Wildlife and Environment

A safe wildlife choice for Ravenscraig is the inclusion of the design of wildlife corridors (tunnels under the road) for animals to use when crossing the roads like rabbits, frogs, foxes etc.

Prospect Hill Ravenscraig

“Prospect Hill” as it is known to the local residents is the main location of toxic waste that could not be removed from the Ravenscraig site. The “secure containment facility” as known by officials contains over one million cubic metres of toxic materials such as Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg) and Chromium (Cr) as well as other things such as oil, tar, steel, sulphur compounds, steel slag and ammonia. The hill has been regularly monitored for eighteen years and would cost up to two-hundred million pounds to clean up. Many people don’t realise how much toxic material is under the hill so many walk on it and go sledging in winter.

by Louise S3 and Angela 4S