Interview with Councillor McCabe

The Transplant Games are a competitive sport organisation for people who have had organ, bone or skin transplants, and their donors. This year (2017) North Lanarkshire Council is proud to host the Transplant Games. It runs for four days with over 20 sporting events.

We interviewed Councillor James McCabe, Chair of the North Lanarkshire Transplant Games and former leader of North Lanarkshire Council.

Councillor McCabe with Katie Leigh, Rhianna, Lara, Michael and Mrs Sinclair

Councillor McCabe:

“the Games were started by transplant surgeon Maurice Slapack and have grown from a one day event with fewer than 100 athletes to a four day event for more than 1,000 people.”

More than 1,000 athletes will participate in the Transplant Games and over 1400 supporters will attend.

The Transplant Games have eleven venues across North Lanarkshire including Strathclyde Country Park, Wishaw Sports Centre, and Ravenscraig.

There is no charge if people just want to come and watch on the day but this is dependent on capacity. Members of family will get priority.

The athletes of the Transplant Games get to pick 5 out of 23 sporting events, including -: football, volleyball, snooker, archery, darts, squash, fishing, cycling, golf, table tennis bowls, badminton and swimming.

Councillor McCabe has thoroughly enjoyed his time as Chair of the games, especially since a close friend died after waiting years for a donor. North Lanarkshire wanted to host the games hoping that it would increase the amount of donors in Scotland which has a lower number of registered organ donors than the Scottish average.

One event where we want a really big turnout is the 5k donor run in Strathclyde Park on Saturday 29th July.

The games will cost approximately £400,000, but will bring

“ an anticipated £2 million economic impact to North Lanarkshire… a welcome boost to the local economy”

Councillor McCabe hopes all these activities in North Lanarkshire will raise awareness about people who are still waiting for a transplant and prompted Slosh across Scotland, where organisations pay 50p per person to hold a sloshing event with all the proceeds going to the Transplant Games.

Our thanks to Councillor McCabe for taking the time to talk to us.