FreeRice Challenge – final total!

Friday 22nd June

all of the rice has been counted and we are extremely proud to announce
that the staff and pupils of OLHS have raised

200, 850 grains of rice!!!!!

Online game to end hunger

Top scoring classes

1. 3S2
2. 4C2
3. 3A2
4. 3S1
5. 2M2
6. 5.3
7. 4A2
8. 4S2
9. 2C1
10. 3M1

Houses in order of rice raised (s1-4 only)

1. Sinclair
4. Columba
2. Andrew
3. Margaret

Year groups in order of rice raised

1. 3rd year
2. 4th year
3. 2nd year
4. 5th year
5. 6th year

Congratulations and thanks to all of the Tutor Groups that took part.


Careers, apprenticeships and vacancies

If you are considering leaving school, have a look at the following websites for information about training, employment and apprenticeships.

Information on vacancies and online applications. The website is updated daily. There is also a MyJobScotland blog with plenty of useful advice.

North Lanarkshire’s Working
This is the website for the NLC youth investment programme. The website is updated weekly with vacancies.

Modern Languages Investigation Work

Report by Mr Hawthorne

Recently, The Modern Languages Department have been setting second years the task of researching famous days in France and/or Spain.

In the French Department, pupils have been researching the famous Bastille Day.

Click here to go to the website used to research this famous day and you could learn more as well!

In Spanish, pupils were given specific days to research. And, believe it or not, there are a lot of Spanish celebrations!

Pupils worked in pairs to research their days.

For French and Spanish, pupils had to produce a poster to show how much they learned! Some even got to do a powerpoint!

Everyone had fun doing it, and learned a lot!


Pupils are being asked to sign up for the Web-Bite Points Reward scheme.  This scheme is designed to encourage the pupils to eat in the school dining rooms choosing healthy options.  Prizes, including iPods and vouchers, will be allocated to pupils who gain the most points by eating healthy options. 

To register the pupils should access the Web-bite home page on the internet, click register and follow the instructions on the page.  When asked for a card number, please use the number on your Young Scot card.

World War I website

There is a fascinating glimpse into the German trenches available at this site. Even more unusual is that the photographs are all in colour, taken by a German photographer called Hans Hildenbrand.

This site will be especially useful to anyone studying trench warfare for Standard Grade History, but it is a fascinating archive for anyone to see.

Sensory Garden

2nd year English classes are helping to create a variety of Spots for Thought for our Sensory Garden. Most S2 classes have now visited the garden (in all weathers) and have been inspired to create their own work and find verse and quotations from other writers. 

Pupils have also created Wordles, word clouds created from another piece of writing or a collection of appropriate words. A wordle for this blog entry is below. 

A wordle from this blog entry

A wordle from this blog entry

Each piece of writing is added to a background photograph (selected from creative commons photos on FlickrStorm) or decorated with Clipart with the words carefully formatted to best advantage.

The Thoughtful Spots will be laminated before being hung from the fence of the Sensory Garden.


5th and 6th year pupils sitting Highers and Advanced Highers in a range of subjects received instruction regarding the Scholar programme today.

Scholar specialist, Harry Hughes, took groups through the Scholar website, showing them how get the best out of the facilities. Scholar was created by Heriot Watt University originally to assist with advanced work in  Science, Maths and Languages, but the range of subjects is gradually increasing, and now includes

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Business Management
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • French
  • Human Biology
  • Information Systems
  • Maths
  • Physics

with further courses in Economics, German, Psychology and Spanish forthcoming. The website takes the form of lessons, interactive tasks, animations and tests, all of which can be monitored by teaching staff.

All OLHS pupils sitting one of the relevant courses has access to these materials via a log-in and password. These can be retrieved from Mrs Macfadyen in the Library Resource Centre.

The face of Leonardo da Vinci

I have just finished watching a TED talk by artist Siegfried Woldhek about Leonardo da Vinci. This artist has tried to confirm what Leonardo actually LOOKED like, by trying to find self-portraits in his own work.

His argument is interesting, but do you think he’s right? You can watch the presentation here.

TED (Technology, Education, Design) talks are short but fascinating reviews of current developments in technology, which are likely to affect all our lives in the near future.

Free Rice

How would you like to spend your afternoon testing your vocabulary? I’m guessing that not many people are thinking, “Yes please!” right now.

Have a look at FreeRice. This is a very simple little website. You get shown a word with four options for the meaning, and you try to click on the correct one. And that’s it – almost.

For every three correct answers, you will move up a level, for every incorrect answert you’ll move down a level. Top level is 50 and can be incredibly difficult to reach – it’s even more impossible to stay there. There is a wide range of vocabulary though, so there’s enough to keep everybody happy.

The final touch for this site though, the one that brings you back all the time, is that for every word you identify, a bowl of rice fills at the side of your screen.

This is the amount of rice YOU are helping to contribute.

You see, for each correct answer, the advertisers at the bottom of the screen donate 20 grains of rice. Then a little heap appears for 100, then a larger heap for 1000.

 Try it –  it’s totally addictive, but at least you’re helping do some good in the few minutes you have spare.