Christmas Fair 2014

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Our wonderful Christmas Fair took place on Saturday 29th November. Pupils in the Personal Development and Enterprise classes were responsible for turning our Zone from a dining room onto a magical festive fair, complete with Santa, bouncy castle and a whole range of fabulous gifts, prizes and good things to eat. Our Lady’s is particularly grateful for donations from families and school supporters.

The event itself ran like clockwork the following day and was busy throughout with staff and pupils grabbing the best bargains in the Zone before settling down for a chat with a cuppa.

Stalls were run by staff, pupils, parents and local businesses and included lucky dip, face painting, nail painting, make-up, raffle, tombola, toy tombola, bouncy castle, Santa’s Grotto, Ready Steady Bake, Christmas Cakes, Gingerbread Houses, Christmas Decorations, sweet stalls, Slush Company, hair accessories, school scarves, and home made cards.

Many thanks to everyone involved including the staff who organised and ran stalls on the day, all of the pupils who set up the Zone, manouvred furniture and sold like hardened sales staff, all of the parents, carers, pupils and friends of Our Lady’s who came along on the day and helped us raise a clear profit of £1020.84.

Pupils involved:

Patrycki Brodaski, Jade Collins, Nicola Dollochin, Courtney Elliot, Ciaran Harvie, Kyla McPherson, Lauri Miller, Agnes Ngolo, Toni Paterson, Scott Paton, Ilona Reynolds, Grant Riddell, Kirpal Singh, Liam Stobie, Barbara Ross, Michael Lewis, Hannah Eadie, Chloe Brown, Rebecca Cairney, Patryck Chentkienlz, Kireel Greer, Cailtin Hoey, Natalie Jadach,
Jon Jo Kane, Danielle Lawley, Ceri Ann McLaren, Gabrielle McPherson, Vicktoria Pulchalska, Keira-Jade Slavin, Amy Swan, Anna Wawrzynczak, Bea Uppal, Nichaela Gibbons, Wiktoria Heba

St Andrew’s Hospice Business Partnership

Report by Aaron Hawthorne

A new agreement was signed by Mrs Sinclair and pupils from Our Lady’s High School on Monday 10th November between Lucy Mitchell (Schools Liaison Officer for St Andrew’s Hospice) and the school for a new business partnership. Caramel shortcake and tea was enjoyed by all.

This is a great step forward in the school’s active relationship with St Andrew’s Hospice and will further develop fundraising and commitment to the hospice, kicking things off with a special musical concert for the residents of St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie by the school’s Caritas Choir.


Banter at Break

Report from Mrs Zambonini

The Personal Development class would like to thank everyone for attending their coffee morning at which they raised £117.

Some of the money has been donated to the charity “Little Princess Trust” – this is a charity who make real hair wigs for young people going through chemotherapy – for which Megan Burns is going to donate her own hair. The rest of their money will be used as working capital for their enterprise activity.

A special thanks also to everyone who donated raffle prizes and to Mrs Evans for donating her lovely home baking!

Pupil evaluation

On Tuesday 9th September the 5th and 6th year Personal Development class held a coffee morning to the staff of Our Lady’s High School to raise money for the Little Princess Trust that makes wigs for girls that can’t grow their own hair. We also raised money for our Enterprise projects.

We not only just held a coffee morning, we baked the cakes, advertised, made and sold tickets so every member of staff knew we were having one.

First of all, we had to decide the date, what food to make, visit Mrs Sinclair to ask if it was ok to have one. Then we had to make and sell tickets to the staff, order the stock, ask for raffle prizes, make the food and then finally hold the coffee morning.

I think the whole thing was a success even though there was a few bowls smashed and arguments we still managed to pull it off in the end. The only thing I wished we done better was talked more on the actual day because everyone was running around hectic and there was a few arguments because someone was where they shouldn’t have been. But after all the hard work we pulled through in the end.

Junior GEL Conference

3rd year pupils, Dearbhla McCabe and Steffanie Liddell, accompanied by Miss McGinty, took part in the WildHearts Junior GEL Conference in RBS Headquarters at Gogarburn, Edinburgh last week.

GEL stands for Global Entrepreneurial Leaders and the conference featured a number of talks from entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the Micro-Tyco school and university champions.

OLHS 3rd year pupils will all participate in Micro-Tyco during November.

Report from Dearbhla McCabe

On 9th September, myself, Steffanie and Miss McGinty attended a GEL event for Micro Tyco.We had to get the train t Edinburgh so it required an early start. We arrived at the event via tram, andwent to the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ.WE were greeted by workers of RBS and shown to our seats.

There we were spoken to by Gavin Armstrong (CEO of Lucky Ivan Fish) and Lilian Lee (CEO of Fourth World Art). Both these business people talked about how their help will improve third world countries.

After a quick break Josh Littlejohn (founder of Social Bite) spoke about starting ad running a business and then there was a Q & A. A few members from Entrepreneuria Spark gave a presentation which included audience interaction. We then had lunch and made our way back to Motherwell.

I enjoyed the day and felt I learned a lot from these business leaders.

Go4SET visit Tata Steel

Report from Mr Law

The Our Lady’s High School engineering Go4SET team visited the Tata Steel facilities in Motherwell in order to better inform themselves of the industrial process.  Our link staff member, Craig Welsh, from the team at Tata, organised a presentation about the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace before further discussions concerning the water usage project our S2 pupils are engaged upon in the Go4SET challenge.

2014_0121_tata2 Soft drinks and snacks helped fuel their intellectual endeavours prior to being kitted out in the appropriate safety equipment necessary for a tour of the factory.  Willie, a colleague of Craigs from the Health and Safety division, helped out as we eperienced the journey of the slabs of metal from initial heating and cutting, all the way through to the heating, rolling and cooling process determining the nature and dimensions of the end product.  Pictures don’t do justice to the reality of the tank heavy red and white hot blocks of metal, the vast amounts of steam generated, or the droplets of superheated water skimming along the flat sizzling rectangles of geometrically adjusted metal.  The control rooms, the safe pathways, the noise and the pleasant and helpful informative staff completely outweighed the potential to fail of some of the enormous electromagnets carrying the slabs of extremely heavy metal.  Although some of the finished product appears visually cooled, from the heat given off as we passed by at a safe distance, superman could easily fry up breakfast for the whole school (were we not healthy eating conscious) and still have enough heat left over in the metal for defrosting and heating up a couple of arctic swimming pools.
2014_0121_tata1Our students asked plenty of appropriate questions and interacted politely and enthusiastically.  They were a credit to the school.  Congratulations to Craig and the staff at Tata for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational visit.

Micro Tyco

Pupils in 3rd year have now completed their four week Micro Tyco entrepreneurship.

Pupils worked in teams during Tutor Time to turn a £1 donation into as much money as possible, all of which is returned to the Wild Hearts Charity.

Amongst a variety of activities, pupils made tea for staff, designed and made bracelets from ring-pulls and ribbons, collected sandwiches, washed cars, held raffles and quizzes, tidied classrooms, made Christmas cards and cakes, sold sweets and organised events. Along the way, they had to advertise their product, encourage people to participate and keep them interested across four weeks.

Their feedback shows that pupils have learned a great deal about how much work is needed in a business, how important pricing is, and how vital it is to have a good idea to begin with.

Christmas Fair 2013

Our successful Christmas Fair took place on Saturday 30th November. We discovered many pupils have a natural talent for haggling and bargaining, encouraging lots of extra wee things into already bulging bags.Thanks to the wonderful collection of donations and pupils’ powers of persuasion over £1600 has been raised so far with funds still coming in.

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We have a huge number of people to thank for helping with this event:

  • thanks to pupils from the Personal Development and Enterprise classes who have worked hard to put the fair together over the last months. On Friday they reorganised our theatre and gyms, created and displayed a host of signs to lead customers to the fair, as well as looking after stalls, and the cafe, and subsequently tidied everything away again.
  • thanks to staff from across the school, who volunteered to help with the gathering of donations, taking care of the stalls, face-painting, nail decoration and the cafe with its lovely Christmassy choir, amongst a host of other activities.
  • thanks to pupils from the Photography Club who documented the morning for posterity, even when people kept moving about!
  • thanks to Cubis Castles, who kindly gave us a special deal on the bouncy castle.
  • thanks to Mrs Lyn Zambonini who coordinated the whole event from the beginning.
  • thanks to the local businesses and organisations who came along to help raise funds or made donations of goods.
  • thanks to our special Santa Claus, who managed to take time out of his schedule to come along.

Most of all, thanks to our pupils and their families who have supported the whole idea, brought a wonderful collection of donations as part of our non-uniform day on 29th November, and came along to support us on the Saturday morning.

Congratulations to Jamie Duddy, Mrs McShannon and Mr Macfadyen, who won the baskets and Christmas cake.

Micro Tyco

Report by Mrs Zambonini

Micro Tyco is a social enterprise project which raises money for Wild Hearts Charity providing small start up loans to entrepreneurs across the world.

All of the OLHS S3 tutor classes are taking part and using this to certificate two SQA units – Self Awareness and Enterprise Activity. The S3 teams are given £1 seed money which they then need to ‘grow’. Last year we had 32 teams so from £32 seed money we managed to send back £550 – we are hoping to beat that this year.

Micro Tyco began for OLHS on Friday 1st November and runs for four weeks. Thanks (in advance) for your support.

For more information about Micro Tyco, please watch the video

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas …

Today was a non-uniform day to coincide with Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children.

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There were plenty of Christmas jumpers, Santa hats, and even the man himself sauntering around, pretending he was busy. Meanwhile, 6th years were decorating our staff common room ready for the Clydeview Christmas Party tomorrow.

And just in case anyone wasn’t feeling Chrismassy enough, our lovely canteen ladies served Christmas dinner 🙂

And in the middle of all that fun, we raised over £500 for Save the Children!

Horrible Histories

Report from Miss Campbell

The members of the Horrible Histories Club organised their very own Coffee Morning for the staff this morning.  The pupils all helped to sell tickets for the Coffee Morning, organise their own raffle and they all did a marvellous job tidying up after the ‘tea party’ was over.

The Horrible Histories Club raised over £130 from the Coffee Morning and this helped to reduce the cost of the trip considerably.  The Horrible Histories members are now looking forward to their trip on Tuesday, where they will visit Edinburgh Dungeons and also take a tour of Edinburgh on the ‘Open Roof’ city sightseeing bus (whlist listening to a Horrible Histories Commentary – hopefully all of  the gory parts will be left in!)

Miss Campbell, Mr Smith and Mrs Evans will accompany the pupils on this trip (and hopefully the teachers won’t be too scared in the dungeons!)

S1 Maths Challenge 2012

Report from Mr Hair

On Thursday 24th May all S1 pupils were split into 24 groups and participated in the 2012 Mathematical Challenge. In the morning they were involved in activities which included, building a tower with straws and tape, estimations, quizzes, catchphrases and trying to get as many pupils through a sheet of A4 paper! The record for the final activity was 30!

In the afternoon the teams ran a relay of maths questions in the Games Hall and to give them a rest they had some other quiet activities. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and can be commended for their enthusiasm, teamwork and behaviour. Two teams tied for first place and after a tiebreak question the challenge was won by Group 9 and the successful pupils were Ross Walker, Livia Robb, Megan Smith and Jack Brady.

Healthy vending

The 6th year Volunteering class are working on a pilot scheme with the British Heart Foundation to promote healthy eating.

Vending machines have been installed in the school, with covers designed by the class featuring fruit and other healthy foods. The pupils are conducting surveys during tutor time to gather requests and suggestions for the foods and drinks that should be included.

The responsibility for restocking the vending machines remains with the Volunteering class, who will run it as a mini-business.

Catalyst Award 2011

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3rd and 4th year pupils from secondary schools across North Lanarkshire attended the Catalyst Book Awards at Our Lady’s High School this week, to see authors, Gillian Cross, Keren David, Cathy MacPhail and Alex Scarrow discuss their shortlisted books.

The Awards were introduced by OLHS Headteacher, Mrs Kathleen Sinclair, and hosted by pupils from Mrs Millar’s 4th year English class. Pupils from other North Lanarkshire schools introduced each author and read short sections from each of the books.

At the interval, pupils could fill in questions, visit the tuck shop and buy copies of the books.

After Alex Scarrow lifted the trophy for his book, Time Riders, pupils wandered over to meet the authors, have their books signed and have photos taken, before being bussed back to their own schools.

Meanwhile in the background, OLHS staff and pupils were ensuring the event ran as smoothly as possible. The Duke of Edinburgh Group organised refreshments for the invited guests, a tuck shop for pupils, assisted with directions, interviewed the audience, took photos, filmed the event and were generally as helpful as it is possible to be.

Mrs Stemplis’ Intermediate Hospitality class was busy preparing a feast of pizza, pasta, soup, sandwiches, cakes and fruit salad for lunch.

Members of the Photography Club took as many photos as the cameras could hold, and the Creative Writers left messages for the authors.

Staff from across Our Lady’s popped in to see if they could help, ran messages, entertained guests and were their usual delightful selves.

An extended list of thanks is available on the OLHS LRC blog.

A full report of the ceremony is available on the Catalyst blog.

Grease is the word!

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Report by Mr Dunn and Mr Harding

This year Our Lady’s High School decided to put on a performance of Grease the Musical! Mrs Smith the drama teacher / director was backed up by an enthusiastic strong cast of willing pupils of all ages, and lets not be forgetting the key staff i.e. Mrs Glover – Musical Director, Mrs Mitchell – Musical Director, Mr Cooper – Lead Guitarist, and fellow members of staff who were brought in from all over North Lanarkshire to kindly help within the band.

When we first started rehearsals everything was going smoothly although the cast had a packed schedule full of singing, dancing and acting rehearsals to attend. The cast thankfully took these rehearsals in their stride and everything was looking hopeful. Until a mere 4 weeks before opening night ……  things started to look not so promising, with people not learning lines, cues and dance moves at the speed expected of them.

Thankfully things started to come together 2 weeks before opening night. Dances started to look more fluent, and acting started to look more natural and realistic to the era (1959).  This was helped by the lighting and sound technicians  (who shall NOT be named!!! :@) [but thank you Science people] who added another overall texture to the show making it just that little bit more exciting! Another key feature was of course THE CAR (Greased Lightning itself) which was kindly made by Mr Cavanagh and Mr Nimmo, and decorated by Ms Steinert and her classes, and not forgetting all the help from staff from right across the school for props, costumes, make-up, promotion, publicity, designing tickets, collecting tickets, raffle, tuck shop and all those little extra bits that get the job done [NB the programme will appear here soon with all the details].

Overall the cast and chorus put on a great show which was enjoyed by many [in particular the appearances of certain guest artistes from PE, Maths and English seemed to go down well]. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to making this year’s show such a triumphant success!

S1 Maths Challenge 2011

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Report from Mr Hair

On Thursday 26th May all S1 pupils were split into 16 groups and participated in the 2011 Mathematical Challenge. In the morning they were involved in activities which included building a tower with straws and tape, estimations, quizzes, catchphrases and trying to get as many pupils as possible through a sheet of A4 paper! The record for the final activity was 16!

In the afternoon the teams ran a relay of maths questions in the Games Hall and to give them a rest they had some other quiet activities. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and can be commended for their enthusiasm, teamwork and behaviour. The challenge was won by Group 16 and the successful pupils were Konner Millar-Brookbanks, Aaron Turnbull, James Mullen, Emily Tougher-Mitchell, Carla Tyrrell, Caitlin Todd and Megan-Elizabeth Green. Congratulations to all.