Steve Cole visit

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Steve Cole came to OLHS as part of his tour to promote the new Young Bond book, Shoot to Kill. Despite being held up by traffic, Steve arrived in Our Lady’s, got set up and practically bounded onto the stage, entertaining 1st and 2nd year pupils from OLHS, Firpark and Clyde Valley High School for the following hour.

Steve started by showing the book’s trailer and explaining the origins of James Bond, before moving onto spy gadgets, past and present, including cameras, some rather weird weaponry and seriously silly cars. At this point he invited pupils to come up on stage and try some target practice (with Nerf blasters) before reading a short extract from the novel.

Finally Steve answered a huge number of questions, with signed posters for the best three questions, before signing autographs and books.

Many thanks to Random House and Steve Cole for their visit, to CultureNL for inviting us to host, to Scotia Books for helping with the books for sale, to Mrs Macfadyen for organising the event and to the 6th years who volunteered to help out with directing our visitors and selling books.

You can also read one pupil’s review of Steve’s visit by clicking here.

National Poetry Day

Report from Miss McGhee

S2 Pupils embraced National Poetry Day by creating their own poems. This year’s theme was ‘Remember’ and pupils produced pieces of work based on topics such as childhood memories, pets, old teddy bears, family members, important events in their lives, places they have visited and previous homes. Pupils then used key details from their poems to create a giant word cloud which will be displayed in the school.

S2 IDL Mary Queen of Scots by Erin, Patrick and Zak

Over the last four weeks in IDL, we have been looking at the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Our task was to create a twitter page about her early life in Scotland (1542-1548). The task was quite simple as we were familiar with twitter and the overall concept of social networking. We enjoyed this particular task as we were aloud to add humour with a modern abbreviations.

We are looking forward to the next task with the modern languages department, in which we will be looking at the French influence on Mary Queen of Scots.

Prison visit

Report by Miss Halkett

S3 Modern Studies pupils visited HM Prison Shotts on Tuesday, as part of their study of Crime and the Law in Scotland.

After being taken through security measures, pupils and staff entered the administration area and had the opportunity to meet with several friendly Prison Officers and the Deputy Governor. This meeting included pupils collecting opinions and evidence on the causes of crime and also the advantages and disadvantages of prison sentences. The discussion was interesting, informative and honest throughout.

The group then had the opportunity to speak to the Governor’s Pass, the most trusted prisoner in HM Prison Shotts. He spoke of his experiences and his future plans. They then visited the prison workshops and education facilities, which deepened their knowledge and understanding of the rehabilitation process.

This experience has allowed pupils to consolidate their learning in a realistic context. Pupils will apply this knowledge as they write up their learning in the form of a report this May.

Pupils and staff expressed their gratitude to HM Prison Shotts and the Scottish Prison Service for this valuable opportunity. HM Prison Staff complimented the enthusiasm of our pupils and thanked them for their engagement. They conducted themselves in mature and respectful manner at all times and once again filled OLHS staff with pride.

Gideons Society

Report from Mrs Sinclair

Mr John McGilvery visited the school this week to meet with first year pupils.

Mr McGilvery explained the work of the Gideon Society and gave a very interesting talk on its origins.  The pupils then watched a video called ‘What’s in it for me?’ This gave a modern take on some bible readings and highlighted the daily readings, recommended in the Gideon Bible.  All of the first year pupils were then presented with their own copy of the Gideon Bible.

The school would like to thank the Gideon Society, in particular Mr McGilvery for their continued support.

Sensory Garden – can you help?

 From Mrs Bertolini, Mrs King and Mrs McDonald

The 2nd year XL class have taken on the task of looking after the Sensory Garden.

If you have any spare pots, hanging baskets or other garden materials we would be grateful for any donations.

Please contact Mrs Bertolini, Mrs King or Mrs McDonald on 01698 274925 if you can help.

Curling and Colours

Report by Mrs Macfadyen

1st year pupils enjoyed a range of activities on the afternoon of Patron’s Day.

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The girls enjoyed an afternoon of learning about colours that suited them, taking care of their skin and having their hair done, while the boys participated in some games of indoor curling, along with games indoors and out.

Many thanks to all those who assisted including Sonia Pitma, Gillian McCairn and Tamsin Smith from the Community Learning and Development Youth Team, Eileen Burns from World of Health, Sonia Robb from Joseph Lawrence and of course, our indefatigable Partnership Officers, Angela McDonald and Deborah King.

Science quiz winners

Report from Mr Law

Mr. James Tyrrell visited an S1 assembly at Our Lady’s yesterday to present awards to the winners of the 2010 P7 to S1 Science Quiz. Pupils participated in the contest during the P7 visit to OLHS earlier this year, answering questions on Science and the media, with assistance (but not answers) from 5th and 6th year.

Mr. Tyrrell gave a short speech before presenting certificates and winners medals to our top scorers and awarding the Science Quiz P7/S1 Competition Cup to Margaret House. Congratulations to all of the winners and many thanks to Mr Tyrell for his kind sponsorship of the event.

Smoking powerpoints

From Mrs Gallagher
Mrs Gallagher’s second year science class have been enthusiastically researching and presenting a power point on the dangers of smoking.

They were all able to do this so successfully because they have recently been learning how to do power point in ICT.

A great example of cross curricular activity at work!

Rugby tournament

1st year pupils boys and girls took part in a Rugby Tournament at the Ravenscraig Sports Complex.

The team won 3, drew 1 and lost 1 of their matches, which is a fantastic achievement. Lewis Donnelly and Darren Devine were our top try scorers and Aaron Turnbull was named Man of the Tournament and received a signed ball from special guest, Gavin Hastings.

Many congratulations to the team on a brilliant performance.

Welcome to 1st year

Welcome to our new first year pupils. Hopefully, you’re settling in well, getting used to the variety of classes and finding your way around the school without too much hassle.

You all look wonderful in your new uniforms – a big thank you to your parents and guardians for supporting the school uniform policy.

This is the photo that was taken on your very first day at Our Lady’s High School. You can click on it to see a bigger version.

You’ll also be delighted to know that the official school photos will be taken on September 3rd.

Summer School 2010

Seventeen new S1 pupils took part in a highly successful summer school organised by Partnership Officers, Mrs Deborah King and Mrs Angela McDonald with lovely assistant and Attendance Officer, Mr Brian Meechan.

Over the week, the group took part in team building activities, played games with PE Teacher, Mrs Lorraine McNeish, learned about mental health with School Councillor, Mrs Ruth Archer, cooked lunches with PT Pupil Support, Mrs Lyn Zambonini, cycled around Strathclyde Park and had a go at kayaking, visited Low Waters Museum in Hamilton, and travelled to Millport to cycle around the island.

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On their last day, all the participants took part in a Big Brother question and answer session before making lunch for themselves and their families and invited guests, included Robert Dalzell and Pauline O’Neill from North Lanarkshire Council, Headteacher, Mrs Kathleen Sinclair and DHT, Mrs Monica Donnachie.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out, including staff, Deborah King, Angela McDonald, Brian Meechan, Ruth Archer, Arthur McKeown from Dalziel HS, Lyn Zambonini and Lorraine McNeish; 6th years, Christopher Costello, Amanda Miller, Paul Stephen and Nicole Galbraith, and 2nd years, Gabrielle McPherson and Tammi Rae.

And most of all congratulations to the Summer School participants for their enthusiasm and willingness to try new things.

S1 to York

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Excited staff  (and some 1st years) all left OLHS on Monday morning for a trip to York. Mr Martin had a full and fabulous itinerary planned (down to the last second), and the first day was spent travelling and settling into the hotel, ready for a spooky evening. The Ghost Walk took the group wandering around the medieval city, listening to stories of Roman soldiers and more modern terrors.

On Tuesday morning, everyone piled onto the top deck of a York Sightseeing Bus (and enjoying beautiful sunshine) followed by a treasure hunt in York Minster (although Mr Smith and Mrs Fitzpatrick had to ask pupils for the answers!)

After some time for exploring and shopping, the whole cohort set off for the York Dungeons, where they were entertained by tales about Dick Turpin and edieval torture methods from a variety of costumed characters. Unfortunately for Mrs Mulholland and Mr Smith, news of their heinous crimes had preceeded them and they ended up in the dock! A busy day was ended with a leisurely evening swim at Waterworld.

Wednesday was spent at the Jorvik Centre, (which is a cool recreation of the Viking village of York, but it does stink) and at Eden Camp. The camp is a huge World War II museum. Twenty-nine huts cover British social and military history, with additional prefab houses and mess tents. Unfortunately, there was so much to see that the group from OLHS could only sample some of the highlights before heading back to the hotel for a party!

Morning of the last day was spent at Flamingoland theme park (except there didn’t appear to be any flamingos – probably scared off by the teachers). The weather was great again, which was just as well, since all four members of staff got soaked!

And then finally, everyone piled back onto the bus and headed northwards, agreeing that it had been a brilliant but exhausting four days. Thanks to the staff who organised the trip, especially Mr Martin, for his precision timing and ensuring that everyone ate properly!

From P7 > S1

Over two days, primary seven pupils took part in induction events to introduce them to life at OLHS, participating in several tasks, working with their new classmates from all of our associated primaries. From  solving mystery trails around the school to building a working car with K’Nex.

The String Group and Junior Band played a few pieces to demonstrate the exceptional quality and skill of our young musicians.

The Science Faculty ran a quiz on science, film and TV, while in Drama, pupils had to mime visits to scary dentists and scary hairdressers which they had to practise in slow motion, fast forward, and rewind before performing under the stage lights.

On Wednesday, the Lifestyle Development Faculty organised an interhouse sports challenge with senior pupils doing a sterling job as team managers and officials, and the day ended with an outdoor mass lead by School Chaplain, Fr Frank King.

S1 is FINITO!!!

By Aaron H

Hi there,

Doesn’t it seem like yesterday we were up in our induction days, and we were like lost sheep exploring the big world of High School, and yet, we are going into second year next week!!!

What did you think of  the year and what are you looking forward to in second year. Share all your best and worst moments with everyone to end 1st year with style!!!

Leave a reply!!!

S2 @ M&Ds

Every year, North Lanarkshire’s Celebrating Success programme rewards behaviour, attendance and hard work by providing a trip to M&D’s. The large group of 2nd year pupils who attended were accompanied by Mr Dean and Mrs Jeffrey from the English Department.

The group walked round Strathclyde Loch before heading into M&Ds and were not remotely put off by the rain, although it did seem to cause a strange compulsion to get meerkats.

The 1st year trip will take place later in the term.

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Good health afternoon

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2nd year pupils enjoyed an afternoon of health information with five separate speakers.

Claire Malone from NHS Lanarkshire spoke about smoking and giving up smoking. Ms Malone showed the class a large jar full of a black, viscous substance and explained that this was the tar found in twenty cigarettes. She also spoke about the other disgusting and dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes which the class could examine in little bottles. The class were finally asked questions about why children would start smoking at all and those who gave an answer was given a card to read out which related to their answer.

Mrs Zambonini spoke to pupils about the importance of hand washing for good health, explaining that many viruses enter the body through dirty hands which then touch eyes or mouths. Each pupil was given some powder and asked to rub it all over their hands. After they had washed it all off, pupils checked their hands under an ultra-violet light which made any remaining powder glow. Some pupils got a surprise when their hands started to glow!

Pupils were  also told about the World Health Organisation’s recommended hand-washing routine: wet and wash hands with soap front and back while singing Happy Birthday twice – but were advised to sing it into themselves or get funny looks.

Partnership Officer, Angela McDonald, spoke about Mental health. First of all, the class were asked what they thought about when they heard the words “mental illness”. Since the list of words created was very negative in tone, pupils tried to think of more positive aspects. Mrs McDonald also pointed out how mental and physical feelings tend to mirror one another – how someone’s body language shows that they are feeling upset.

Headteacher, Mrs Sinclair, spoke about oral hygiene and the correct ways of brushing your teeth and the importance of flossing. In particular, pupils were told how important it was to brush your teeth for a decent length of time. Those who didn’t have watches on when told how to count two minutes and many pupils have happily admitted counting 120 bananas! The class were also asked to identify the food and drinks that were high in sugars, and thus bad for your teeth. Many groups were intrigued to discover the high sugar levels of flavoured water.

Deborah King, Partnership Officer, discussed Body Image. After the class watched a video about the media manipulation of photos, they split into groups of girls or boys to discuss male and female perceptions of what boys and girls find attractive.

The afternoon was a great success, providing pupils with an opportunity to learn more about personal hygiene and good health in mind and body.