Nepal and SCIAF

2015_0428_7242We are delighted to be sending a cheque for over £2000 to SCIAF as a result of our recent fund-raising including Lenten charity events. This will be match-funded by the government.

Many thanks to our generous staff and pupils who also donated last week to the Nepal appeal to support charities working to help those affected by the recent earthquake.

5M2 Lenten Charities

Report from Mrs Maguire

5M2 have been involved in a variety of fundraising activities during Lent. Three of the pupils, Hannah Coakley, James Thompson and Shannon Gill were sponsored by friends and family to wear their uniforms backwards all day on Friday 21st March.

All of 5M2 have been taking part in a “Lenten Helper” activity, where they have been carrying out all kinds of tasks for teachers – cupboard cleaning, classroom tidying, etc – in return for a SCIAF donation.

Four of the pupils, Heather Baird, Rebecca Hopkins, Keira Slavin and Kayleigh McDonald have organised a sandwich run to Upper Crust on Wednesday 25th March, asking pupils and teachers to pay an extra 50p delivery and this money will also be donated to SCIAF.

The Magnificent Seven

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Heroes all, they strode across the yard, unyielding in yellow ponchos, unblinking in blue shower caps, gutsy in goggles, audacious in anoraks, they came to the place of judgement.

To fight for the poor and the hungry, they faced the baying hordes in purple.

And got drenched.

Yup, the annual Soak the Teacher event was held today with seven brave souls just asking for trouble – or at least asking to have buckets of water chucked at them for our Lenten Charities fund-raising campaign 🙂

Thanks of course to the valiant volunteers: Mrs Anderson, Mr Kay, Miss McGhee, Miss McGinness, Miss McKendrick, Miss O’Neill and Mr Smith.

Thanks also to everyone who paid up to throw sponges and empty buckets over heads – and in some cases, accidentally soak the people behind them (thanks for that!)

Netball: Staff 11: Pupils 10

Report by Miss Simpson

The charity staff v pupil netball match to raise funds for Lenten Charities took place at lunchtime on Thursday 21st March.  It was a closely fought out game however the staff were victorious, narrowly winning by 11 goals to 10. 2014_0321_photo2

The pupils made a very bright start to the match and took the lead by two goals to nil before Mrs McNeish sunk a double to make the game all square.  The pupils then dominated the next passage of play and with some excellent passing and accurate shooting they stretched their lead to a comfortable 7-2.  The teachers faces said it all!! 2014_0321_photo8

Substitutes were made and the staff settled into their game.  Through some excellent linking play between Mrs King, Mr Brogan, Mr MacMaster and Miss Simonini the staff found themselves all square at 8-8. 2014_0321_photo4

The next passage of play was very tight with alternate teams taking their chances well until the score was levelled at 10-10.  The clock was ticking and both teams knew that one mistake could cost them the game. 2014_0321_photo6

Through some slick passing from the staff team Mr Brogan found himself in front of the goal and shooting to take the lead when Darren O’Brien had what can only be described as a rush of blood to the head and deliberately shook the goal post which resulted in the shot which was undeniably going to be a goal rebound off the rim! There was a huge gasp from the crowd! A foul was called and Mr Brogan had a free shot on goal.

Could he keep his nerve?……………………………..2014_0321_photo7

Of course he could and converted to take the score to 11-10 to the staff.  Seconds later the final whistle blew and the staff had won the match!!!

Huge thank you to all the staff and senior pupils who volunteered to play. It was a lot of fun and everyone played fantastic!  A special mention must go to the pupils’ team for an absolutely excellent whole team performance.  Their fast, accurate passing, movement off the ball and sharp shooting pushed the staff team to their limit and at times left them scratching their heads.  Another special mention must go to Chantelle Laughlin for her excellent shooting and Louise Bradshaw and Logan Wilson for their solid defending.

Also a huge thank you must go to the girls from the S1/2 netball team who gave up their lunchtime to help with the running of this event, to the girls from Higher PE who put the pupil team together, and to those who came and showed their support enabling us to raise money for charity.

Guess Who?

Report from Ms Campbell

The Guess Who Game was launched yesterday.  Pupils pay 30p to guess what teacher matches the baby/child photograph and the person who gets most guesses correct will receive a prize.  We raised £10.50 in the short space of 25 minutes!  Miss Campbell’s RE Class hope to raise as much money as possible for SCIAF and we are encouraging everybody to get involved in this game of fun!

Ash Wednesday

From Mr Hawthorne

Today is the beginning of Lent as it is Ash Wednesday. Every pupil and every member of staff had a chance to go to the Kamwokya room to receive ashes. Father King led the services along withthe 6th year Eucharistic Ministers and pupils from each year group to say the readings and psalms.

Additional from Mrs Macfadyen

Lenten services will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Fr King, with Eucharistic services every Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of Lent.

The SCIAF Wee Boxes Appeal is running during Tutor Time, along with our usual Lenten Charities fundraising events organised by the pupils in their RE classes. Pupils are also being invited to take part in the SCIAF sponsored fast, with forms available from Miss Kane (younger pupils should seek permission from parents).

The school is also looking forward to Patron’s Day on March 25th, with Bishop Devine celebrating Mass.

Lenten Charities

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As usual this year, we had a wide variety of activities taking place for Lenten Charities, including

  • car washes
  • sponsored silences
  • soak the teacher
  • Easter egg raffle
  • guess the teacher
  • silent raves
  • face painting
  • sumo wrestling
  • Easter bunny raffle
  • non-uniform day
  • leg waxing

Each class in the school had a target of £100 to raise for charity, which has been achieved and even surpassed by most classes, with a total already in excess of £3400!

Pupils have already selected some of the charities to receive donations including St Andrew’s Hospice, SPUC and Kamwokya. Cheques will be presented at the annual awards ceremony.

Soak the Teacher


Teacher fashion : Spring Collection 2010

Class 4A organised a ‘Soak the Teacher’event to raise funds for Lenten Charities. 50p was just too good an opportunity for some pupils who spent all their pocket money and ended up borrowing more! 

Thanks to the staff who included Mrs Anderson, Miss Kane, Father Frank King, Mr Brogan, Mr MacMaster, Ms Campbell, Miss Miller and Mr Law.

Lenten Charities

Guess the Bunny photoPupils are continuing in their Lenten fundraising efforts and were particularly generous in ‘Guessing the Easter Bunny’s Birthday’, an activity organised by pupils of 3A. The total raised was £65.85. Pupils will have to anxiously wait until the last week of term when bunny’s birthday will be revealed at morning assembly.

6th year meet Mr Harry Doyle from SCIAF

In addition to their fundraising efforts, pupils were also given the opportunity this week to learn how their donations make a difference to the lives of others when Mr Harry Doyle of SCIAF (and also former pupil) visited the school and delivered a presentation to S1, S2 and S6 pupils.

SCIAF is the principal recipient of our Lenten funds while other charities are nominated by pupils through their pupil councils.

Staff-student football

From Miss Miller

Lenten fundraising is going well within Our Lady’s High with many classes arranging their own activities within R.E. class, as well as activities which the whole school community can contribute to.

This week, S3 pupils challenged staff to a 6-a-side football match at lunch time.   The paying spectators were entertained by a thrilling match, which despite the pupils best efforts, ended with a narrow 1-0 victory for the staff team.  Thanks to all who participated and donated so generously.  A fantastic £55 was raised for our Lenten charities.

Well done to Ryan Sandford and Jonathan Cadden of 3A for organising the event.

Lenten Charities

The non-uniform day on Friday was a great success adding £600 to the funds already raised for Lenten Charities.

This week there were a number of very interesting events including Soak the teacher and Guess the teacher from cute baby photos (were teachers ever cute?) There was also ‘staff versus pupils’ sumo wrestling competition which was enjoyed by the pupils and endured by the staff!

Lenten Charities

With the season of Lent under way, pupils have been giving generously to their ‘Wee Boxes’ during R.E. and registration.

S2 and S3 pupils were given the opportunity to reflect on how their Lenten funds can improve the lives of others when Mr. George McAleenan visited the school and delivered a presentation on his work in Columbia with the charity ‘Let the Children Live’.

Additionally, all classes are encouraged to consider creative ways in which they can participate in fundraising activities for Lenten charities during R.E. So far, notable successes include class 2AC’s ‘Silent Rave’ which raised £30 and 6.1’s car wash which raised over £50

Staff-student basketball

6th year pupils challenged staff to a basketball match which took place at lunch time last Monday. Naturally, the staff team ran out winners, with a resounding 17 points to 2 (not that we’re gloating or anything 😛 ).

However, this was just a warm up and a rematch has been scheduled to take place during Lent, with all pupils welcome to come and watch another staff victory 🙂

Easter Egg Hunt

Report by Toni P and Nicola H, 1C

On thursday 2nd of March Nicola & Toni planned an easter egg hunt for pupils and teachers. We hid eggs in the music, drama & pe departments, it was a huge success  as we raised £12.50. Everyone was happy with what they won, & gave us positive comments also they wanted another one next year.

We are proud of our work and hopefully there will be another  next year!!!!!

Our Lady’s Annual Awards Ceremony, 19th September 2008

Our Lady’s annual Awards Ceremony took place on 19th September 2008, at which we honoured over 300 young people for their achievements over the past year, and the SQA exams.

The full list of recipients is available on the school website.

Pupils also presented cheques to four worthy causes from our Lenten Charities events:

  • £600 to the Motherwell Homeless Unit;
  • £950 for SCIAF;
  • £600 to ALMA;
  • £400 to St Andrew’s Hospice.

The SCIAF cheque will be distributed to our partners at the Kamwokya Christian Caring Community in Uganda, to help establish a broadband link, to help with travel costs for peer educators coming from Kamwokya, and a donation towards our commitment to build an eating area for Kamwokya pupils.

Our two current visitors from Kamwokya, Robert Mulerwa and Teddy Katusime, came directly from Glasgow Airport to see the Awards and will join us again after the October break for a week in Our Lady’s.

The school choir sang a haunting version of “Hushabye Mountain” which raised the hairs on the back of everyone’s neck (absolutely gorgeous), while the saxophone quartet from the school band played “5’2″, Eyes of Blue” and “Has anybody seen my girl?

Presenting the awards was our special guest, Paul Cooney, who delighted the audience of pupils, parents and staff with stories of his own school awards (for services to the tuck shop) and his achievements since, adding,

“If you’re looking for success, it’s not a destination, it’s a journey”,

and encouraged everyone to be ready to take opportunities as they arise.

Invited guests included Bishop Devine, Fr Stephen Miller (School Chaplain), Suzanne Graham (Parent Council), Maureen Dunn (PTA), Provost Tom Curley, Paul Cooney, Robert Dazell (Quality Improvement Officer, North Lanarkshire Council), Councillor Michael Ross and the headteachers of our four associated primary schools.