PD heroes

We’ve already thanked the staff below, but absolutely huge thanks and congratulations to the 5th year Personal Development class for all the work they put into the successful organisation of the Careers Convention.

As part of their coursework, the PD class were involved with:

  • sending confirmatory messages to our exhibitors
  • preparing headers for each exhibitor
  • arranging the hall layout
  • serving refreshments
  • greeting and guiding exhibitors and guests
  • taking photographs of the event
  • creating a wall display of the event
  • assisting with the surveys
  • returning all furniture to the correct locations after the event
  • thank you letters

This all involved a huge amount of time and effort and they were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. So well done to:

Nadia Boyle, Stephanie Corry, Kimberley Felvus, Jacqueline Ann Gordon, Stephen McCarron, Danielle McGrane, Lorraine McKinley, Mark Norman, Darren Pew, Emma Riddell, Steven Stobie, Joanne Thomsonm Chris Tollan, Emma Walker and Jemma Halloran.

And don’t forget thanks also to Mrs Zambonini for providing guidance to the team throughout the planning and implementation.

Careers Convention

Our first Careers Convention takes place today, Thursday 9th October, with exhibitors from over 30 local employers, universities, colleges and training organisations taking part.

Future Firefighter?

Future Firefighter?

Pupils from S2, S4 and S5 have been allocated time during the school day to attend the exhibition, while other pupils are able to visit at lunchtimes and after school. Parents/Carers and staff are welcome at any time. 

Many thanks to both Mrs Stemplis’ Hospitality class for assisting in the preparation of the food, and to Mrs Zambonini’s 5th year Personal Development (PD) class.

Also, thanks to the staff who organised the event (Mrs Mulholland, Mrs Darroch, Mrs King, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Macfadyen, Mr Murray, Mrs Zambonini) and to all the OLHS staff who supported it.

If you have visited the Careers Convention, please fill in our survey by clicking here.