S5/6 Prelim Timetable, 21st-28th January 2019

Please find below the timetable for the forthcoming S5/6 prelims.

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PDF version. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine to read this version: 2019 S5/6 complete prelim timetable

Caritas Awards 2016

Report from Mr McHugh

Our Lady’s High School was well represented at the recent Caritas Award Ceremony, on Monday 6th June, at the Clyde Auditorium. It was a fantastic experience to see 29 pupils from Our Lady’s High School rewarded for their commitment to their faith when they were presented with their Caritas Award.


The SCES assessment team were particularly impressed with some of the creative final submissions of our students. Two of our senior students, Nicholas Allan and Konner Millar-Brookbanks, performed the songs they had written as part of their final Caritas submissions. Their performances were both inspirational and spiritually uplifting.  Well done to all involved.

Easter School 2015

A reminder that Easter School will on run on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th April with three sessions each day offering support to pupils in S4-6 studying National 5, Highers or Advanced Highers.

Over 150 pupils have already signed up and individual timetables will be handed out shortly. The master timetable (below) will also be available around the school.

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Easter School 2015 Timetable. Click to enlarge.

Easter School 2015 Timetable. Click to enlarge.

OLHS Easter School, 8th-9th April 2015

Easter School will run on Wednesday 8th April and Thursday 9th April. During this time there will be tutorials in each subject which will last for one and a half hours. Each day will start at 9.30 a.m. prompt and finish at 3.00 p.m.

Pupils who attended last year’s Easter School found it extremely useful,  enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere with staff, but noticed that they covered far more than they might have managed studying alone.

Please note there will be no transport or catering facilities available during Easter School, However it is hoped that each day there will be an ‘Upper Crust’ run organised for those who do not wish to bring a packed lunch.

You will be asked to sign up for 3 tutorials per day. Each tutorial will only have space for 20 and not every subject will be represented. You will NOT be allowed to opt for the one subject 3 times in one day.

Easter School 2015 Timetable. Click to enlarge.

Easter School 2015 Timetable. Click to enlarge.

There will also be opportunities for supervised study and/or relaxation sessions.

Pupils who intend to attend Easter School should fill in the form they were given at the S4 assembly last week or at Senior PSHE Day on Thursday 15th January and return it to Mrs Mulholland by Monday 19th January. 

Parents/Carers also need to countersign this form.

A copy of the form is available below.

OLHS Easter School pupil 2015 (PDF version)


Planning for university

Fifth & Sixth Year pupils aiming for a university course should sign up for an Open Day of their choice.

UCAS applications began today in the Library with Andrew House. Columba pupils will register tomorrow (Thursday), Margaret on Friday, and Sinclair on Monday. There will be a chance for anyone who missed out first time around to come along on Tuesday. The UCAS application form is very detailed and takes several hours to complete, so the earlier pupils make a start, the better.

Our Careers Advisor, Ruth Robertson, will also be available on Mondays and Fridays in the Library at lunchtime for anyone who wants advice or even just a guide to their options after school.

Fifth & Sixth Year Information Evening

Many thanks to everyone who came along to the information evening which was very well attended. Mrs Sinclair welcomed everyone, handing over to Mrs Mulholland who gave a very informative presentation about the new exams, options, wider achievements and opportunities for pupils in fifth and sixth year. Handouts were also distributed to parents and carers.

One of our school captains, Stephen Ross, spoke about his experiences in Our Lady’s High School. He gave a very animated and entertaining account of his time in school and encouraged parents to ensure that their children make the most of opportunities offered to them. He talked about his time at CERN in Switzerland, the CARITAS programme, volunteering in Bothwellpark High School as well as his parish.  He also talked about the importance of study and how difficult but how worthwhile it is. He was very well recived indeed.

Mr Martin, PT Pupil Support, advised the parents and carers on study, supporting their children, the options interviews and the importance of wider achievements: while universities, colleges and employers are looking for qualifications, they are also looking for well rounded young people with skills in a number of areas.

Careers Adviser, Ruth Robertson, spoke about her work in the school, explaining the work of Skills Development Scotland and introduced the My World of Work website.

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