Mr Allan interview – transcription

Mr Allan is Principal Teacher of Technology in Our Lady’s High School.

Alicja- Hi today I’m doing a interview with Mr Allan and we’ve got a few questions ready. So we have to get right into it,  what was it like working in the Steelworks ?

Mr Allan- Well it was a very long time ago so my memories a wee bit vague. When I worked in the steel works I didn’t work in the Ravenscraig Steelworks.I worked for a company called Motherwell Bridge in North Motherwell it used to be down there, it’s not there anymore but I worked for the Motherwell Bridge and I did lots of different things working in the SteelWorks.

I worked in the training centre for a year I’ll tell you a bit about that in a minute and then I worked in the factory for a wee while ,  then I worked in the drawing office and the drawing office is where I spent most of my time but in the training centre we did all sorts of different things it was like the workshop not this workshop but like the other workshop in the department but metal work.  We learned to do filing, we learned to do welding , we learned to do fitting ,  we learned to do turning  , we learned to do all sorts of things and that was my first year of apprenticeship and it was very noisy very,very noisy because of hammers and lots of different things that made lots of noise it was really noisy but that was very quiet compared to the factory floor if you were on the factory floor they made big giant bits of steel for putting in oil tanks.

Oil tanks were used to transport oil for the oil industry, the pieces of steel were the length and breadth of this room they were shaped to make a big sphere or cylinders to hold all the oil it was so noisy because the machines were shaking them , there were rolling machines and bending machines for making all the parts join together so it was very,very noisy I moved from there into the drawing office where it was much quieter and it was much cleaner . You didn’t get your hands dirty unless you spilt ink on them so that was the only time.

My memories were very noisy and very dirty.

Interview by: Louise, Finn, Olek and Alicja

Transcribed by Dominic and Olek.