Breakfast Club

Due to the ongoing rewiring the breakfast club has been temporarily relocated to G35, the Learning Support base.

It will continue to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.20-8.55am.  All pupils are welcome for toast, pancakes, juice and fruit.  There is no charge for the breakfast club.


Breakfast Club outing

Report from Mrs McDonald

Sixteen pupils accompanied by three staff went to the Bentley Hotel this morning for a lovely relaxing breakfast. The pupils, who all regularly attend the school breakfast club on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Our Lady’s, were treated to a sit down full Scottish breakfast. Some of the pupils had never been to a hotel for breakfast, so it was a new experience for them, and everyone enjoyed it very much.


The schools breakfast club is currently operating from a grant from the Healthy Living Centre Fund. School staff volunteer their time to run the club where any pupil can come along from 8.30-9 am and get a free breakfast of fruit juice, cereal, toast, yogurt and fruit.  Currently around 25-35 pupils participate each day.

Berries for Breakfast

The OLHS Breakfast Club took part in Berries for Breakfast, a national campaign sponsored by Asda to encourage healthy eating, and promote October as a season ripe for berries!

The 3rd year Hospitality class created fruit salad and fruit compote especially for the occasion.

And then the North Lanarkshire Challenge Group were challenged by Mrs King to try out the left-over berries for part of their lunch (and you would not believe how much some people needed to be encouraged before they tried a tiny little berry).

Breakfast in the Bentley!

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On Thursday last week, the most loyal members of the Breakfast  Club got to go for a very posh meal at the Bentley Hotel in Motherwell!

We were told to meet at the Bentley at 8:30 approx. We were greeted by Mrs King, Mrs Macdonald, and eventually Mr Macmaster (and then even Mrs Fitzpatrick)!

We entered  (getting out of the pouring rain) and were greeted by the two lovely ladies who were going to serve us our breakfast! We were all seated and had some cereal, orange juice and then placed our orders. On offer was the traditional Scottish Breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausage and tomato. Most of us had The Full Works, others found choosing more difficult. Within no time at all, we had our delicious breakfasts lying in front of us.

Whilst eating, there were invisible zombies [Editor’s note: you had to be there] hanging from supports, there was people ‘borrowing’ toast, milk and tea and sugar from different tables, and worst of all, some people had way too much tea. That’s all I am saying. (My bad 😦 )

Our faithful servers collected our dishes, and Jack gave a heart warming speech thanking them for the brilliant service they gave us. Then, after getting two more cups of tea gulped down, we headed back to the school.

It was a brilliant morning and we were ‘promised’ (that’s maybe  an exaggeration) that we would visit again soon.

So, the pupils had a great day and all that is an example of the reward you get from being a loyal customer at The Breakfast Club! You can attend every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 and get your breakfast, catchup on homework, watch the news and just have a grand time!

By Aaron 8D

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club had an event to tie in with both World Mental Health Day and National Poetry Day.

Breakfast consisted of healthy Scottish foods like oatcakes and locally produced cheese, honey and jam. Pupils showed a presentation about how a healthy diet benefits your mental health, and distributed poems about food around the tables in the Citizens’ Cafe.

Mrs McShannon from the OLHS PTA was invited to join the group for breakfast as thanks for her kind donation of goodies.

Petit dejeuner francais (French Breakfast)

By Aaron Hawthorne 1M2

On Thursday the 1st of April the Breakfast Club had a tasty French theme!!! Pupils who attended that morning had lots of interesting and new things to try. There were croissants and crepes,  melons and hot chocolate and lots of other tastes of France. The breakfast wasn’t just for pupils. Lots of teachers attended and Mrs Fitzpatrick was having the time of her life!!!

The Breakfast Club will now be called the T&T Club and is on on a Tuesday and Thursday Morning for pupils and teachers.