Caritas Service

2016_0930_caritasS6 Caritas pupils attended a Caritas Commissioning Service on Monday 19th September.  At this service, Caritas badges were blessed and given to pupils as an outward symbol of their faith journey.




Inter-house Competition

The S6 Caritas group have organised a series of inter-house events which begin 12th September.  For one week, pupils from each House will battle to gain the title of ‘Winning House’ for the whole year.

The events are as follows:

  • Art re-design house board (S1-S4)
  • Logic Test (S1-S6)
  • Social subjects quiz (S3- S5)
  • Spelling Bee (S1-S6)
  • Modern Languages Treasure Hunt (S1 only)
  • European Bake- off (S6 only)
  • Assault Course (S1-S6)

The winning House from each event will be the one which gains the most points.  However, pupils can also gain points for their House by giving to a charity- nominated by their own House- during R.E.

We look forward to celebrating the many gifts and talents of the pupils at OLHS, whilst raising money for charity, as part of our faith mission.

Aid to the Church in Need Rally

Report from Miss McMahon

On Thursday 16th June, the new S6 Caritas pupils will be attending an Aid to the Church in Need Rally at Carfin Grotto. ACN Scotland invites Catholic high schools from all over Scotland to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians worldwide. ACN call on the Scottish Government to promote faith and freedom around the world.  It is hoped that Caritas pupils will gain knowledge about the persecution of Christians throughout the world so that they go on to make a positive impact on social injustices.

Day of the Dead 2015 – Decorating

Our Day of the Dead celebrations took place on the afternoon of Friday 6th November, a fabulous interdisciplinary project involving Art and Design, Modern Languages, RE and the Library Resource Centre.

Art and Design worked with S2 to create posters and decorations to liven up our Kamwokya Room. The posters showed traditional Day of the Dead skulls on illustrated black paper backgrounds, with more skulls appeared on top of tissue paper, strung together and hung across the room.

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Finally, we also had some living skeletons as the Caritas class painted their faces as Calavera Catrina, or Elegant Skull.

Caritas 2015

Report by Mr McHugh

Our Lady’s High School was well represented at the recent Caritas Award Ceremony, on Wednesday 3rd June, at the Clyde Auditorium. It was a fantastic experience to see 41 pupils from Our Lady’s High School rewarded for their commitment to their faith when they were presented with their Caritas Award.

The Caritas Choir’s hard work and endeavour was duly recognised when they were invited to contribute to the Opening Prayer and Closing Reflection of the Award Ceremony. The performance of the Caritas Choir was both inspirational and spiritually uplifting. Well done to all involved.

Annual Education Mass

Report from Mrs Sinclair

The Annual Education Mass took place last night in Motherwell Cathedral. The Caritas choir ably assisted by other choir members from fifth year led the musical liturgy, which was marvellous.


Thanks to all of these young people and their teachers who gave of their time so freely to represent our school so well. Numerous people from the congregation asked me to pass on their thanks and congratulations to our choir and their teachers. Well done.

Choir: Aaron Hawthorne, Scott Price, Aidan Coates, Dominic Cherrie, Callum Wilson. Michale Clark, Jordan Mooney, Michael O’Rourke, Darcy Hendry, Emily McCafferty, Monica Kane, Jill McMurray, Siobhan Goodman, Louise Bradshaw, Katie Ann Hunter, Hayley Stevenson, Lisa O’Rourke, Aimmee Houston, Claire Ross, Keren Shearer, Morgan Jessimer, Beth Cunningham, Sinead Higham, Nicole Cassidy, Emma Graham, Konner Miller-Brookbanks.

Park Springs Care Home

Report from Miss McGinness

The S6 Caritas Choir visited Park Springs Care Home on the 18th of December to perform a Christmas concert to the residents and staff. The choir sang various Christmas songs and the staff of OLHS donated boxes of chocolates for the residents.

Thanks to Louise Bradshaw, Dominic Cherrie, Michael Clark, Aidan Coates, Caitlin Connor, Shavaun Goodman, Aaron Hawthorne, Darcey Hendry, Katie Anne Hunter, Monica Kane, Emily McCafferty, Jill McMurray, Jordan Mooney, Lisa O’Rorke, Michael O’Rourke, Scott Price, Hayley Stevenson, Callum Wilson.

Caritas Choir

The Caritas Choir took themselves off to St Andrew’s Hospice on Wednesday 19th November to perform for staff and residents.

Choir members:
Aaron Hawthorne, Scott Price, Aidan Coates, Dominic Cherrie, Callum Wilson, Michael Clark, Jordan Mooney, Michael O’Rourke, Darcy Hendry, Emily McCafferty, Monica Kane, Jill McMurray, Siobhan Goodman, Louise Bradshaw, Katie Ann Hunter, Hayley Stevenson, Lisa O’Rourke, Aimee Houston

Day of the Dead 2014

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Report by Mrs Macfadyen and Mr Pegard

2nd year pupils celebrated the Mexican festival, Day of the Dead, last week with an afternoon of activities and competitions. It has been a highly motivational and very succesful topic for both pupils and teachers and many pupils comment on the fact that it was their “best day in school ever!”

During the couple of weeks prior to the day, all the departments involved ran a series of lessons linking the topic. The Art department focused on the practical skills required to make skulls out of clay, lino printing and papel picado flags which were used to decorate the hall. Pupils also learned about some famous Mexican artists such as Frida Kahlo.

In R.E. pupils learned about the religious aspect of the celebration, reflecting on the way Mexicans honour their Dead with a happy celebration whereas the European Catholic feasts of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ day is a more mournful approach.

In Mexico, Dia de los Muertos is a party and celebration to remember loved ones who have already died. Pupils created a beautiful ofreda or altar with their RE classes, making it the centrepiece of the Kamwokya Room. The altar traditionally holds items close to the memory of a loved one, and pupils brought along some beautiful items to celebrate the memories of late family and friends. It was very touching to see some of the beautiful artefacts pupils brought in and the topic allows them to share some of the special feelings they have for someone whom they have lost in a supportive and sensitive celebration. The altar also showed off the skulls created in the Art Department.

In the Modern Languages classes, the preparatory lessons aimed at making pupils aware of the differences in traditions between Mexico and here in Europe.  After an introductory video on the celebration, pupils conducted online research comparing El Dia de los Muertos with Halloween. We then learned and practiced the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer in Spanish.

The celebrations began with prayers in Spanish before pupils took part in a competition to create the best decorated cakes, and designed hats for Catrina, the skeleton which is the Mexican symbol of Day of the Dead.

With mariachi music playing in the background throughout, the final activity of the day was a quiz covering Day of the Dead and Hallowe’en celebrations in Scotland, Mexico and around the world created by Librarian, Mrs Macfadyen. Thanks to all of the staff involved from Art, Modern Languages, RE and the Library; to all of the other staff who came along to help out on the day, including our classroom assistants; to the staff who judged the winning teams; to the 6th year Caritas pupils who helped throughout the event, and to all of 2nd year for making it such a great afternoon.

Hearing God’s Voice

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Report from Mr Kerr

All S2 pupils recently attended a retreat based on theme of “Hearing God’s Voice” at The Diocesan Centre, Newmains.

The retreats were led wonderfully by Nicky Lynas from the Pastoral Centre and Father Stephen Reilly from St Bernadette’s Parish, ably assisted by a team of enthusiastic young volunteers (many of whom were OLHS former pupils) who gave up their free time to help out. Each retreat was also accompanied by four 6th year Caritas candidates.

The pupils, who attended the retreat in R.E. class groups, enjoyed a series of activities based on the theme of the day. These ranged from a perfume/after shave smelling test (designed to show us that what we think of as valuable isn’t always right) to creating a Facebook page for Jesus!

The pupils also enjoyed the guided meditation led by Nicky in the beautiful chapel which was a very peaceful and calm exploration of a different way to pray and reflect.

Everyone enjoyed a sing-a-long Grace before meals – “We will thank you’ (based on the Queen song – much banging of tables and clapping took place), a hearty lunch and a chance to run around the grounds of the Centre.

S2 also had the opportunity to create their own prayer cards based on the day’s theme of hearing God’s voice and responded very well to this.

After a vote of thanks by our excellent Caritas helpers we made our way back to school and it was very encouraging to hear everyone ask “When can we go again?”

Thanks to all the staff who assisted with the retreats and the S6 Caritas students who helped too.

SCIAF Hallowe’en

Report by Liam Musgrave

2014_1031_5979The Caritas SCIAF group organised a Halloween fundraising event on 31st October. Pupils in the group persuaded members of staff to dress up and obtain sponsorship from their pupils for doing so.

Many teachers enthusiastically participated and costumes sported on the day included a tube of toothpaste, zombies, a hippy chick, a leprechaun, a whole coven of witches and Wally.

2014_1031_6032The group managed to raise £275 through this event, taking their running total to £605. The group would like to say a special thank you to all staff members who took part for supporting their charity fundraising endeavours.

Holy Hour for Vocations

Report from Mrs Mullholland

On Tuesday 28th October, Mrs Mulholland and some of our Caritas students enjoyed Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life in St. Patrick’s Parish, Shieldmuir.  Several invited clergy spoke about their call to vocations, including our own School Chaplain, Fr Frank King.

More Caritas!

Report from Miss McGinness

A group of S6 Caritas students met with Mark Booker from SCIAF to take part in the Talented Fundraisers project where they plan to use their gifts and talents to raise money for SCIAF!


Father Stephen Reilly from St Bernadettes Parish visited the school to meet with the Caritas group members who will be taking part in faith witness activities within his parish.



Last night, this year’s Caritas S6 were comissioned during Mass in Motherwell Cathedral and most of last years S6 Cathedral Parish Caritas Award recipients were there to support them. Afterwards everyone all went into the Chapel House where Monseignor Millar had laid on a lovely tea.

A number of this year’s Caritas S6 will also attended the Annual Vocations Mass in the Cathedral on Monday tonight along with Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Mulholland and Miss McGinness.

Rotary Club Dinner

From Mrs Sinclair

Congratulations to Sam Kelly and Stephen Ross who represented Our Lady’s last night at a special dinner in The Bentley Hotel hosted by the Motherwell Rotary Club.

Sam spoke about his experiences in Our Lady’s, particularly highlighting his sixth year, which included experiences in Caritas and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. He went on to tell the assembled audience about his plans to go to Africa to assist with a building project for young people for which he is currently fund-raising.

Stephen also talked about his time in Our Lady’s and the expectations which the teachers have of our pupils.  He went on to describe Caritas, Duke of Edinburgh and his experience of volunteering in Bothwellpark.  The audience also heard about the fantastic trip to CERN.

Both boys did a great job and were complimented by the assembled club members, receiving a a token of their appreciation for their efforts.  Well done to both Sam and Stephen who did the school proud.

Poppies in Production

Report by NG and TJB

 During November, TJB and myself were involved in our schools fundraising for the WW2 Veterans through our involvement in Caritas class.  For our “Faith Community” hours, we spent RE and free periods selling poppies to raise money for “Poppy Scotland”, creating a display of religious symbols associated with WW2 and poppies with the names of family members, neigbours, etc. written on them of people who died during the wars or were still serving. Each year group got involved by doing different activites during November in their RE classes, some of which included: 6th year sing-a-long, 2nd year making religious symbols for the display, etc. All this was done for the Poppy Scotland organisation who fund war veterans, serving soldiers and their families to help give them a stable home and the support that is much needed.

A big thank you goes out to Mrs Mulholland, Mrs McGuiness and the Caritas class for helping us raise money and showing how much we care for our heroes.  However, more importantly, thank you to everyone who donated to PoppyScotland by buying the poppies and getting involved with our display.

Caritas Christmas Concert


Report from Miss McGinness

Miss McGinness, Mrs Mulholland and a group of S6 Caritas Students visited Park Springs Care Home in Forgewood yesterday to perform a Christmas concert for the residents. Students sang Christmas carols and played a variety of instruments. Staff members of Our Lady’s donated boxes of chocolates that the Caritas group delivered on their trip as well. Miss McGinness would like to thank everyone for donating chocolates for the residents and staff of Park Springs. The Caritas pupils are looking forward to visiting again in March.