Pender, Robbie Payne, Ryan Murphy, Liam Duffy, Josh Barr, Liam Cogan and Mr Macmaster. Well done to all involved, a great day!

Sports Day, 24th May 2017

Next Wednesday 24th May is Sports Day.

It will be a non-uniform day.  However, pupils who are taking part in events MUST ensure they are wearing suitable clothing as you will not be able to change.  It will be £1 for non- uniform day and proceeds from the day will be supporting our charity in Malawi.

There will also be stalls with face painting and nail painting.  There will also be a BBQ at lunchtime.  There will be burgers, hot dogs and vegetarian burgers. Juice and water will also be for sale.

OLHS Sports Day

OLHS Sports Day is on Thursday 25th May [edit: this has now been changed to Wednesday 24th may].

Pupils will compete in their house groups in the following events: 100m sprint, 400m, 800m, Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put, Relay and Tug of War.  PE Department staff will be coming round RE classes to sign pupils up for the various events.  We are looking for two boys and two girls from each house group to compete in each of the individual events and the relay and ten pupils from each house group to compete in the tug of war.

All pupils will be involved in sports day in some way.  Last year was a great success so we are looking for the same enthusiasm from everyone.

Cycling Tour Series

The Cycling Tour Series is returning to Motherwell on the 23rd May and are looking for teams of four from local High Schools to come along to get a chance to ride around the official track and participate in a race. Interested S1-3 pupils who are confident cyclists and have their own roadworthy bike should give their name to the PE department as soon as possible.

Handball Tournament

Good luck to all our pupils who are off to the handball tournament at the The Tryst Sports centre in Cumbernauld. We have 2 S1/2 mixed teams and 1 S3 boys team.

Team: Aleksandra Bednarek, Mikolaj Warda, Maja Fereniec, Daniel Zgorski, Emilia Majcherczyk, Dominic Prdzynski, Niall Burke, Daniel Grew, David O’Donnell, Eva Winton, Favour Azeez, Dominic Leary, Christopher Blaney, Nikodem Szlagor, Ryan Masterson, Olivia Latimer, Ethan Law, Adrian Monka, Michael Matuszewski, Muzamal Sabir Shakil, Paul Giwa, Mateusz Cymerman, Greg McCluskey, Ronan Winton, Josh Barr, Przemyslaw Zychski, Daniel Martin

More Champions League

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Champions League Team Members

Bayern Munich: Patrick Pender (GK), Michael Verrecchia, Euan Whitehead, Raymond Ron, Luke Dickson (C), Dean Quinn, Mateusz Cymerman, Michael Caroll, Liam Campbell.

Paris Saint Germain: Chris Wilson (GK), Kieran Etherson, Matthew O’Neil, Conor Boyle (C), Marc Hobson, Michael Docherty, Reece Cathcart, Michael Costello.

Atlético Madrid: James Low (GK), Jon Joe O’Hanlon, Nathan Harbinson, Kenny Barr (C), Marc Crossan, Eryk Gnylewicz, Chris Reid, Connor Lynch, James Murphy, Evan Murphy.

Borussia Dortmund: Daniel Collins (GK), Marcus Groome, Kieran Leary, Ugonna Eriugo, Kian Marshall, Ronan Winton, Stephen Black, Paul Giwa, Chris Comerford (C), Wiktor Witkowski.

Real Madrid: Anthony Campbell (GK), Robbie Payne, Liam Milne, Conor Mullen, Mark McSorley, Eric Katat, Mark O’Rourke (C), Marc Marley, Matthew Robertson, Reagan McAuley.

Inter Milan: Ryan Kane (GK), Daniel MacLeod, Dylan Garmery, Geordan O’Brien, Euan Millar, Tony Weir (C), Adam Lynch, Ben Logue, Joe Lester, David Nugent.

Liverpool: Jamie Lester (GK), Paul Devlin, Nicholas McNally, Ryan Murphy, Shane Divers, Tommy Brierton, Aidan Burke (C), Connor Nisbet, Rhys Clarke.

Arsenal: Johnathan Rolwich (GK), Andrew McMahon, Bryan Boyle, Johnathan Sneddon, Joe McNally (C), Nathan Todd, Sean Cassidy, Paul Bradshaw, Connor Scullion, Michael Forsyth.

AC Milan: Ryan Nisbet (GK), Mark Ross, Aidan Beggs, Declan Sloan (C), Eamon Higgins, Adrian Monka, Liam Tonner, Connor Schuel, Greg McCluskey, Mark Kelman.

Barcelona: Mr McGrath, Mr Weir, Mr McHugh, Mr McLaughlin, Mrs King, Mr Sanza, Mr Macmaster, Miss Simpson (CC), Luisa McDonald, Kara Reid, Mystery Guest.

Giant Heptathlon 2015

Report by Miss Simpson

A group of S1/2 pupils from OLHS competed in the annual North Lanarkshire Schools Giant Heptathlon at Ravenscraig Sports Centre on Friday 20th of February.

This was a team event and pupils competed against eight other schools in North Lanarkshire in the following events:

  • 60m sprint
  • 60m hurdles
  • beanbag endurance run
  • standing long jump
  • standing triple jump
  • over head throw
  • one minute step-up endurance.

After these seven events the competition was finished with S1/2 boys and girls relay races in which OLHS achieved three first places and a second place in.

All the scores were added together and both the S1 and S2 teams were placed third and received medals and a trophy.

All pupils who participated were absolutely fantastic!  Not only did they demonstrate a high skill level but they showed a tremendous team spirit and did OLHS proud!  Well done!!

The first year team were placed first overall with 126 points.  They won the 60m hurdles and the triple jump and came second in the 60m sprint, shot putt and step up challenge.

The second year team was not placed but competed very well and achieved 62 points.


The following pupils particiapted in this event:

S1 Team:  Daniel Collins, Paul Devlin, Rachel Donnelly, Erin Doyle, Amy Dunne, Ugonna Eruigo, Maja Fereniec, James Low, Daniel MacLeod, Evan Murphy, Jon Joseph O’Hanlon, Robbie Payne, Ciara Scullion, Caitlin Thomson, Katie Torrance , Hannah Townsley, Niah Welsh

S2 Team: Tommy Brierton, Mateusz Cymerman, Morgan Deakin, Megan Grew, Eammon Higgins, Alicia Jackson, Eric Katati, Robyn Leach, Adam Lynch, Lauren McCann, Lucy McQuaid, Adrian Monka, Shannon Waldron, Ronan Winton

Giant Heptathlon 2015

Report from Miss Simpson

The North Lanarkshire Giant Heptathlon will be held on Friday 20th of February at Ravenscraig sports centre. It is a team indoor athletics event where schools from across North Lanarkshire compete against each other.

Both teams from OLHS were very successful last year and the S1 team are the reigning champions!!

If any pupil from S1/2 would like to be considered for a place in this year’s team give your name to Miss Simpson (PE).

Football results

Report from Mrs McNeish

The first football results of the year areas follows:

  • Under 18 drew with Taylor High 3:3
  • Under 13 beat Taylor 4-2

We a re also delighted to announce that Luke Dickson and Aidan Burke have successfully made it into the Lanarkshire squad for under 15….fantastic achievement when you think of the amount of boys who tried out for this!

Commonwealth Challenge Netball Finals

Report from Miss Simpson

The S1/2 girls’ netball team competed in the North Lanarkshire Commonwealth Challenge finals on Monday 19th May at Broadwood Sports Centre.  To get to the finals the team were the champions of the Motherwell and Wishaw region.

The teams competing in the finals were Our Lady’s High, Bellshill Academy, St. Maurice’s, St. Margaret’s and Greenfaulds with St. Margaret’s being crowned the overall champions.  The standard was very high and the team had some closely fought matches thanks to some great team passing and goals from Rebecca Mcquaid, Emma Torrance and Emma Dolan.

All players were fantastic, showed amazing team spirit and did Our Lady’s High proud.  Well done girls!!

2015_0519_netballTeam:  Rebecca McQuaid, Emma Torrance, Emma Dolan, Lucy McQuaid, Shannon Waldron, Megan Grew, Morgan Deakin. Amy Dunne

Giant Heptathlon 2014

2014_0220_0035The annual S1/2 Giant Heptathlon was held on Thursday 20th February at Ravenscraig Sports Centre. A team of 28 first and second year pupils represented Our Lady’s High School to compete in the events: 60m sprint, 60m hurdles, endurance challenge, step up challenge, shot putt, long jump, standing triple jump and 7x 60m relay

2014_0220_0030 2014_0220_0013 2014_0220_0006

1st year

Alicia Jackson, Lauren McCann, Lucy Ann McQuaid, Shannon Waldron, Megan Grew, Morgan Deakin, Lia Chambers, Mateusz Cymerman, Mateusz Biernat, Jamie Duddy, Reece Cathcart, Adam Lynch, Nathan Todd, Ronan Winton

2nd Year

Emma Torrance, Emma Dolan, Rebecca McQuaid, Saoirse Higham
Hannah Duddy, Caitlin Donnelly, Orla McDevitt, Luke Dickson, Aidan Burke, Mark O’Rourke, Kenny Barr, Conor Boyle, Jack Burnett, Jamie Lester

Giant Heptathlon 2014

Report from Ms Simpson

The annual S1/2 Giant Heptathlon will be held on Thursday 20th February at Ravenscraig Sports Centre. Both a first and second year team will be representing Our Lady’s High School. Teams are made up of 14 pupils: 7 boys and 7 girls who all compete in all 7 events plus a relay at the end.

The events are:

  • 60m sprint
  • 60m hurdles
  • endurance challenge
  • step up challenge
  • shot putt
  • long jump
  • standing triple jump
  •  7x 60m relay

Individual scores are combined to get a total team score and the team with the highest score will be crowned the champions.

The teams from Our Lady’s High School have been attending training twice a week at lunch time for the last three weeks to prepare for this event and I am sure they will do Our Lady’s High School proud!  Good luck!

Sports Day!

Report by Mr Hawthorne

On Monday 19th of June, The P.E Department held their annual sports day for 1st to 3rd year.

The day consisted of many activites and many people taking part. Some of the activities included:

  • Running
  • Long Jump
  • Discus
  • Javelin
  • Shot put
  • Hurdles

All the pupils did extremely well and there were hardly any injuries apart from a photographer or two, but it was a great success and pupils achieved well!

Click here for S1 and S2 results

Farewell, Mr Knighton

Interviewed by Ms Grier, Ms Connor and Ms Clinton

Three lucky pupils got the chance to interview Mr Knighton, just before he leaves the school to venture out into the big, wide world.  The consequences were hilarious.

Before the interview, Mr Knighton jokingly pretended to walk away from the “press” in true celebrity fashion. Looks like someone is getting a bit too big for his boots, now he’s leaving us!

“Why are you leaving Our Lady’s High?” Caitlin asked first. Mr Knighton replied saying, “I have reached the age when I feels like I have to move on.”

Rachel asked curiously, “How long have you worked here at the school?” He said he has worked here since the opening of the school in 1974. The press members were suprised, one even exclaiming “You don’t look that old!”

After some laughs, Gemma asked him “Have you enjoyed working here at OLHS?” Mr Knighton, with a sad smile on his face, answered, “Of course,” At the shocked expressions he continued, “Really! This is probably the best school in the country. I’m very sad to leave.”

When asked next by Caitlin, what his best memory of Our Lady’s was he replied, “Too many. My best memories are actually of my pupils having success in whatever they choose to do. It makes me feel very proud.”

Gemma then asked if he had always wanted to be a teacher. “No. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut; the first man on the moon! Hahaha, and I had another dream job but I’ll not mention that,” After some persistence from the journalists, he continued, “I really wanted to be a ninja.” How interesting.

“What are your plans after leaving?” Rachel asked, keen to find out. Mr Knighton blabbered on for a little while about the places he’s intending to visit when he leaves. Monte Carlo, Rome and Venice to name a few.

He was then asked what he would miss the most. “Obviously, I’ll miss you three of course,” gesturing towards the pupils interviewing him, “but in all honesty I’ll miss all the pupils and staff.”

Caitlin then asked, ” What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to be a teacher?” In the most serious tone he could muster, “Don’t!”

Rachel asked next, “Who was your favourite person to work with?” Apparently he loved working with all the staff. It is an “endless list”.

Again Rachel asked, “Would you come back if you had the chance?” Mr Knighton laughed and said in a definite voice, “No”.

In the question we all want to know, Gemma asked, “Any last words?” Mr Knighton said scarily, “Get out of my department!”, but he then laughed and said, “I’m joking. Goodbye and good luck!”

We will all miss Mr Knighton, a beloved member of staff and one of the best teachers this school has had. We all wish him luck in his retirement.

Farewell, Mrs McLaughlin!

Why are you leaving Our Lady’s?
I am retiring

How long have you worked here?
Nearly 16 years

Have you enjoyed working here at OLHS?
Yes, very much

Whats your best mempry of Our Lady’s High?
Oh my goodness!, that’s a hard one…watching Mrs Fitzpatrick and Mrs Mullholland in the talent show!

Did you always want to be a teacher?

What are your plans after leaving?
I am going to travel the world as much as possible. I am a bit scared to go to Africa though!

What will you miss the most?
All the people

What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to be a teacher?
Em….have a sense of humour, treat everybody well, sell your subject and psychology rules!

Who was your favourite person to work with?
Girls, I dont have any favourite person to work with I’ve enjoyed it too much!

Would you come back if you had the chance?
Probably not, I think once you go, you have to go.

Any last words?
Our Lady’s High is a great school to teach in! Long live Our Lady’s High!

Grease is the word!

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Report by Mr Dunn and Mr Harding

This year Our Lady’s High School decided to put on a performance of Grease the Musical! Mrs Smith the drama teacher / director was backed up by an enthusiastic strong cast of willing pupils of all ages, and lets not be forgetting the key staff i.e. Mrs Glover – Musical Director, Mrs Mitchell – Musical Director, Mr Cooper – Lead Guitarist, and fellow members of staff who were brought in from all over North Lanarkshire to kindly help within the band.

When we first started rehearsals everything was going smoothly although the cast had a packed schedule full of singing, dancing and acting rehearsals to attend. The cast thankfully took these rehearsals in their stride and everything was looking hopeful. Until a mere 4 weeks before opening night ……  things started to look not so promising, with people not learning lines, cues and dance moves at the speed expected of them.

Thankfully things started to come together 2 weeks before opening night. Dances started to look more fluent, and acting started to look more natural and realistic to the era (1959).  This was helped by the lighting and sound technicians  (who shall NOT be named!!! :@) [but thank you Science people] who added another overall texture to the show making it just that little bit more exciting! Another key feature was of course THE CAR (Greased Lightning itself) which was kindly made by Mr Cavanagh and Mr Nimmo, and decorated by Ms Steinert and her classes, and not forgetting all the help from staff from right across the school for props, costumes, make-up, promotion, publicity, designing tickets, collecting tickets, raffle, tuck shop and all those little extra bits that get the job done [NB the programme will appear here soon with all the details].

Overall the cast and chorus put on a great show which was enjoyed by many [in particular the appearances of certain guest artistes from PE, Maths and English seemed to go down well]. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to making this year’s show such a triumphant success!

Open Evening 2010

Over 200 parents and pupils attended the Open Evening last night, guided around the school by 6th year pupils.

Departments across the school laid out displays of pupil work and the types of resources used in 1st year, with opportunities to play on Smartboards running typical software:

  • Pupils in  Performing Arts and PE provided demonstrations of their skills in music, drama, gymnastics, basketball and badminton.
  • In Home Economics, future pupils had the opportunity to make their own special bookmarks and see round the kitchens.
  • Science staff set up experiments for visitors to take part in
  • Modern Languages provided a short sample lesson
  • The English department provided additional information about the school website and blogs.

Parents also had the chance to pop into the Citizens Cafe for a breather and a cup of tea or coffee.

From P7 > S1

Over two days, primary seven pupils took part in induction events to introduce them to life at OLHS, participating in several tasks, working with their new classmates from all of our associated primaries. From  solving mystery trails around the school to building a working car with K’Nex.

The String Group and Junior Band played a few pieces to demonstrate the exceptional quality and skill of our young musicians.

The Science Faculty ran a quiz on science, film and TV, while in Drama, pupils had to mime visits to scary dentists and scary hairdressers which they had to practise in slow motion, fast forward, and rewind before performing under the stage lights.

On Wednesday, the Lifestyle Development Faculty organised an interhouse sports challenge with senior pupils doing a sterling job as team managers and officials, and the day ended with an outdoor mass lead by School Chaplain, Fr Frank King.


Dry but misty on Tinto Hill.Mr Brogan is making final preparations for taking S1 for a walk up Tinto Hill on Wednesday 26th May to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice.

All 1st year pupils MUST return their consent forms by Tuesday 25th May if they wish to take part.

Click here if you’d like to know more about Tinto  – that way when you pause to catch your breath, you can pretend you’re looking for local landmarks!

Bet you didn’t know that Mrs Zambonini’s Dad (Mr Bryce McRoberts) once almost broke the record for running up Tinto and back? He ran from the road , up the hill and back again in just over half an hour (19 minutes up and 15 minutes down). He also says going up was easier than coming down (!)

Hopefully our first years will take a more sedate pace or the poor staff will be exhausted!