PSHE Day 1

Report by Mrs Zambonini

S5 and 6 were involved in the first of two PSHE days.  The focus of today was personalisation and choice with facilitators giving pupils input on a range of topics.  The morning was spent carouselling around talks and workshops from SAAS, Financial Education, Personal Learning Planning and Skills Development Scotland.

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The afternoon allowed pupils to opt into a talk of their choosing.  Marie Woods, Glasgow Kelvin College lecturer, gave a talk on life at college.  Kevin Thomson represented the Army careers service. Strathclyde University lecturers spoke about life at university.  KPMG staff spoke about apprenticeships, with Rathbone staff informing pupils about what training provision is available.

A huge thanks to everyone who gave their time to make the day informative and relevant for the pupils.

S5 Induction Week 2010

5th year induction took place over three days providing all of the pupils with a chance to get to know each other better, and learn more about what’s required of them as Upper School pupils.

On Wednesday, everyone was required to get their bodies and brains in gear as they took part in team-building activities designed by the Army and (horror of horrors) Mrs Zambonini and Mrs Macfadyen in the Library Resource Centre!

Thursday was Challenge Day with the  PE staff organising a softball game and Careers staff challenged teams to create and run a restaurant.

Friday was more relaxed, with a service from Fr King, and a talk from staff at Motherwell College. Pupils also received a quick introduction to  Glow, and got their passwords and discussed new timetables and expectations with Mrs Mulholland in the afternoon to complete a busy few days.

In the army now

From 5th year

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On Wednesday the 7th of June, the fifth year pupils participated in an induction day which allowed the pupils to work as a team and brought the year closer together.  The pupils were put through their paces by members of the army as they took part in physical and logical challenges.

There were many different activities to enjoy, one of which tested your ability to work as a team and work out a strategy to make ‘9.50’ out of wooden poles and tyres.  The groups found this very problematic as they struggled to understand what the task entailed.  They were given no clues but eventually worked out the answer.  There were of course other tasks which involved memory games and tasks designed to encourage the pupils to work as a team.

After a much needed break, the pupils took part in an indoor assault course which was demanding and very tiring!   All the pupils were split into teams and competed to finish the assault course first.  This involved a number of fitness activities and all the fifth years found it physically demanding to be ‘part of the army’.

All the fifth years thoroughly enjoyed the induction day with the army and many were sore the next day as a result of finding muscles they didn’t know existed!  Overall, the fifth year induction day with the army was a great success and brought the year closer together.

You’re in the army now

A group of 3rd year pupils were out of school for a week’s residential army work experience. During their week, they took part in a looooong hike (distance so far not specified), assault courses, and lots of drilling. Apparently, they are all now pretty good at press ups too!

Pupils taking part: Lee Mullen, Blair Duffy, David Patrick, Chelsea Blackley, Nicholas Divers, Paul Stephen, Laura Scott, Katie Hoey