Titanic Project: Liberty Steel

The Titanic crew visited Liberty Steel for a guided tour of the plant and to learn how slabs of steel are rolled and shaped into plates for ships, bridges and rigs.

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Excellence and Equity Awards 2017

School awards highlight positive initiatives

Drama Production Skills Workshop

Report by Mr Gillespie

Our Lady’s High School’s National 5 Drama classes enjoyed a superb opportunity to gain experience in a professional theatre venue earlier this month. They attended Cumbernauld Theatre for one full day on Thursday  15 January,

Our Lady’s pupils had the theatre all to themselves, with practical workshops on Lighting, Sound, Costume and Make Up. We worked in the theatre itself, in the studio, backstage and in the dressing rooms.  We worked with theatre staff, designers and technical staff, and got the opportunity to use the theatre’s lighting and sound equipment.  We looked at the different kinds of lanterns used in the theatre, and had the opportunity to explore their effect and to create some exciting lighting states.  We designed costume and created our own Soundscape for a piece of text, selecting sound effects choosing appropriate music and creating sound to enhance the production. Using Make Up proved great fun, but we also learnt about how to create the effect which we sought, and got the chance to try out some of our ideas on one another!

This was a great day, where pupils had the chance to use their imagination whilst learning about how to create some of the crucial backstage elements which go towards making a production so effective.  The National 5 Drama Production Skills workshop helped prepare pupils for the forthcoming National 5 examination. It covered important elements of the course, and helped pupils to understand much more about the nature and effect of the creative choices which are made when creating a production. Thanks go to Cumbernauld Theatre, to  the specialist staff who offered invaluable support, and to North Lanarkshire Council for supporting this excellent venture.

English bloggers

Every year, the English Department and the Librarian work together to give pupils the chance to write an article for the blog, making them published authors 🙂

Each article is based on the novel that the class are reading; Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce for one class and Divided City by Theresa Breslin for the other.

This is a complicated piece of work, demanding interesting information, copyright free images, hyperlinks to additional information, adding tags and categories to help searchers, and ensuring it looks good online. In addition, the blogs can’t be biased or plagiarise anyone else’s work.

The first two classes have almost finished their blogs. In fact some are already online and can be read by clicking here, with more to follow soon. If you enjoy their work, please leave some feedback.

Brilliant to the core

2013_0528_applestoreReport by Miss McGinness

Miss McGinness, Mrs Maguire, Mrs Simpson and the S1 Literacy group visited the Apple Store last week to take part in a fieldtrip delivered by the Apple Store Specialists. During their visit the S1 students took part in an iPad workshop, learning how to become more confident in the use of various apps. They also created theme songs for their ‘Fairytales’ that they had written in school. The pupils and teachers had a fantastic time!

IDL Comics

Our interdisciplinary learning classes are now pulling together all of the different strands of their work in Art, Modern Languages, Social Subjects and the Library to create their bilingual comics about A Day in the Life of Stirling Castle.

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Pupils are using the photos taken at Stirling Castle, along with material created in Art classes and Social Subjects and the text from Modern Languages to tell their story using Comic Life software.

Web authentication

The Council will be activating web authentication for the school’s ICT network on Wednesday 6th October. Web authentication has already been rolled out to almost half of North Lanarkshire High Schools and has been running for them for most of the year now.

 This means that pupils and staff will be asked to enter their file server usernames and passwords when they try to access most websites from this Wednesday.