Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club had an event to tie in with both World Mental Health Day and National Poetry Day.

Breakfast consisted of healthy Scottish foods like oatcakes and locally produced cheese, honey and jam. Pupils showed a presentation about how a healthy diet benefits your mental health, and distributed poems about food around the tables in the Citizens’ Cafe.

Mrs McShannon from the OLHS PTA was invited to join the group for breakfast as thanks for her kind donation of goodies.


Halloween @ The Citizens’ Cafe

From AH

On Friday this week, you want to get to
The Citizens’ Cafe at Lunchtime.

There is a Halloween party which you can pay at the door for admission.
There will be snacks and drinks included in the admission fee*.
There may also be some games and competitions like Name the Skeleton and lots more.
It is open to everyone from 1st years to 6th years!
It’s just for fun so that everyone can get in
The Halloween Mood for Sunday!

From all in The Citizens’ Cafe team,

Happy Halloween

*Admission hasn’t been decided yet will probably be no higher than 50p.

Open Evening 2010

Over 200 parents and pupils attended the Open Evening last night, guided around the school by 6th year pupils.

Departments across the school laid out displays of pupil work and the types of resources used in 1st year, with opportunities to play on Smartboards running typical software:

  • Pupils in  Performing Arts and PE provided demonstrations of their skills in music, drama, gymnastics, basketball and badminton.
  • In Home Economics, future pupils had the opportunity to make their own special bookmarks and see round the kitchens.
  • Science staff set up experiments for visitors to take part in
  • Modern Languages provided a short sample lesson
  • The English department provided additional information about the school website and blogs.

Parents also had the chance to pop into the Citizens Cafe for a breather and a cup of tea or coffee.

The Citizens’ Cafe – your thoughts and suggestions

By Aaron H

The Citizens’ Cafe as you know needs livened up a bit so we want to ask you what your ideas are. We would love it if you could at least tell us your ideas for any of the following.

First of all we want your ideas on events. We are desprate to have an event . We will be considering quizes or even a talent show but we also want your ideas!

Second of all, what are your ideas to make the Citizens’ Cafe a better place to chill out in and how can we do that?

Third of all What is your dream Citizens’ Cafe? Go wild with your imagination and tell us what you would love the the Citizens’ Cafe to Be Like!

The Citizens’ Cafe

Report by Aaron H

As a lot of you will know,  on the English floor there is The Citizens’ Cafe!

Well, since the last  day of school The Citizens’ Cafe hasn’t really been open. Now it has all changed!!!

On Wednesday The Citizens’ Cafe will be back open with all new Chill Out Corners! There will be Music, the Latest news, drinks on sale and lots more. So why not come to The Citizens’ Cafe on Wednesday at Lunch Time and/or Interval. 

We are also looking for lots of new first years to come up. It’s a great place to hang out. Cool in Summer, warm in winter! Bring  all your friends too!!!

The Citizens’ Cafe

Located on The English Floor Opposite the English Base

The Coolest Place to chill out in the School!!!

International Education Award

Our Lady’s is proud to be one of only three secondary schools in North Lanarkshire to receive the North Lanarkshire International Education Award for promoting pupils’ knowledge of global issues and Scottish culture.

The Award recognises both classwork and extra-curricular initiatives such as the school’s continuing links with the Kamwokya Community in Uganda, our Citizens’ Cafe, the Sensory Garden and St Andrew’s Day celebrations, along with a variety of research tasks including Scottish mysteries, musical instruments worldwide and food culture in Italy.

Headteacher, Mrs Kathleen Sinclair and Depute Head, Mr John Crossan received the award on behalf of the school from Mrs Christine Pollock, Executive Director of Learning and Leisure Services for North Lanarkshire Council.

The Citizens Cafe

Aaron Hawthorne 1m2

The Citizens Cafe is now run by first years and you might want to start coming now!!!

We hope to make the Citizens Cafe a modern and cool environment for everyone. The screens will now display the latest Our Lady’s High News and other cool stuff, as well as some of Scotland’s News. There will be all your favourite songs playing and we even have a request box to put your favourite songs through the speaker. Drinks will be for sale at great prices and you can eat your snacks/ lunch there.

We are also thinking of moving it around a bit. We are thinking of making a kiosk to buy your drinks, and moving the recycling bins to the back so that you can see the televisions and buy your drinks easier.

We also encourage you to recycle what you can and put everything else in the bin.

In the near future we may even have events so that you can appreciate the hard work of all that is running it.

The Citizens Cafe is run by : Aaron H, Gemma G, Euan R, Daniel M, Neil D and Hanna E. So on behalf of everyone in the Citizens Cafe team, we hope to see you very soon.

Citizens’ Cafe – Under new management!!

By Aaron Hawthorne 1M2

Guess what!!! The citizens cafe is going to be under new management by some 1st year pupils. We just want to let you know that we are going to make the Citizens Cafe a much more groovier place!!! We don’t know quite what we’re going to do yet, but we have some great ideas!!! So in a week or two we will be taking over and believe me, you are going to be wanting to come there everyday!!

So bring your friends, have a chat,  buy a nice cool drink, and more importantly  HAVE FUN!!!

Coming Soon To Our Lady’s High School Very Soon !!!

See You Then

The Citizens Cafe

Report by Aaron Hawthorne, 1M2

As you all know, the Citizens Cafe has recently opened for business every interval and lunchtime.

We caught up with Mr Smith who was in charge of making this success, for an interview and here is what happened :-

Q) Why did you open the Citizens Cafe Now and not earlier or later?
A) We tried opening the Citizens Cafe last year but wasn’t really that successful, but this year 6th years helped to organise this and it has turned out to be a success so far.

Q) What Year group is the Citizens Cafe Mainly opened for, or is it open for all?
A) We have the Cafe open for all year groups and we encourage all ages to come along.

Q) Is there a rota for the supervisors?
A) Yes there is a rota for the 6th years that kindly offer to help out and supervise but sometimes they are not enough, for the 6th years are very busy.

Q) Do you intend to keep the Citizens Cafe open for a long time?
A) We would like to think that we will keep the Citizens Cafe open for a good while yet, but this will only continue if more people come along at intervals and lunchtime.

Q) Are you happy with the amount of people that are coming, and are you happy with the business?
A) We aren’t open to make profits and money so the business doesn’t really bother us, but we are not so happy about the amount of people who are coming. Since we have opened, not a lot of people have been coming at intervals and lunchtime, so we hope for more people to come.

Mr Smith would like you to note that:-

  • We are looking for people of all Year Groups  to help with supervising the Citizens Cafe. If you are interested, please see Mr Smith.
  • Please remember that The Citizens Cafe is a great environment for socializing and for ‘Chilling Out’.
  • The Citizens Cafe is open at interval with music drinks and more.
  • The Citizens Cafe is open at Lunchtime for those who wish to sit down while eating their packed Lunch and it will still play music.

So please come along to the Citizens Cafe at intervals and even lunchtime for a great time, and remember if you wish to help supervise  the Citizens Cafe.  No matter if you are 1st year or 6th year, please see Mr Smith.

Guys and Dolls

Our school show, Guys and Dolls, will be showing from Monday 15th – Thursday 18th June in the theatre at OLHS. 

Tickets will be on sale shortly from Mr Love at morning interval.

  • Adults: £6.00
  • Concessions £4.00
  • Family ticket: £18.00 (two adults, two concessions) 

Staff enjoyed a lovely strudel and cheesecake lunch in the Citizens’ Cafe on the Tuesday in-service day to raise funds for the show. We are also planning a Film / TV / Music / Drama themed quiz night for 5th June in the school hall. Teams can include up to 6 people. Keep an eye open for further details around the school.

Citizens’ Cafe opens

The Citizens’ Cafe opens today and provides the school with both an additional teaching area and a new lunchtime social area for pupils with packed lunches.

The room provides plasma screens, DVD player, internet access, tables and chairs.

The Citizens’ Cafe is run by pupils who are promoting the room as a litter-free zone. There are recycling facilities for paper, cans and other waste materials.