Ash Wednesday

Lent began this Wednesday, 18th February 2015. There were services during the course of the day to ensure that pupils and staff received their ashes. Many thanks to Fr King and Fr Reilly and to all of our Eucharistic Ministers: Katie Ann, David, Ryan, Michael, Liam, Jack, Rachael, Lisa, Darcey, Aaron, Jakub and Connie.

Mass will take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the War Memorial Chapel with Fr King, and Eucharistic Services on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Ash Wednesday

Thanks to Fr King, Deacon Joe Gallagher and all their assistants for all of the hard work on Ash Wednesday.

Pupils and staff across the school took part in services and received their ashes over several hours across the day.

Ash Wednesday

From Mr Hawthorne

Today is the beginning of Lent as it is Ash Wednesday. Every pupil and every member of staff had a chance to go to the Kamwokya room to receive ashes. Father King led the services along withthe 6th year Eucharistic Ministers and pupils from each year group to say the readings and psalms.

Additional from Mrs Macfadyen

Lenten services will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Fr King, with Eucharistic services every Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of Lent.

The SCIAF Wee Boxes Appeal is running during Tutor Time, along with our usual Lenten Charities fundraising events organised by the pupils in their RE classes. Pupils are also being invited to take part in the SCIAF sponsored fast, with forms available from Miss Kane (younger pupils should seek permission from parents).

The school is also looking forward to Patron’s Day on March 25th, with Bishop Devine celebrating Mass.


Report by AH

This week Lent starts with Ash Wednesday. On Wednesday,  every class will have the chance to receive ashes between periods 4 and 5. Also since it is Lent, there will be mass on on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and There will be Eucharistic Services on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Father King would very much like to see a few more faces at mass!

Remember!!! Lent isn’t about giving something up but it’s about doing something. This could be giving some money to charity every day, Going to mass as often as you can!

So why not do something this Lent to get prepared for Easter?