Why we have donor cards

We asked staff at Our Lady’s High School

Why do you think it is important to have a donor card?

Here are some of their replies:

All of us will be touched by this subject at some point in point in our lives .Whether directly (ourselves) or indirectly (a friend or family member) it is vital that when that time comes every option is available to us or to them


To give another person a chance of life or to improve their quality of life


Organ donation is important because lives could be saved through your death often bringing comfort to many  families ;carrying the card is important because your loved ones have to be clear of your wishes since accidents could mean they have a very difficult decision to make otherwise


To offer a life saving gift to someone else if your dead what do you need the organs for but everyone’s opinion has to be respected – people should not be coerced into carrying a donor card .


Because everyone should be an organ donor . You could help so many people by donating .You will be dead and don’t need them


Having a family member in need of a donor cannot express how important I feel it is the dead person is done with their organs so surely…


No donor card but told family anything suitable ( from  my body )  can be used to help others.


My donor card is linked to my driving license if I’m gone and I can save a life or even more than one then I hope my family will get a little bit of peace from knowing part of me is helping another family somewhere else