We Will Rock You

Everyone who came along to this wonderful show was full of praise for all pupils and a staff involved.  Thanks very much to Mrs Smith, Mrs Glover and all other members of the Performing Arts Department who worked tirelessly for months to ensure such a polished performance.  Well done and thanks to the performers who gave their all to ensure that each show was marvelous.  There was also an army of staff and pupil helpers behind the scenes – thank you all for giving up your time to help in any way.  We are lucky to be part of a community where everyone cares and lends a hand. Well done to all concerned!!

We Will Rock You – OLHS 2016 Programme (requires Acrobat reader).


School show rehearsals and photos

Rehearsals continue after school Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for our school show, We Will Rock You, featuring the fabulous music of Queen, and starring our wonderful pupils. Full dress and technical rehearsal takes place on Sunday 12th June.

The show runs from Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th June

Adults £8, Concessions £4. Special deal: Adult + Concession ticket £10

Tickets on sale now!

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We Will Rock You – Latest

Report from Mrs Smith 

Show call backs took place on 8th December and were a roaring success. Pupils took part in singing of ‘Radio Ga Ga’ and a variety of acting scenes.

Of the 120 pupils who auditioned, 40 were asked to return, and of that 40 the best fourteen gained main parts with the others gaining chorus roles.

The finalised cast list of successful pupils will be placed on the show notice board in the Performing Arts Department. Well done and thanks to all who took part.

We Will Rock You auditions

Report by Mrs Smith

The audition process for this year’s school show ‘We Will Rock You‘ is now complete with over 100 students auditioning for main parts and chorus roles. Pupils from S1 through to S6 took part in group acting auditions recreating scenes from the musical along with group and individual singing auditions belting out some Queen classics.

The successful students will be asked to attend call-backs over the coming weeks to determine who suits what role best. Some of the characters up for grabs include Galileo, Scaramouche, Britney Spears, Meat Loaf and Killer Queen.

A full cast read-through of the script and the first dance number is expected to take place before the Christmas holidays.

We Will Rock You

Report by Mrs Smith

This year’s show will be ‘We Will Rock You’, the musical by Queen.

The story is set 300 years in the future. Earth has been renamed “iPlanet” and is controlled by the Globalsoft Corporation. Ruling Globalsoft Corporation is the Killer Queen. On the iPlanet, mainstream conformity reigns. The Ga Ga Kids watch the same movies, listen to computer-generated music, wear the same clothes and hold the same thoughts and opinions. Musical instruments are forbidden, and rock music is unknown.  In the newest graduating ‘Ga Ga’ class is black sheep, Galileo, who has dreams and hears strange words in his head, most of which are lyrics of songs long since lost. Despite his teacher’s advice, Galileo refuses to conform like the rest of his classmates. Meanwhile Killer Queen has heard of a prophecy that instruments have been hidden somewhere on the iPlanet in the “place of living rock”, and a “bright star” will show the way to them.

Is it a coincidence that Galileo hears the music?

Could it be he is the one to fulfil the prophecy?

The dates for the show are Tuesday 14th June – Friday 17th June 2016 with auditions already underway.

Summer Cafe Concert 2015

By Three Musical Geniuses

What a night the sun chose to shine for Our Lady’s High’s ‘2015 Summer Cafe Concert’. From young performers playing in bands, to three fantastic choirs including our very own ‘Caritas Choir’ who represented the school at the Caritas award ceremony held in Glasgow’s SECC, to many more.

The night opened up with the Junior Band smashing Pharrell’s hit of Happy and The Proclaimers’ famous 500 miles, conducted by Mrs Maureen Mitchell. This was followed up by four of our pupils’ own band, ‘Kardais’. They played covers of the songs Little Black Submarine by The Black Keys and then Everlong by Foo Fighters when another pupil, Jill McMurray then accompanied on vocals. The School Band then performed wind band classics such as Freya’s Call and With Each Sunset, conducted by Mr James Woods.

To finish off the first half of our concert, we then saw our well known Caritas Choir which is made up of sixth year pupils who chose to participate in Pope Benedict’s holy award of Caritas, not forgetting Mrs Mary Mulholland who is also a loyal member of the group. They proceeded by singing the moving You Raise Me Up by Westlife followed by Irish Blessing to finish off their performance.

After a short break for refreshments, the School Band made a return playing Adele’s famous Skyfall, which then moved on to our annual classic of Big Fun in The Sun. The staff choir made an appearance yet again, singing Forever Doowop. Our school choir covered Pitch Perfect’s Bellas Final before they paired up with the staff choir, singing Happy by Pharrell Williams to finish off our show on a high.

Overall, it was a fantastic night, with many talented young performers and a perfect way for the former sixth year pupils to say goodbye to their school career here at Our Lady’s High School.

Junior Band                                     500 Miles, Happy
Kardais                                             Little Black Submarine
School Band                                    Freyas Call, With Each Sunset
Caritas Choir                                   You Raise Me Up, Irish Blessing
School Band                                    Skyfall, Big Fun in The Sun
Brass Ensemble                             Game of Thrones, Superstition
Staff Choir                                       Forever Doowop
School Choir                                   Bella’s Final
Vote of Thanks
Staff Choir & School Choir            Happy


Thank you to the following people who have helped to put this together:

Admin Team, Janitorial Staff, Deborah King, Mary Mulholland, Kat Smith, Keiran Gillespie, James Woods, Robert Fairley, Martin Couper, Michael Bryans, Lorna Patton, Stephen Nelson, Alison Murray, Roddy Moir, Eliguisz Sanza, Ian King, Cameron King, Stephen Dowling, Anna Glover, Maureen Mitchell, Judith Clements and Lyn Zambonini.


Flute/Oboe: Monica Allan, Olivia McMahon, Beth Knight Townsley, Klaudia Wegrzyn
Clarinet/Bassoon: Maria Cocozza, Beth Cunningham, Alexandra Healey, Piroska Horvath, Emily McCafferty, Marta P, Keren Shearer
Saxophone: Rebecca Cairney, Lisa Mackie, Carla Tyrell, Colette Whitson
Horn:  Monica Kane, Heather Nugent, Orla McDevitt, Brendan O’Dowd
Trumpet: Hannah Duddy, Emma Graham, Olivia McGarry, Jill McMurray, Tymon Mitas, Claire Ross, Emma Torrance
Lower Brass:  Nicholas Allen, Ethan Hendry, Jordan Mooney, Craig Thomas
Percussion:  Lewis Donnelly, Aaron Hawthorne, Morgan Jessimer, Chris McCarron, Rebecca McGill

S1-3 Choir
Shane Divers, Caitlin Donnelly, Saoirse Higham, Aga Poslednik, Samantha Reid, Emma Torrance, Dearbhla McVey, Wiktoria Debowska, Hannah Duddy, Marisa Madden, Merrin McDonald, Julia Stachurska, Marta Pradzynska, Suzanne Nwambe, Damian Bonnar, Jonathan Rolwich, Michael Costello, Shannon Waldron, Michaela Bennett, Mia Campbell, Robyn Leach, Alicia Jackson, Maria Cocozza, Madeleine Robertson, Alexandra Healy, Keara Hodge, Abigail McNally, Stephen Brady

OLHS Has Got Talent 2015

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  • Mia: singing Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
  • Jordan and Callum: Everlong (Bass and Guitar)
  • Julia and Emilia: singing All I Wanted (Kodaline)
  • Abigail: singing and playing piano Say Something
  • Sam Kidd: Guitar medley
  • Emily: singing Born to Die (Lana del Ray)
  • Max: dance routine to Beyonce


1st : Max

2nd: Sam

3rd: Mia

50p entry to theatre. Audience packed. All in aid of Lenten Charities.

North Lanarkshire Spring Concert

Report from Mrs Sinclair

Well done to all of our pupils who took part in a wonderful concert last night in the beautiful Royal Concert Hall. These pupils practise every Friday evening with the North Lanarkshire Schools to ensure that great performances are enjoyed by all. I was very proud of all of our pupils who performed last night.

It was the final performance of a few stalwarts who have been attending NL Schools Music Group for Years.

Thanks to Jill McMurray, Aaron Hawthorne, Caitlin Connor and Jordan Mooney, Michael Clark.

Thanks also to

Ethan Hendry, Anna Quinn, Michael Clark, David Nugent, Stephen Brady, Aidan Simpson, Victor Witowski, Heather Nugent, Orla McDevitt, Piroska Horvath, Colette Whitson

Click here for photos from the concert.

Annual Education Mass

Report from Mrs Sinclair

The Annual Education Mass took place last night in Motherwell Cathedral. The Caritas choir ably assisted by other choir members from fifth year led the musical liturgy, which was marvellous.


Thanks to all of these young people and their teachers who gave of their time so freely to represent our school so well. Numerous people from the congregation asked me to pass on their thanks and congratulations to our choir and their teachers. Well done.

Choir: Aaron Hawthorne, Scott Price, Aidan Coates, Dominic Cherrie, Callum Wilson. Michale Clark, Jordan Mooney, Michael O’Rourke, Darcy Hendry, Emily McCafferty, Monica Kane, Jill McMurray, Siobhan Goodman, Louise Bradshaw, Katie Ann Hunter, Hayley Stevenson, Lisa O’Rourke, Aimmee Houston, Claire Ross, Keren Shearer, Morgan Jessimer, Beth Cunningham, Sinead Higham, Nicole Cassidy, Emma Graham, Konner Miller-Brookbanks.

Park Springs Care Home

Report from Miss McGinness

The S6 Caritas Choir visited Park Springs Care Home on the 18th of December to perform a Christmas concert to the residents and staff. The choir sang various Christmas songs and the staff of OLHS donated boxes of chocolates for the residents.

Thanks to Louise Bradshaw, Dominic Cherrie, Michael Clark, Aidan Coates, Caitlin Connor, Shavaun Goodman, Aaron Hawthorne, Darcey Hendry, Katie Anne Hunter, Monica Kane, Emily McCafferty, Jill McMurray, Jordan Mooney, Lisa O’Rorke, Michael O’Rourke, Scott Price, Hayley Stevenson, Callum Wilson.

Performing Arts Christmas Concert – Friday 19th December 2014.

Tickets for the Performing Arts concert are now on sale from the Performing Arts base. The concert will take place in the school games hall on Friday 19th December at 7pm.

Tickets cost £4 for adults and £2 for children and concessions. Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Caritas Choir

The Caritas Choir took themselves off to St Andrew’s Hospice on Wednesday 19th November to perform for staff and residents.

Choir members:
Aaron Hawthorne, Scott Price, Aidan Coates, Dominic Cherrie, Callum Wilson, Michael Clark, Jordan Mooney, Michael O’Rourke, Darcy Hendry, Emily McCafferty, Monica Kane, Jill McMurray, Siobhan Goodman, Louise Bradshaw, Katie Ann Hunter, Hayley Stevenson, Lisa O’Rourke, Aimee Houston

“Your country needs you”

The Quantum Theatre Company visited OLHS on Monday 1 September to perform their production of “Your Country Needs You“.  All pupils in S3 thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it will contribute to their understanding of the First World War in History and provide background for their studies of First World War poetry in English lessons.

Here are some of their thoughts:

Quantum Theatre came out to our school yesterday to perform an informative play for us about the beginnings of WW1. The production was a total of two men using hats, props and accents to portray the two sides of the great war. The men played an array of characters from posh English nobles and generals to German soldiers in the trench.

One word to describe the entirety of the show is enthusiastic. A lot of thought and planning must have gone into the story of the play and the actors were very good at switching from lower class private to a commander general to the Kaiser. I thought the play could have been more solemn though as WW1 was not an event to be made a mockery of, even if the play was to educate children.

I did enjoy the production to an extent. The acting and singing was good quality and some of the accents were superb. I wouldn’t recommend that particular theatre group unless it was for younger children. I feel we would have benefited from a more mature and informative play.

Yesterday we attended a WW1 play performed by Quantum Theatre Company.

The play was based on the events that happened leading up to the war and what happened during the war. The play was very beneficial to my English class especially because we are learning about poetry from the First World War. There were only two actors but between them they shared out all the parts. The play was very funny, however, they still managed to get across the main points.
They sang lots of songs and I actually learned some things from the songs! By the end of the play I felt more knowledgeable about World War 1.

Hannah D
Today we were lucky enough to see a theatre company perform a play about WW1. In the play they discussed different stories in the war about things like, the soldiers in the trenches, the German soldiers, the government and families still at home. The play had 2 actors playing a range of different characters. I learned lots of things like how the war started, when it started and when it finished.

Emma T
I thought that the play, which my year and I viewed on the 1st September was enjoyable and very informative. The hard work which must have been put in showed throughout the performance.

I thought that the play would have been a little bit better, if there were more actors playing the characters, in saying that, the 2 men who played the characters made the play enjoyable. The message of the play was very strong and I liked the fact that there were lots of different scenes with soldiers and commanders. I noticed that the main message of the play, was that there were no differences between the German soldiers and the British soldiers. I thought that the costumes were okay, but they could have been better and more realistic. Overall in conclusion, I think that the play was good and the message of the play was very meaningful. I would happily watch the play again because I learned lots of things I didn’t know about WW1.

Christopher W
Yesterday a company came to our school to present a play about World War 1. They told us everything about the War from how it began to the tactics right up to Christmas 1914.
I thought the play fell way below my expectations as I thought they would have told us about the whole thing instead of part of it. The actors did their jobs well but one or two of the accents were poor. The costumes looked fairly realistic and the props were good. The bulk of the audience were entertained and I learned a few things about WW1 and also the actors interacted with the audience well and conveyed the message of the play well. One thing that disappointed me was the distinct lack of mention of poppies or armistice day, two of the biggest symbols of the war.

Yesterday’s performance was very enjoyable. I thought it was very funny and had a good storyline. Although I thought that there should have been more actors to play the characters. I also think that there was a lot of facts and it was a bit too long. The actors played the parts very well and made it funny but also very thought provoking. It went through the story of WW1 very well and provided a lot of information. They made very quick changes between each part and used quite a lot of props. Overall the performance was very good but there should have been more actors and was just a bit too long.

Yesterday we watched a play about World War 1 by two men from Quantum Theatre. The play covered how many people died during the war and how people were affected by it. It also showed the points of view from Britain and Germany. The play was only made up of two men but changing characters throughout.

The two men sang lots of war songs during the play and added humour so it wasn’t always sad and serious. This play was very useful because we are learning about WW1 in English. The name of the play is Your Country Needs You.

Today we were lucky enough to watch a play based on World War 1 named “Your Country Needs You.” It was interesting to see parts of the war and build up being acted out. The actors were great at portraying different characters and using different accents as if they were from the other countries involved in the war, however I think it would be better id there was more than two actors because of the amount of characters being played and the prop changes could have gone a lot smoother. I learned facts that I didn’t know about the war like how the war started and the big need for British men in the army. I got an idea of what trenches were like for both sides of the army. Overall I thought it was a great performance and very worthwhile watching.