Scottish Youth Parliament By-Election

Click here to vote in the Youth Scot Motherwell and Wishaw by-election

You can see all of the candidates in the by-election here

ESU Scotland Schools’ Public Speaking Competition

Congratulations to Magen McNulty, who won the 2017 English Speaking Union Scotland’s Schools’ Public Speaking Competition today in Edinburgh. What a way to finish 6th year!

Political Literacy Ambassadors

From Miss Halket

Are you a student who enjoys research and debate? Do you enjoy participating in lessons and different activities across the school? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the perfect candidate to be a Political Literacy Ambassador in Our Lady’s High! This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your leadership skills and bring about positive change.

If you are interested, please meet with Miss Halket in her classroom (202) during lunchtime on Wednesday 17th May.


BBC School Report 2017

BBC School Report provides an opportunity for pupils between 11-16 to experience a day in a newsroom, creating and reporting on the news. Groups can choose to report on the events of the day as they occur, build their own reports on a theme, or a mixture of both. Our Lady’s BBC School Report 2017 focused on the Transplant Games which are taking place in North Lanarkshire from 27th-30th July this year.

In advance of School Report Day on 16th March, pupils spent every Friday lunchtime in the Library selecting issues to investigate, improving their knowledge of organ transplants and making contact with relevant organisations and individuals who might be able to help them. As the day drew closer, pupils also volunteered time after school to learn about and practice sending requests for information, interview techniques, creating surveys and writing reports. Senior pupils involved worked on a storyboard for a video report.

One group of pupils set up an interview with heart transplant recipient, Mr Brian Gorman, who described his life before and after his operation. Mr Gorman explained that he did not know whose heart he had received but that he sent an update every five years to the donor’s family through the hospital to say thank you.

Another group interviewed the Chair of the North Lanarkshire games, Councillor Jim McCabe, who explained the reasons why North Lanarkshire was so keen to host the event and personal friends who had died because the wait for the transplant had been just too long for their bodies to cope.

Pupils were also keen to investigate attitudes to and knowledge of organ transplantation in school and created a survey for staff and pupils.

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On the day, pupils completed more surveys and also visited asked staff if they would like to share their reasons for carrying a donor card. The group created bullet points from all of their sources of information which became part of our School Report Ideas Wall. They collated the responses of the survey and designed posters to illustrate their data, which were combined with the storyboard and bullet points to create our video report. They wrote reports on all of their investigations. Throughout the day, pupils took photos of their colleagues and tweeted what they were up to. We even sent a photo of the dreich day outside to BBC Weather Watchers!

Naturally, with such a lot going on we had one or two issues, but the pupils were fantastic, and remained positive throughout, even when Mr Kerr and Mrs Macfadyen were tearing their hair out.

Our thanks to everyone in OLHS for their support, to Mr Gorman and Councillor McCabe for taking the time to come along to the school, and to everyone who responded to our e-mails and requests for help. We couldn’t have done it without you.

All of our BBC School Report work is available by clicking here.

Scottish Youth Parliament Elections 2017

Orla McDevitt and Nathan Donnelly were elected as your Motherwell and Wishaw Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament! Congratulations to the candidates, particularly our pupil Orla. We are so proud of your success.

Thank you to all of the young people who voted and the staff who helped throughout this process. #pollitolhs

Scottish Youth Parliament Election Hustings

The Scottish Youth Parliament candidates currently campaigning for your vote will be in OLHS on Friday 3rd March, during lunchtime. The candidates will be here to debate and take questions. This is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the promises being made and everyone is welcome along. The Hustings will take place in the Science Lecture Theatre at 12:45.

All pupils and staff welcome!

Next week you will have the opportunity to vote in the 2017 Scottish Youth Parliament Elections. Please bring your Young Scot card with you on Monday and Tuesday of next week in order to vote. Don’t forget!


Ready to Vote — Supporting Our Young People

The Electoral Commission is inviting all secondary schools and youth learning services to support their campaign which aims to get as many young people registered to vote in time for the May 2017 Council Elections. In Our Lady’s High School, we are making plans to run a ReadyToVote event on the 1st March 2017 during #ReadyToVote day. Since the voting age for Scottish council elections has been lowered to 16, it is important that all of our students who will be aged 16 by 4th May 2017 know about this change and take the opportunity to register in time for these elections. We are sure that our Politically Literate young people will take this opportunity to have their voices heard!


Rotary dinner photo

On the 1st December, Grant Mackin, Liam Devine, Ross Walker and Barry Williams represented Our Lady’s High at a meeting of the Motherwell and Wishaw Rotary Club. We enjoyed a lovely meal and benefitted from listening to the Principal Officer, Susan A. Wilson, US Consulate~General, Edinburgh.


We would like to thank the Motherwell and Wishaw Rotary Club, Mr Roy Simpson, Mrs Wilson and the Bentley Hotel for this valuable experience. #pollitolhs

Higher Politics latest

Report from Miss Halket

Clare Adamson, MSP, visited our Higher Politics class this week. Clare led discussion on various topics, including the European Union and her own journey into politics. We are very grateful for the time she spent with us and the knowledge gained. This experience will undoubtedly help our young people as they progress through their studies.


Our Higher Politics class also helped write a speech on ‘The State of Mortuaries in Scotland’ for Graham Simpson, MSP. Mr Simpson delivered his speech in Parliament and our young people watched the recording of this on YouTube. We are proud of their hard work. You can see the speech below (blocked within NLC authority schools).

We would like to thank Mr Simpson for this opportunity and we look forward to visiting him in Parliament.


Scottish Youth Parliament Elections 2017

syplogoThis is a final reminder for any pupils who wish to stand in the Elections 2017. You must register by midnight on Monday 31st October – tonight. You can register online at

If you require additional information you must see Miss Halket today at lunchtime in Room 204.


What is Political Literacy

Report by Mrs Millar

What is Political Literacy? This is a question we will be answering over the next few months in Our Lady’s High School. Our new hashtag #pollitolhs will be appearing in many of our lessons this term, whatever the subject area. In fact, any time our pupils are giving their opinions about what is fair and what is not, thinking about their world, listening to other points of view, showing compassion for other people – they are developing the important skills and qualities involved in being politically literate. We want all our young people to become responsible citizens of a fair and honest society and we hope our #pollitolhs focus helps us achieve this aim – watch this hashtag!

Colin Fox visit


Colin Fox, National Co-Spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party, visited our Higher Politics class this week. Colin led discussion on his own understanding of socialism as a political theory, socialism in action in modern Scotland and counter arguments in response to criticisms of socialism. We are very grateful for the time he spent with us and the knowledge gained. This experience will undoubtedly help our young people as they progress through their studies.

International Conference 2016

Report from Miss Halket

Twelve of our Higher Modern Studies/Higher Politics pupils represented our school at the North Lanarkshire Council International Conference on Thursday 16th June. Our pupils took on the role of diplomats and debated with over 250 other pupils. This opportunity allowed our young people to recognise the power of deploying rational and reasoned arguments which are rooted in reliable and compelling evidence. They passionately represented Syria and are a credit to our school. Furthermore, Magen McNulty won the award for “Best Contribution” on the day and has made us all extremely proud.

European Union Debate

Report from Miss Halket

Pupils took part in a whole school mock European Union Referendum on Friday 17th June.

In response to the question “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” you voted as follows:

  • Remain a member of the European Union – 76%
  • Leave the European Union – 24%

It will be very interesting to see how our result compares to the outcome of the official referendum that takes place this Thursday 23rd July.

Scottish Youth Parliament By-election

Report from Mr Smith

Pupils are getting ready to vote in the upcoming Scottish Youth Parliament by-election for Motherwell and Wishaw. Christopher Wilson from the school is standing as a candidate and we are extremely proud of his hard work. Young people will have the opportunity to vote in Our Lady’s High School next week.

Scottish Youth Parliament By- Election

Report from Miss Halket

There will soon be a by-election for the Motherwell and Wishaw constituency for the Scottish Youth Parliament. The successful candidate will undertake their role until the SYP election in 2017.

Voting for the by-election will take place from Friday 10th June – Thursday 16th June 2016. If you are aged 14 or over and are interested in standing for election you must see Miss Halket by Friday 3rd June at the latest.