Lenten Charities – the total

The money has all been counted and it can be revealed that the grand total raised by the staff, pupils and supporters of Our Lady’s over Lent is:


That is absolutely brilliant!

Huge, stupendous congratulations to everyone involved, whether you helped to organise the various events, donated prizes, took part or came to watch.

The recipients will be announced in the near future (once they’ve been decided!)


Silent Sponsored Andrew

1st and 3rd year RE classes were remarkably quiet as they took part in sponsored silences to raise funds for Lenten Charities.

Many congratulations to Nicholas Divers, 3A2, who single handedly raised £60!!!!

Andrew House had aimed at raising £200 but has far exceeded that figure.

Columba Lenten Charities

Huge congratulations to Columba House for raising £684 so far with all of their fundraising for Lenten Charities, which included:

1C: Easter Egg treasure hunt
2C1: raffles (giant egg and bunny rabbit), car wash
2C2: raffle, guess the monkey’s name (Cameron)
3C: sponsored basketball and football matches, face painting, soak the teacher
4C: bonus ball
5C: money in the box
6C with 6A: movie and music quizzes.

Money is still coming in from sponsored events – total soon!

3C face painting

Report by 3C

We organised the face painting for Thursday 20th March. Beforehand we contacted the Performing Arts department and arranged to use the theatre for the event. We advertised the face painting by putting posters around the school and putting announcements out at assembly.

On the day we received a fantastic turnout! We raised around £41 for SCIAF.

The face painting was arranged by Elizabeth Low, Dominique Larkin, Amanda Miller and Victoria Cook with the help of Nicola McLindon, Kimberley Toner and Hannah Lester, along with a few 6th years.

Sponsored football

football_04.jpg (A completely unbiased report from Mr Andrew Smith.)

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures.

Result was 1-0, a magnificent solo effort from John Tempany, who received a pin-point John McGuinness pass just inside his own half, slalomed past 3 defenders, cut inside and unleashed a rocket from fully 25 yards past the helpless Kevin McGuire!!!

Special mention goes to John McKinnon (S6) for an excellent refereeing performance (he blew the final whistle immediately after we scored!)

Mr Duff, Mr Law, Mr Martin, Ms McArthur, Mr McGuinness, Mr J McNaught, Mr A Smith, Mr R Smith with 4th year pupils Conor Smith, Connor MacGowan, John Tempany, Calum Walker.

Michael Devlin, John Robertson, Daniel MacKinnon, Christopher Murray, Craig Queen, Barry Eley, Mark Sinclair, Daniel Canning, Peter Galbraith, Daniel Burns, Kevin McGuire, Matthew MacDermid.

football_33.jpgThanks, Mr Smith. Mind you, it’s not really surprising the staff won: they appear to have aliens on the team (see photo). Isn’t there a rule about bipedal Earthlings only playing football?

Twists in the tale?

6M pasta competitionActually, twists in the bowl. 6M are fund-raising by the traditional “How many pieces of tricolour pasta can we get in the bowl without filling it completely?”

 50p per guess, with the chance of winning an Easter egg.

Cunning souls have put their Maths skills to work, using the radius of the bowl to figure out the volume of the bowl.

Unfortunately, the same cunning souls forgot to measure the bowl when it was actually in their company.

Game of the season!


3C organised a sponsored basketball game for their Lenten Charity event. Pupils paid 50p to watch the staff kill the pupils (apparently).

Over to our special correspondent, Mrs Fitzpatrick.

It just goes to show that P. E. doggers (Mrs Kerr) don’t die! They just dig out their old gutties! Thanks to Mrs Kerr finding the skill and commitment she certainly didn’t possess when she was on the other side of the desk, the Staff team managed to defeat the S3 girls in the goal/hoop/basket filled extravaganza which was the Lenten Charities Basketball Game. Final score: 10-4 (or if Stephanie and Elizabeth are counting – 10-6)


There is no truth in the rumour that the Staff needed to lie down in a darkened room after the game!

Thanks to everyone who supported this event and helped raise £41 for SCIAF.

Teams: Mrs Anderson, Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mrs Kerr, Ms O’Donnell, Ms Murray, Ms Newman, Mrs McKay.

Stephanie Ferrie, Kimberley Toner, Caitlin Mullan, Sarah Clark, Erin McNally, Elizabeth Low and Amanda Miller.

Fugitive caught!

The Andrew House Fugitive was apprehended shortly after period 2 this morning. 

Are you the Andrew House Fugitive?

Excitement was high across the school, with at least one innocent member of staff asked on 72 separate occasions if she was the guilty one, and 6th years pursued by determined 1st years (honest!)

Pupils paid £1 and received a sticker saying, “I’m searching for the Andrew House Fugitive” and followed clues left throughout the morning. The first clue “The Fugitive comes to Our Lady’s everyday” managed to dramatically heighten tension while providing practically no useful information whatsoever.

It was intriguing however, that Mrs Anne O’Donnell, normally seen bustling back and forth across the foyer, was mysteriously missing, while an earlier simple request for keys seemed to cause mild panic and indecision to cross her face. Hmm.

So congratualtions to Daniel Canning who managed to apprehend the reprobate Mrs O’Donnell, earning himself the bounty of £25.  And further congratulations to Andrew House who raised £110 with this event.

Soak the teacher

Six brave souls versus 650 (apart from the ones at lunch).

Six getting soaked

They pulled up their hoods.They borrowed flippers.

They laughed in the face of flying sponges and fallen buckets.

But they were COMPLETELY soaked by the time it was all over.  So a huge thank you and well done to Mrs Anderson, Mr Duff, Mrs Kerr, Mr Law, Ms Newman and Mr Smith for being so brave.

Pupils were surpringly keen to assist in this fund-raising venture at £1 for three sponges or a complete bucket with all proceeds going to Lenten charities.

And congratulations to to organisers Nicola McLindon, Dominique Larkin, Hannah Lester, Victoria Cook, Sarah Clarke, Kimberley Toner and Elizabeth Low (ably assisted by Mrs Fitzpatrick). Your powers of persuasion are obviously phenomenal (and special thanks for not spilling any buckets of water on me while I was taking photographs).

Andrew House Fugitive

As part of Lenten Charities fund-raising, a fugitive will descend upon OLHS on Tuesday (18th March). Pupils and staff can pay £1 to enter which provides them with a sticker to identify them as participants.

Clues will be left throughout the school leading to the identity of the culprit. The winner will receive a substantial prize (but they’re not saying what…).

What happens to non-fugitives accosted across the school is as yet unknown.

Hunger lunch

6th year pupils are taking part in a Hunger Lunch for charity tomorrow. Organised by Depute Head, Mrs Mary Mulholland and Chaplain, Father Stephen Miller, the lunch requires pupils to give up their lunch money in return for bread and water, although our hunger lunchers appear to be a bit up market, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil added to the menu.

The money raised will go to the school’s Lenten Charities Fund.