OLHS Sports Day

OLHS Sports Day is on Thursday 25th May [edit: this has now been changed to Wednesday 24th may].

Pupils will compete in their house groups in the following events: 100m sprint, 400m, 800m, Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin, Shot Put, Relay and Tug of War.  PE Department staff will be coming round RE classes to sign pupils up for the various events.  We are looking for two boys and two girls from each house group to compete in each of the individual events and the relay and ten pupils from each house group to compete in the tug of war.

All pupils will be involved in sports day in some way.  Last year was a great success so we are looking for the same enthusiasm from everyone.

Pupil Support

You may be aware that the Pupil Support Base G48 is out of use at present and is likely to be out of use for the next few weeks while re-wiring is underway.

During this time, Pupil Support staff may be found in their subject areas:-

  • Mrs Connor, (Andrew House), Room 113 (Mathematics)
  • Mr Mcveigh, (Columba House), Music Department
  • Mrs Darroch, (Margaret House), Room 106 (Mathematics)
  • Mr Martin, (Sinclair House), Room 116 (Mathematics)

Inter-house Competition

The S6 Caritas group have organised a series of inter-house events which begin 12th September.  For one week, pupils from each House will battle to gain the title of ‘Winning House’ for the whole year.

The events are as follows:

  • Art re-design house board (S1-S4)
  • Logic Test (S1-S6)
  • Social subjects quiz (S3- S5)
  • Spelling Bee (S1-S6)
  • Modern Languages Treasure Hunt (S1 only)
  • European Bake- off (S6 only)
  • Assault Course (S1-S6)

The winning House from each event will be the one which gains the most points.  However, pupils can also gain points for their House by giving to a charity- nominated by their own House- during R.E.

We look forward to celebrating the many gifts and talents of the pupils at OLHS, whilst raising money for charity, as part of our faith mission.

School Sports 2016: 3rd year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Amy Dunne
Bronze – Lia Chambers

100m boys
Gold – Adam Lynch
Silver – Eammon Higgins
Bronze – Scott Wilson

400m girls
Gold – Lucy McQuaid
Silver – Hayley Graham
Bronze – Alexandra Healey

400m boys
Gold – Adam Lynch
Silver – Michael Costello
Bronze – Eric Katat

800m girls
Gold – Megan Grew
Silver – Alicia Jackson
Bronze – Jacklyn Gray

800m boys
Gold – Ronan Winton
Silver – Greg McCluskey
Bronze – Mateusz Czymerman

Javelin girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Robyn Leach
Bronze – Michaela Bennett

Javelin boys
Gold – Nathan Todd
Silver – Adrian Monka
Bronze – Greg McCluskey

Shot Putt girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Jacklyn Gray
Bronze –  Erin Queen

Shot Putt boys
Gold – Gunther Ofori
Silver – Connor Lynch
Bronze – Rabbi Safro

Long Jump girls
Gold – Lucy McQuaid
Silver – Amy Dunne
Bronze – Louise Dynes

Long Jump Boys
Gold – Ronan Winton
Silver – Elisee Kizube
Bronze – Sean O’ Neil

High Jump girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Viviana Karpova
Bronze – Lauren McCann

High Jump boys
Gold – Gunther Ofori
Silver – Mark McSorley
Bronze –  Kieran Jenkins

S3 mixed relay
Gold – Sinclair
Silver – Columba
Bronze –  Andrew

Tug of war winner : Columba

School Sports 2016 : 2nd year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Caitlin Thomson
Silver – Maja Fereneic
Bronze – Katie Torrance

100m boys
Gold – Robbie Payne
Silver – Michael Verrechia
Bronze – Max Ofori

400m girls
Gold – Niah Welsh
Silver – Hannah Townsley
Bronze – Kerryn Foy

400m boys
Gold – Paul Devlin
Silver – Nicholas McNally
Bronze – James Low

800m girls
Gold – Rachel Donnelly
Silver – Ciara Scullion
Bronze – N/A

800m boys
Gold – Kieran Etherson
Silver – Ben Lafferty
Bronze –  Dylan Kelvin

Javelin girls
Gold – Hannah Townsley
Silver – Miriam Szwiec
Bronze – Julia Brola

Javelin boys
Gold – James Low
Silver – Mark Kelman
Bronze – Jay Fulton

Shot Putt girls
Gold – Niah Welsh
Silver – Abigail McNally
Bronze – Julia Brola


Shot Putt boys
Gold – Igor Maciag
Silver – Owen Carroll
Bronze – Andrew O’Rourke


Long Jump girls
Gold – Caitlin Thomson
Silver – Erin Doyle
Bronze – Anna Quinn


Long Jump Boys
Gold – David Nugent
Silver – Wiktor Witkowski
Bronze – Przemyslaw Zychski


High Jump girls
Gold – Aleksandra Bednarek
Silver – Julia Brola
Bronze – Eve Millar


High Jump boys
Gold – Connor Mullen
Silver – Ugonna Eriugo
Bronze – Jon Jo O’Hanlon


S2 mixed relay      
Gold – Columba
Silver – Margaret
Bronze – Andrew

Tug of war winner: Margaret

School Sports 2016 : 1st year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Elle Leel
Silver – Kayleigh Kane
Bronze – Caris Hunter

100m boys
Gold – Keir McGarry
Silver – Callum O’Hara
Bronze – Joe Chambers

400m girls
Gold – Eva Winton
Silver – Emily McFarlane
Bronze – Maria McClenaghan

400m boys
Gold – Favour Azeez
Silver – Mark Fitzpatrick
Bronze – Adam Stevenson

800m girls
Gold – Casey Paterson
Silver – Sophie Galloway
Bronze – Eva Winton


800m boys
Gold – Josh Miller
Silver – Niall Burke
Bronze – Henry Kyanda


Javelin girls
Gold – Caris Hunter
Silver – Joey Leach
Bronze – Alicja Balanda


Javelin boys
Gold – Olek Kyc
Silver – Benny Safro
Bronze – Brendan Tierney


Shot Putt girls
Gold – Megan Owens
Silver – Steissy Lanneorg
Bronze – Eilis McNally


Shot Putt boys
Gold – Liam Thomson
Silver – NikodemSzlagor
Bronze – Ethan Law


Long Jump girls
Gold – Joey Leach
Silver – Eva Winton
Bronze – Wiktoria Gorska

Long Jump Boys
Gold – Liam Thomson
Silver – Nathan Walker
Bronze – Sean Smith

High Jump girls
Gold – Alicjia Balanda
Silver – Erin McCann
Bronze – Alisha Kearney


High Jump boys
Gold – Keir McGarry
Silver – Niall Burke
Bronze – Dominic Leary


S1 mixed relay – TBC

Tug of war winner – Margaret

School Sports 2016 Results

The Lifestyle Development Faculty held the School Sports Day on 26th May. Congratulations to winners, Columba!

The results were as follows.


S1 : 96 points
S2 : 137 points
S3 : 86 points
TOTAL:  319 points


S1 : 51 points
S2 :  87 points
S3 : 135 points
TOTAL : 273 points


S1 : 68 points
S2 : 69 points
S3 : 57 points
TOTAL: 194 points


S1 : 53 points
S2 : 99 points
S3 : 9 points
TOTAL: 161 points

Detailed individual results for 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year follow.

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Sports Day 2016

The Lifestyle Development Faculty is organising a Sports Day on Thursday 26th May.  Pupils will compete in their House groups resulting in an overall winning house. The events will take place on the bottom ash field for the duration of the school day.

Lists of participants and events have been posted in the PE department and in the Zone.  Pupils should check these lists to ensure they know what event they will be participating in. All pupils will be taking part in some way so remember your PE kit!

As this will be a non-uniform day, pupils will pay £1, which will go towards the Malawi First Aid Appeal.  There will also be various stalls to help with fund raising, offering refreshments, home baking and other surprises!  We are looking forward to an action packed, fun filled and exciting day!

Planning for university

Fifth & Sixth Year pupils aiming for a university course should sign up for an Open Day of their choice.

UCAS applications began today in the Library with Andrew House. Columba pupils will register tomorrow (Thursday), Margaret on Friday, and Sinclair on Monday. There will be a chance for anyone who missed out first time around to come along on Tuesday. The UCAS application form is very detailed and takes several hours to complete, so the earlier pupils make a start, the better.

Our Careers Advisor, Ruth Robertson, will also be available on Mondays and Fridays in the Library at lunchtime for anyone who wants advice or even just a guide to their options after school.

FreeRice Challenge – Tuesday results

Tuesday 12th June A fantastic running total of 47, 160 grains of rice raised so far.

Online game to end hunger

FreeRice is a charity site that supports the United Nations World Food Programme. Each page contains a multiple choice question. Clicking on a correct answer adds 10 grains of rice to your total. The rice is paid for by sponsors’ adverts.

Click here to find out more about the work of FreeRice and statistics on world hunger.

FreeRice top scoring classes

1. 4A2 (Miss Simpson)
2. 3A2 (Mr Law)
3. 3M1 (Mrs Anderson)
4. 5.4 (Miss Campbell)
5. 2C1 (Mrs McAlinden)
6. 5.3 (Mrs McKay)
7. 3S2 (Mrs Simpson)
8. 3C2 (Mr Hair)
9. 4A1 (Miss McGinness)
10. 4C2 (Mr McGleish)

Houses in order of rice raised

1. Andrew
2. Columba
3. Margaret
4. Sinclair

Year groups in order of rice raised

1. 3rd year
2. 4th year
3. 5th year
4. 2nd year
5. 6th year

School Sports

Report from Mr Brogan
All pupils in 1st and 2nd year competed in our annual school sports. This is always a popular event amongst pupils as they compete in their house groups aiming to gain as many points as possible over a variety of athletic events.

Senior pupils from our Coaching and Performance in Sport class aided the PE department in the organisation and running of the event and made great team managers in directing our younger pupils and helping them gain success.

The sun shone brightly all day and Columba house came out on top both the 1st and 2nd year events. Congratulations to all pupils involved for showing the effort, attitude and behaviour to make a success of the day.

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Lenten Charities

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As usual this year, we had a wide variety of activities taking place for Lenten Charities, including

  • car washes
  • sponsored silences
  • soak the teacher
  • Easter egg raffle
  • guess the teacher
  • silent raves
  • face painting
  • sumo wrestling
  • Easter bunny raffle
  • non-uniform day
  • leg waxing

Each class in the school had a target of £100 to raise for charity, which has been achieved and even surpassed by most classes, with a total already in excess of £3400!

Pupils have already selected some of the charities to receive donations including St Andrew’s Hospice, SPUC and Kamwokya. Cheques will be presented at the annual awards ceremony.


School and House Captains, 2009-10School Captains for this year are:
Rebecca Salemi, Colleen Walker and Martin Ward.

House Captains are as follows:

  • Andrew House : Craig Johnstone, Christopher Mulholland and Marie McInerney;
  • Columba House : David Hamilton and Collette Maguire;
  • Margaret House : Natalie Tierney and Katie McElhiney ;
  • Sinclair House : Christopher Tyrrell and Sarah Kane.

The Captains were selected after interviews. Many congratulations to all of them.

Interhouse Athletics

Report from Mr Knighton

Results of this year’s Inter House Athletics Championships.


  • Columba (71 points)
  • Sinclair (64 points)
  • Andrew (56 points)
  • Margaret (49 points)


  • Andrew (74 points)
  • Columba (73 points)
  • Sinclair (49 points)
  • Margaret (42 points)

Combined result

  • 1st Columba (144 points)
  • 2nd Andrew (130 points)
  • 3rd Sinclair (113 points)
  • 4th Margaret (91 points)

Easter Egg Hunt

Report by Toni P and Nicola H, 1C

On thursday 2nd of March Nicola & Toni planned an easter egg hunt for pupils and teachers. We hid eggs in the music, drama & pe departments, it was a huge success  as we raised £12.50. Everyone was happy with what they won, & gave us positive comments also they wanted another one next year.

We are proud of our work and hopefully there will be another  next year!!!!!

House Captains

Our Lady’s House Captains have now been named as follows:

Andrew House: Luke Duncan and Danielle Boyle
Columba: Megan Kelly and Daniel Kennedy
Margaret House: Clare McDevitt and Dana McMahon
Sinclair: Michael Dempsey and Gary Cowan.

Many congratulations to all the captains, who now take responsibility for the various 6th year committees, including fundraising, Clyde View Christmas Party preparations, Yearbook and Leavers’ Dance.